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Seoul, South Korea

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Jeyup "Jay" Kwaak

A Seoul-based reporter who's covered politics, business, society and culture inside North Korea and South Korea. I left the Wall Street Journal in Sept. 2015 and I've contributed to outlets including CBS News (US), CNN, Cereal Magazine and WSJ Live.



An in-depth look at South Korea's maligned history textbooks: their influence on public attitude towards Japan as well as on Seoul's diplomacy with Tokyo.


A five-minute video clip on a rare wirelessly-charging electric bus being tested in a regional South Korean city. I shot b-roll and interviews with an iPhone 5c, as well as wrote and narrated the script.


A CNN Travel piece on Korea's ubiquitous "bang," or private rooms rented per hour for karaoke, video games and more. But it's the more intimate activities taking place inside them that are raising eyebrows, an image bang-owners call unfair.


An exclusive early preview to a report of recent North Korean refugees said they perceived others inside North Korea to be supportive of the dictator despite continued news reports about deadly purges and hardships.

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