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Jiayu Zhang

Beijing, China
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About Jiayu
Jiayu Zhang is a journalist based in Beijing, China.

Rapid spatial assessment of leaf-absorbed irradiance

04 Apr 2024  |  nph.onlinelibrary.wiley.com
The article presents a theoretical framework and experimental setup for assessing leaf-absorbed irradiance using a dynamic leaf energy balance model. The model accounts for factors such as leaf temperature, thermal properties, and boundary layer conductance to heat transfer. The study involves experiments in a controlled laboratory environment and uses thermal imaging to capture leaf temperature variations. The model is parameterized using Bayesian inference and validated through a series of light pulses. The research aims to provide a rapid screening method to estimate absorbed irradiance, which is valuable for high-throughput phenotyping in plant research.

Evaluation of Urban Resilience Based on Trio Spaces: An Empirical Study in Northeast China

02 Jul 2023  |  www.mdpi.com
This study establishes an evaluation index system for urban resilience based on the framework of trio spaces, which includes physical space, societal space, and cyberspace. Using the CRITIC-entropy weight and cloud evaluation method, the resilience of four sub-provincial cities in Northeast China—Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, and Dalian—is assessed from 2014 to 2020. The findings indicate that all cities reached a 'qualified' level of urban resilience, with room for improvement, particularly in cyberspace resilience. The study suggests that enhancing cyberspace resilience, maintaining balance in resilience-building, conducting regular evaluations, and local government policy support are crucial for promoting urban resilience.

Manipulation of an electron by photoirradiation in the electron-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction

01 Jun 2023  |  science.org
The study presents a method for accelerating electron-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions using photoirradiation, which allows the reaction to proceed at room temperature. The process involves a photoredox catalyst and an anion radical intermediate to promote the supply and transfer of the electron catalyst. The method expands the scope of aryl halides that can be used and demonstrates functional group tolerance and chemoselectivity. The research also explores the mechanism of the reaction, highlighting the roles of the photoredox catalyst and photoexcitation in the electron transfer process.

The largest fully protected marine area in North America does not harm industrial fishing

01 Jun 2023  |  science.org
The establishment of the Revillagigedo National Park, the largest fully protected marine area in North America, has not negatively impacted the catches of the Mexican industrial fishing fleet. The study found no decrease in catches and no causal link between the variation of the spatial footprint of the industrial fleet and the implementation of the marine protected area (MPA). The findings suggest that well-designed MPAs can benefit marine ecosystems and potentially the fisheries they support without causing economic loss to the fishing industry.

Jaynes-Cummings interaction between low-energy free electrons and cavity photons

01 Jun 2023  |  www.science.org
The study presents a theoretical approach to realizing the Jaynes-Cummings model using low-energy free electrons coupled to dielectric microcavities. The authors demonstrate the potential for quantum technologies such as single-photon generation, photon pairs, and a quantum SWAP gate with high efficiency and fidelity. The approach leverages quantum recoil and large detuning to transform free electrons into a few-level system coupled to a cavity mode. The versatility of free electrons, tunable by kinetic energy, offers new possibilities for quantum interconnects across different photonic platforms.

CD248 promotes migration and metastasis of osteosarcoma through ITGB1-mediated FAK-paxillin pathway activation

30 Mar 2023  |  bmccancer.biomedcentral.com
CD248, a transmembrane glycoprotein, is highly expressed in osteosarcoma (OS) and is associated with pulmonary metastasis. The study demonstrates that CD248 promotes OS cell migration and invasion by enhancing the interaction between integrin beta 1 (ITGB1) and extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, activating the FAK-paxillin pathway, and promoting the formation of focal adhesions. This suggests that CD248 could serve as a diagnostic marker and therapeutic target for metastatic OS. The research findings are based on in vitro and in vivo experiments, including immunohistochemistry, cell culture, transfection, Western blot, and animal studies.

A Funnel-Type Stepwise Filtering Strategy for Identification of Potential Q-Markers of Traditional Chinese Medicine Formulas

30 Mar 2023  |  www.frontiersin.org
A study presents a funnel-type stepwise filtering strategy to identify potential quality markers (Q-markers) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas, focusing on Hugan tablet (HGT), a TCM formula with clinical effects on liver diseases. The strategy integrates various methods including secondary metabolites characterization, characteristic chromatogram, quantitative analysis, literature mining, biotransformation pathways, and network analysis. The study successfully identifies nine representative Q-markers of HGT and explores the mechanism of HGT in treating liver diseases, suggesting that HGT may regulate multiple signaling pathways to exert its protective effect on the liver.

Down-regulated TAB1 suppresses the replication of Coxsackievirus B5 via activating the NF-κB pathways through interaction with viral 3D polymerase

15 Mar 2023  |  BioMed Central
The study investigates the interaction between the 3D polymerase of Coxsackievirus B5 (CVB5) and the host protein TAB1, revealing that down-regulation of TAB1 by the viral polymerase suppresses CVB5 replication. This is achieved by activating the NF-κB pathway and enhancing the production of inflammatory factors. The research provides insights into the antiviral mechanism of the cellular TAB1 protein and may contribute to the development of drugs against CVB5 infection, which is associated with hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) and can lead to severe neurological complications in infants.

AMF Inoculum Enhances Crop Yields of Zea mays L. ‘Chenghai No. 618’ and Glycine max L. ‘Zhonghuang No. 17’ without Disturbing Native Fugal Communities in Coal Mine Dump

19 Dec 2022  |  mdpi.com
The study investigates the effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) inoculum on crop yields and native fungal communities in a coal mine dump in Inner Mongolia, China. The research found that AMF inoculation significantly improved the yield of intercropped maize and increased the content of available phosphorus without significantly affecting the native AMF community composition or diversity. The study suggests that AMF inoculation can be beneficial for agricultural development on reclaimed coal mine lands, enhancing crop yields and soil fertility while maintaining environmental sustainability.

A facile polymer mediated dye incorporation method for fluorescence encoded microbeads with large encoding capacities

01 Jan 2021  |  pubs.rsc.org
H. Masoomi, Y. Wang, C. Chen, J. Zhang, Y. Ge, Q. Guo, H. Gu, and H. Xu authored an article in Chemical Communications detailing a new method for incorporating dyes into microbeads to create fluorescence encoded microbeads with significant encoding capacities.

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