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Llangollen, United Kingdom
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About Jessica
I am a writer working primarily in East Africa. I am a regular contributor to the Guardian and write features for Newsweek, ELLE and Marie Claire amongst others.
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Chris Bostick Joins White Alligator Racing

09 Dec 2023  |  www.cycledrag.com
Chris Bostick will join White Alligator Racing for the 2024 NHRA Mission Foods Drag Racing Series season, as announced at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. Crew Chief Tim Kulungian and WAR rider Chase Van Sant, the 2023 NHRA Rookie Of The Year, expressed excitement about Bostick's addition to the team. Bostick, known for his impressive 60-foot times, is expected to strengthen the team's performance. The team will prepare in the off-season for the NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Fla., starting in March.

Chris Bostick Aiming For Vegas Jackpot

27 Oct 2023  |  cycledrag.com
Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Chris Bostick is optimistic as he prepares for the NHRA Nevada Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, part of the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series. Bostick, who is also a team owner, recently set a personal best and is looking to build on this momentum. Despite a mechanical issue and a leak in their motorhome affecting one of his new engines, Bostick is excited for the event, which coincides with Halloween weekend. Qualifying rounds and eliminations are scheduled for October 27-29.

Bostick Runs Season Best Pass

02 Oct 2023  |  www.cycledrag.com
Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Chris Bostick experienced a weekend of highs and lows at the NHRA Midwest Nationals, achieving his best pass of the season while facing mechanical issues and tough competition. Despite setbacks, Bostick remains optimistic as he competes in the Countdown to the Championship for the first time. The drag racing community showed solidarity when fellow rider Angie Smith was injured, highlighting the sport's camaraderie. The next event in the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series is the Texas NHRA FallNationals in Ennis, Texas.

Chris Bostick Poised to Make Most of Countdown

29 Sep 2023  |  cycledrag.com
NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Chris Bostick drove over 1,300 miles to exchange engines and prepare for the NHRA Midwest Nationals at World Wide Technology Raceway. He is making significant changes to his fueling system, reverting to a throttle body design that previously helped him achieve quick passes. Bostick, who qualified for the Countdown to the Championship for the first time, is willing to make sacrifices to improve his playoff performance. Qualifying rounds and final eliminations are scheduled for the end of September and beginning of October.

Confidence is Key as Bostick Enters Second Countdown Race

22 Sep 2023  |  www.cycledrag.com
Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Chris Bostick is optimistic as he enters the second race in the Countdown to the Championship, marking his first qualification for NHRA’s playoffs. Competing at the betway NHRA Carolina Nationals at zMAX Dragway, Bostick is confident due to recent improvements and a new engine. He aims to capitalize on his performance gains and is eager for the upcoming races. The event schedule includes qualifying rounds and final eliminations, with television coverage on FS1.

Birthday Boy Bostick Leaves Reading With Positive Momentum

18 Sep 2023  |  www.cycledrag.com
Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Chris Bostick made a strong debut at the Pep Boys NHRA Nationals, improving his points standing and achieving his best elapsed time of the season. Despite a mechanical setback, Bostick remains optimistic, focusing on the positive momentum gained. He celebrated his birthday at the event and looks forward to the next race in Charlotte, N.C., with a repaired engine and further adjustments to enhance performance.

Dream Realized as Chris Bostick Enters First NHRA Countdown Race

15 Sep 2023  |  www.cycledrag.com
Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Chris Bostick has qualified for the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series Countdown to the Championship for the first time. Starting from twelfth place, Bostick is optimistic about his chances with three new engines. He credits his success to the support from his team and sponsors, including BPM Racing Engines and Volunteer Welding Services. The Countdown begins at the Pep Boys NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway, with Bostick aiming to finish in eighth place or better. The event will feature multiple rounds of qualifying and eliminations, with television coverage on FS1 and FOX.

