Jenny Manrique

Jenny Manrique is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco, United States of America.


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Other than civil liberties activists, people never used to get too agitated over privacy issues. Edward Snowden’s revelations changed all that and now in SF cypto parties are becoming trendy. Check this interview with one of the creators of the TOR node.


Nearly 1.5 million undocumented immigrants in California are not covered by any type of health insurance. They continue running to emergency rooms of hospitals in the State, only when their pain becomes greater than their fear of being deported. They have struggled for more than a decade to see a primary care doctor. In this podcast you will hear about their struggles to get the Right to be Sick.


I traveled to Cuba to interview the FARC guerrilla negotiators who are part of the peace talks with the representatives of the Colombian Government. I spent two weeks docummenting their daily lifes far from the jungle and their positions on the most controversial topics about the colombian conflict.


I am freelance journalist based in San Francisco. I write about immigration, privacy rights and the link between technology and society. I am a LatAm expert and write in English and Spanish as well. You can find most of my work in this page.

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