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Tbilisi, Georgia

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Jeffrey Silverman

Jeffrey Silverman is a journalist based in Tbilisi, Georgia.




Bechtel National, Cute Dead Bunnies, and Bio Weapons Lab in Georgia But all of this is open source stuff and currently in line with known US policy. It's easy to argue that because Georgia is amok with chem-bio nasties makes it the ideal place to spend billions soaking up all those idle brains and empty labs and putting them to (good/bad) OUR use. What's the proof, is it DoD? Please forgive the devil's advocate approach here but unless you've got a lab flying the stars and stripes next to a mountain of cute dead bunnies then this story will be hard to sell.

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Reporting from South Ossetia, 2008 Georgian-Russian Conflict. Have lived and worked in Georgia for the vast majority of the the last 25 years, editor, due diligence and teaching global communication at the university level.

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