Burundi's women footballers play on to heal a divided country

05 Apr 2023  |  www.theguardian.com
Sakina Saidi, a striker for the Burundi first division women's football team Fofila, faces the dilemma of playing with an injury due to financial and team obligations. Women's football in Burundi provides a glimmer of hope amidst the country's political crisis, which has seen violence and mass exodus. Despite challenges such as funding and equipment shortages, initiatives like Fifa's Live Your Goals scheme aim to develop women's football. Saidi's earnings from football have supported her family, contrasting with the traditional early marriages for girls in her community. The article also highlights the disparity in transfer fees between male and female players and touches on the broader impact of sports on gender equality, as emphasized by Lydia Nsekere, a prominent figure in Burundi's football and the first woman on Fifa's executive committee.

Information about Real Estate News

02 Mar 2020  |  newsweekinsights.com
The real estate market is experiencing various dynamics, with challenges in finding suitable properties for lease in big cities and the consideration of leasing costs within one's budget. The Wall Street Journal, referencing a Fannie Mae survey, indicates mixed sentiments about buying versus selling homes in the current economy. Home sales are expected to grow modestly, and while it may not be the best time to sell, it is an opportunity for sellers to prepare. The article also touches on tax-deductible home enhancements and the amenities that define luxury apartments, highlighting the importance of location, safety, and future development in property investment. Additionally, it discusses the significance of high-end appliances and designer finishes in luxury living spaces.

Amid a deadly cholera outbreak in an isolated village, century-old vessel is ferrying out sick and desperate people.

29 Mar 2016  |  Al Jazeera
The article reports on a cholera outbreak in Kagunga, Tanzania, where approximately 50,000 Burundian refugees have fled due to violence and political unrest in Burundi. The refugees are stranded in Kagunga, with the only way out being the MV Liemba, a century-old ship. The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) is working to evacuate the refugees, prioritizing the sick. The MV Liemba, with a history dating back to WWI, is now ferrying refugees to the Tanzanian port town of Kigoma. The situation is dire, with the outbreak of waterborne diseases like cholera, and the article recounts the tragic death of a young girl named Dinase during the journey. The International Rescue Committee is also mentioned as providing medical assistance. The crew of the Liemba continues to work tirelessly as the influx of refugees shows no sign of abating.

Burundi in economic turmoil as unrest triggers fourfold increase in bad debt

11 Dec 2015  |  the Guardian
Burundi faces severe economic turmoil as political unrest leads to a fourfold increase in bad debt and a projected 7.2% economic contraction. The crisis began when President Pierre Nkurunziza announced his third-term bid, sparking protests and violence. The UN warns of potential war, while international bodies like the IMF and EU express concerns. Economic activities, including banking, tourism, and industrial production, have been severely impacted. International aid, crucial for Burundi's budget, is being cut by donors in response to the political situation, further exacerbating the economic decline.


15 Oct 2015  |  National Geographic
The article discusses the remarkable migration patterns of various animal species across the globe. It highlights the innate ability of these animals to navigate long distances, from the Antarctic to the African savanna and from the Pacific Ocean to Alaska. The article emphasizes that these creatures are the true explorers of the world, undertaking migrations that are ingrained in their species and passed down through generations.

Illegal overfishing and the return of Somalia’s pirates

06 Oct 2015  |  aljazeera.com
Somalia's coastal community is facing a resurgence of piracy due to illegal overfishing by foreign vessels, particularly Iranian, Yemeni, and European ships. Research by Somali development agencies Adeso and Secure Fisheries indicates that these vessels are depleting fish stocks, with illegal catches three times that of local fishermen. The lack of economic opportunities and the inability of the Somali government to protect its waters are pushing locals towards piracy and other criminal activities. Despite the presence of NATO and the EU, there is little assistance in combating illegal fishing. Development organizations advocate for new legislation, better information sharing, satellite tracking, and investment in local fisheries to address the issue.

Burundi goes to the polls in disputed election after night of violence

21 Jul 2015  |  theguardian.com
Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza voted in controversial elections following months of instability and a failed coup attempt. The elections were marred by violence, with at least two people killed in the capital, Bujumbura. Opposition candidates boycotted the vote, denouncing it as a sham. Most candidates on the ballot had withdrawn, and those remaining were not seen as viable contenders against Nkurunziza. The political climate has been repressive, with opposition politicians, journalists, and even members of the president's own party fleeing the country. Independent radio stations, crucial for information dissemination, have been silenced since the coup attempt. The US State Department condemned the elections, stating they lacked credibility and would further discredit the government.

