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Jeta Xharra

Prishtina, Pristina District
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About Jeta
Jeta Xharra is Director of Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Kosovo, as well as a leading anchor and editor of “Life in Kosovo”, broadcasted in prime-time in Kosovar public TV, the only Kosovo program profiled in New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/30/world/europe/30iht-letter30.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

The program has pushed the boundaries of debate, opening taboo subjects that Kosovars have never before discussed and has gone to being from the most criticised to the most watched current affairs program in Kosovo.

She got into journalism working as a fixer/local producer for BBC News and Channel 4 in 1998 and later became the manager of the BBC Kosovo Bureau. In 1999, she worked for BBC News in Albania and Macedonia and in 2003 she opened the office for Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Kosovo. 

She completed an MA in War Studies at King's College London (2000), and gained a distinction for an MA in Screenwriting from the London College of Printing (2002). She wrote a play "Warless" which was presented as a reading in London's Royal Court theatre during the Young Writer's Festival in 2004.

Xharra has published a front-page article in the Independent and written for the Economist, Sunday Telegraph and Jane's Intelligence Review. While in the UK, Xharra worked for the Foreign News Planning Desk at the BBC World Service, Institute for War and Peace Reporting and in 2005 she became one of the founders of Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. 

BIRN Kosovo has about 70 staff all over Kosovo that are responsible for producing English publications such as Balkan Insight and Prishtina Insight, as well as products in local languages such as "Justice in Kosovo", "Life in Kosovo newspaper" and Court Monitoring Project. In 2012 the South East Europe Media Organisation, SEEMO, named Jeta Xharra as winner of the 2012 Dr Erhard Busek - SEEMO Award for Better Understanding in South East Europe.
Bosnian English Croatian
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Fact Checking

Ensure Documentation: How Ukrainian Journalists are Challenging the Occupation

29 Nov 2023  |  Balkan Insight
Ukrainian journalists are actively documenting war crimes amid the ongoing conflict with Russia, drawing lessons from past conflicts like Kosovo. The Donbas Media Forum in Kiev highlighted the importance of accurate documentation and international mobilization against disinformation. Ukrainian efforts are praised for their thoroughness and immediacy, contrasting with slower processes in other regions. The article underscores the critical role of media and legal documentation in holding perpetrators accountable and shaping international opinion.

Manifesta: When Ruins Turn into Art

01 Oct 2023  |  kallxo.com
The article explores the transformative impact of the Manifesta biennale on Pristina, highlighting how contemporary art installations have revitalized neglected urban spaces and altered citizens' perceptions of their city. It delves into the historical and cultural significance of various locations, the involvement of local and international artists, and the broader implications for urban renewal and community engagement. The narrative also critiques past international missions and privatization efforts in Kosovo, emphasizing the importance of local voices and inclusive methodologies in driving meaningful change.

US Penalises Kosovo After Unrest in Serb-Majority North

30 May 2023  |  Balkan Insight
The US has imposed sanctions on Kosovo following violent clashes in northern Kosovo, where 30 NATO KFOR troops were injured. The sanctions include canceling Kosovo's participation in a military exercise and halting efforts to gain international recognition for Kosovo. The unrest involved protests by Kosovo Serbs against newly-elected ethnic Albanian mayors, leading to clashes with KFOR soldiers. NATO is deploying additional troops to the region. Serbian President Alexandar Vucic has called for the withdrawal of Kosovo police and the removal of the mayors. The EU is working on organizing a high-level dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo. Attacks on journalists have also been reported during the protests.

Interview with Mark Galeotti - VIDEO

18 Oct 2022  |  kallxo.com
Mark Galeotti, a renowned historian and expert on Russia, discusses the geopolitical implications of the Russia-Ukraine war for the Western Balkans. He highlights how Russia views the Western Balkans as a potential tool in its conflict with the West and criticizes the European Union and NATO for their complacency in the region. Galeotti also addresses the challenges faced by Kosovo in its diplomatic efforts and the broader implications of Russia's actions on global stability. He emphasizes the need for a strategic and resilient approach to modern warfare, which includes cyber-attacks and misinformation, and calls for a balanced response to these threats.

EU Envoy Sets 2024 Deadline for Kosovo-Serbia Deal

29 Jun 2022  |  balkaninsight.com
Miroslav Lajcak, the EU envoy on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, has set a spring 2024 deadline for Kosovo and Serbia to normalize relations. This comes after the EU extended his mandate for two more years. Lajcak emphasizes the need for more frequent leadership meetings and discussions on the meaning of normalization. The dialogue, which resumed last year, has seen limited meetings between Kosovo's PM Albin Kurti and Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic. Kosovo seeks mutual recognition, while Serbia, backed by Russia, refuses to recognize Kosovo's independence. The EU, including some member states that do not recognize Kosovo, requires normalization for EU membership. Recently, Serbian and Kosovo officials agreed on a road map for the operations of a Belgrade-backed electricity company in Kosovo, marking progress in the dialogue.

Serbia Aims to Create Tensions in Balkans: Kosovo President

20 Apr 2022  |  balkaninsight.com
Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani accuses Serbia of creating tensions in the Balkans following attacks near the Kosovo-Serbia border. She criticizes the European Union for not addressing Serbia's failure to implement agreements and emphasizes Kosovo's refusal to join the Open Balkan initiative, which she believes serves Serbia's interests and could open the region to Russian and Chinese influence. Osmani also discusses Kosovo's aspirations for visa liberalisation, Council of Europe membership, and closer ties with NATO. Additionally, she addresses the controversy surrounding the election of Blerim Isufaj as Kosovo's next Chief Prosecutor, promising a careful decision-making process.

More land swap lobbying uncovered

30 Jun 2020  |  Prishtina Insight
The PAN coalition Government of Kosovo paid Majorelle PR & Events to promote territorial modifications as a solution to the Kosovo-Serbia conflict. Despite denials and threats of defamation lawsuits by officials like Dhurata Hoxha, evidence suggests that journalists and academics were lobbied to support the idea of a land swap. Jean-Baptiste Chastand of Le Monde and American academic David Phillips confirmed being approached with such proposals. Legal experts argue that lobbying for territorial changes could be considered treason under Kosovo's Penal Code. The official position of the Kosovo Government, as stated by former Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli, was that Kosovo's territorial integrity was non-negotiable.

Former Thaci Adviser: ‘Kosovo Constitution Demands New Elections’

27 May 2020  |  Balkan Insight
Borg Olivier, a former adviser to Thaci and key legal advisor to UNMIK, discussed the Kosovo constitution's stipulations regarding the formation of new governments and the role of the president in this process. He highlighted that the constitution does not grant the president supreme powers to nominate new governments and that new elections are required unless there is unanimous consent from all political parties to form an alternative government during extraordinary circumstances, such as the current public health emergency. He also noted the Constitutional Court's decision to delay Vetevendosje’s appeal until May 29 due to the coronavirus pandemic and emphasized the need for constitutional adherence to maintain stability during the crisis.

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