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Jens Renner

Copenhagen, Denmark
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About Jens
Jens Renner is a journalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jens has experience as a radio host on Danish national radio and has published articles for national and international media in English and Danish.
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What do Syrian refugees in Denmark think about the nation's deportation furore?

21 Apr 2023  |  euronews
The article by Jens Renner focuses on the plight of Syrian refugees in Denmark, particularly the story of Rahima, a 20-year-old from Aleppo. Denmark, which once offered a relatively speedy family reunification process, has tightened its refugee policies. The Danish Immigration Office and the Danish Refugee Board now deem Damascus and surrounding areas stable, leading to the revocation of residence permits for some Syrians. Rahima, who is currently allowed to stay, expresses her fear and uncertainty about the future due to these policy changes. The article also discusses the Danish government's stance on the issue, with the Social Democratic Party spokesperson stating that the decision to return refugees is non-political and based on assessments of safety in Damascus. However, reports from EASO and other sources contradict the Danish government's position, indicating that returned Syrians face harassment and danger. The article highlights the broader implications of Denmark's policies on human rights and the lives of refugees within the country.

German Debates on Antisemitism

19 Oct 2021  |  akweb.de
Micha Brumlik's book 'Postcolonial Antisemitism?' is a significant contribution to current controversies surrounding German debates on antisemitism. The book addresses the question of whether it is permissible to label Israel and Zionism as 'colonialist' and the occupation in the West Bank as 'apartheid.' It delves into the BDS movement, the Jewish Museum Berlin, and postcolonial theorist Achille Mbembe. Brumlik criticizes the Bundestag's May 2019 declaration of BDS as antisemitic and the subsequent resignation of Peter Schäfer, President of the Jewish Museum Berlin, after attacks involving Israel's then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The book also explores the historical roots of racism and the relationship between colonialism, slavery, and racism. Brumlik rejects equating Israel with apartheid South Africa but acknowledges similarities in the treatment of Palestinians in occupied territories. He suggests a federative one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and discusses the importance of multidirectional memory, emphasizing the uniqueness of the Holocaust while also recognizing the singular crimes of colonialism.

Hvordan lever vi det gode liv uden at smadre planeten?

24 Apr 2021  |  radio4.dk
In the article, journalist Jens Renner explores the concept of living a good life while simultaneously not harming the planet. He engages in various experiments, along with his audience, to determine how much one can reduce their carbon footprint in everyday life without compromising on well-being and happiness. The focus is on finding a balance between being environmentally conscious and enjoying life, addressing the concerns of those who are worried about climate change but also value their quality of life.

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