Who Is Behind Burundi’s Political Violence?

29 Jun 2015  |  Foreign Policy
Burundi is experiencing a political crisis and escalating violence following President Pierre Nkurunziza's announcement to run for a third term, which the opposition deems unconstitutional. Over 80 people have died, and the youth wing of the ruling party, the Imbonerakure, is implicated in violent confrontations. The United Nations has reported abuses and warned of the situation's potential to worsen. Despite claims of nonviolence from some Imbonerakure members, there are allegations of the group receiving arms and support from the government. The capital, Bujumbura, remains tense, with fears of more extreme violence if free and fair election terms are not agreed upon.

Burundi's endless exodus

22 May 2015  |  www.thenewhumanitarian.org
Over 110,000 Burundians have fled to neighboring Tanzania due to protests and an attempted coup d'état, with a cholera outbreak exacerbating the dangerous conditions. Many refugees have previously fled during the civil war and returned after the 2005 peace agreement. The village of Kagunga is overcrowded, leading to a public health crisis with 27 cholera deaths reported. Aid agencies are struggling to provide clean water, medical care, and sanitation. The exodus is largely due to President Pierre Nkurunziza's controversial third-term bid and poor governance.

African Queen gunboat chugs to the rescue

21 May 2015  |  www.thetimes.com
The MV Liemba, originally built in Germany in 1913 and now operating on Lake Tanganyika, has been instrumental in rescuing over 10,000 people in the past two weeks. The vessel makes two round trips daily, transporting people from Burundi to the Tanzanian port town of Kigoma. Despite its efforts, many more remain stranded, living in makeshift shelters. The ship's captain, Benjamin Titus, expressed pride in the vessel's long history of service.

Burundi’s failed coup leader fears for life

16 May 2015  |  thetimes.co.uk
Following an attempted coup in Burundi, the leaders were either arrested or fleeing, as President Nkurunziza returned to the capital, declaring his control. The coup's leader, the army's former intelligence chief, was detained after expressing hope that the rebels would survive. There are concerns of retribution by Nkurunziza, with police already killing a protestor in Buterere, a suburb known for anti-government protests.

Army factions fight to control state TV after Burundi coup

15 May 2015  |  thetimes.co.uk
Rival factions of Burundi's army were engaged in a battle for control of the state broadcaster amidst an attempted coup by the former intelligence chief. President Nkurunziza, who was in Tanzania during the coup's onset, reportedly returned to Burundi. The capital, Bujumbura, experienced gunfire and fighting, resulting in at least one soldier's death.

Burundians unite against president’s power play

11 May 2015  |  www.aljazeera.com
Protesters in Burundi, spanning multiple generations and ethnicities, are uniting against President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid for a third term, which they claim is unconstitutional. The movement is rooted in the fragile peace established by the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement. The protests have led to violent clashes with police, resulting in a tense and unstable environment. The article highlights the historical context of ethnic violence in Burundi and the current unified opposition against the president's power play, emphasizing the fear of targeted killings and the government's harsh response to dissent.

Militant group threatens additional attacks on Kenya

04 Apr 2015  |  washingtonpost.com
Al-Shabab militants, who recently killed 148 people at a university in northeastern Kenya, have issued a threat of continued violence. President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed to fight terrorism and announced a reward for the capture of the attack's alleged mastermind, Mohamed Mohamud. Five suspects have been arrested, and one of the gunmen was identified as Abdirahim Mohammed Abdullahi, a Kenyan official's son. A survivor, Cynthia Cheroitich, was found after hiding for two days. The bodies of the attackers were displayed to the public in Garissa, as the town begins to recover from the tragedy. Al-Shabab claims the attacks are retaliation for Kenya's military involvement in Somalia.

