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jessica tradati

Jessica Tradati is a journalist based in Benin, west Africa. She has a Bachelor Degree in Languages and cultural studies, and an MA in International Journalism taken at City University London (First-class Honours). She's written for leading international media such as The Independent, Vanity Fair, Wired, The Kathmandu Post, IoDonna, The Great Outdoors. She was based in Nepal until recently were she experienced the 25 April devastating earthquake, reported the issue and founded a relief project called Nepal Needs Help that raised €30,000 within the first few months from the disaster. She is now living in Benin where she freelances.

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In Nepal al momento del terremoto c'era anche una giovane giornalista italiana, Jessica Tradati, collaboratrice del Kathmandu Post. E' ancora là per raccontare quello che sta succedendo e aiutare la popolazione. Silvia Balducci l'ha contattata via Skype. - See more at:

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