Kenya hoping to make a splash with Africa's first public-private water fund

22 Mar 2015  |  theguardian.com
Africa's first public-private water fund was launched in Kenya, aiming to fund water conservation through activities like watershed protection and reforestation. The Upper Tana-Nairobi Water Fund, initiated by the US-based NGO The Nature Conservancy, includes partners such as East African Breweries Ltd, Coca-Cola, and KenGen. The fund seeks to raise $15m to invest in the Upper Tana watershed, with a $10m investment projected to return $21.5m in economic benefits over 30 years. The initiative has already raised nearly $2m for a pilot phase and conservation activities. Critics argue that such funds are speculative and could exploit public environmental sensibilities for business gains. However, supporters believe it will save money for businesses and consumers, with KenGen expecting $6m in savings from avoided interruptions and increased water yield.

Irin humanitarian news service saved after private donor fills UN void

20 Nov 2014  |  the Guardian
Irin, a media organization focused on humanitarian relief, will be relaunched after the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) ceased its funding. The Jynwel Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Jynwel Capital, has committed $25 million over 15 years to support Irin. The organization will be based in Geneva with a presence at the Overseas Development Institute in London. Jynwel Capital's CEO, Jho Low, emphasizes the importance of long-term investment in sustainability. Irin, which was founded after the Rwandan genocide to address knowledge gaps in humanitarian crises, will maintain its focus on humanitarian reporting and seek financial viability through various funding models. It aims to achieve editorial independence and engage not only humanitarian workers but also the private sector in understanding and operating during crises.

Best tropical holiday destinations in Africa & Indian Ocean under £40

15 Nov 2014  |  the Guardian
The article highlights affordable tropical holiday destinations in Africa and the Indian Ocean, including Zanzibar in Tanzania, The Hairy Lemon in Uganda, Camp Carnelleys in Kenya, Zona Braza Beach Lodge in Mozambique, Kintana Guesthouse in Madagascar, The Blue Beryl Guesthouse in Mauritius, and Vaali Beach Lodge in the Maldives. Each destination offers unique experiences, from beachside bungalows and private islands to adventure activities and local cultural interactions, all under £40.

'Peace One Day': Jude Law and Akon Try to Calm DR Congo Conflict, with a Concert

22 Sep 2014  |  www.vice.com
Jude Law and Akon participated in a concert organized by Peace One Day in Goma, DR Congo, aiming to promote peace. The event drew mixed reactions, with some locals and aid workers criticizing it for not addressing deeper issues like governance and justice. The concert, part of a broader peace initiative, highlighted the complexities and challenges of achieving lasting peace in a region plagued by conflict and exploitation.

Eastern Congo grapples with mental health catastrophe after years of war

05 Nov 2013  |  theguardian.com
Eastern Congo is facing a severe mental health crisis after two decades of conflict, with widespread PTSD and suicidal ideation among adults. The region's healthcare infrastructure is insufficient, with only one mental health outpatient facility and six mental hospitals for a population of 68 million. Traditional beliefs in witchcraft complicate treatment, and NGOs like the International Rescue Committee focus on sexual violence survivors. The lack of trained staff and medication hampers care provision, and the primary challenge remains security and protection to improve mental health outcomes.

Alcoholism on the Rise in Africa as Beverage Multinationals Circle

09 Aug 2013  |  TIME.com
Alcoholism is rising in Africa, driven by multinational beverage companies targeting emerging markets with tax breaks and aggressive marketing. Kenya's John Mututho, known for his alcohol-control act, faces mixed reactions. Critics like Bill Sinkele highlight the industry's impact on underage drinking and public health. Governments struggle with policy implementation amid corruption. Companies like Diageo and SABMiller defend their practices, citing safer alternatives to moonshine. The article underscores the challenges of addressing alcoholism in a continent with limited healthcare resources and high youth unemployment.

Donkeys in firing line in Kenyan terror war against Islamic group

07 Nov 2011  |  Mail Online
Kenyan fighter jets are set to conduct air strikes on donkeys used by Islamist terror group al-Shabaab for transporting weaponry. Major Emmanuel Chirchir announced on Twitter that any movement of loaded donkeys would be targeted. This follows Kenya's military engagement in southern Somalia against al-Shabaab, which escalated after the kidnapping of British woman Judith Tebbutt. Kenya's military operations have faced challenges, including accidental bombing of a refugee camp. NGOs report widespread panic as civilians flee to avoid the conflict.

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