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Dr. Jibran Ali Khan

Islamabad, Pakistan
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About Dr.
Dr. Jibran Ali Khan is a multiple award-winning InnoTechPreneur, EduPrenuer, and freelance journalist. He has a PhD in International Business & Leadership from Washington-USA (Honoris-Causa), an applied MBA in Marketing from Zurich-Switzerland, and a degree in Media Sciences & Journalism from Bahria University in Pakistan. He also has over 92 certifications in world-leading technologies.

Dr. Jibran has more than 14 years of professional experience working with large multinational companies at influential positions. He has created and promoted global businesses and innovative-interactive technologies. He has also established and consulted several start-ups and brands in different industries. He has collaborated with multiple governments and international organizations.

Dr. Jibran is a highly experienced technical sales professional with a proven track record of success. He has worked with international brands like Microsoft, Certiport, Adobe, Promethean, ELMO, Classlink & Hexnode. He is skilled in digital and hybrid marketing strategies, project management and execution.

Dr. Jibran has contributed to capacity building by training over 150,000 individuals all around the globe on various skills and knowledge. He is currently engaged in equipping youth and businesses with the knowledge and skills to compete in the market. He is also using his valuable international experience to provide overseas education counselling to potential candidates.

As a journalist, Dr. Jibran is effectively using his journalism skills to bring a positive impact in society and influence youth and businesses towards preparing themselves for the future industry. He is working tirelessly towards bringing innovative approaches in different segments of industry via disruptive blockchain technology.

Dr. Jibran aims to become a global impact leader soon and be able to bridge gaps via technology.
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Business Politics Current Affairs

Developing Applied Knowledge Skills for a Redundant-Free 2030: Training Generation Z for the Future

01 Aug 2023  |  LinkedIn
The article discusses the importance of Generation Z acquiring applied knowledge skills to remain relevant in the future job market. It emphasizes the need for practical application of theoretical knowledge, including problem-solving and critical thinking, to adapt to rapidly changing technologies and industries. The article suggests methods such as continuous learning, gaining practical experience, networking, interdisciplinary learning, and entrepreneurship to develop these skills. It also highlights the importance of soft skills and staying informed about in-demand skills for 2030, such as data analysis, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. The benefits of acquiring applied knowledge skills include greater employability, flexibility, and the ability to innovate and solve problems, ultimately contributing to societal advancement.

How Nano Learning Differs from Traditional Education and Why It Could Be the Future Best Technique

01 Aug 2023  |  LinkedIn
The article discusses the concept of nano learning, which is an educational approach that delivers instructional content in small, bite-sized chunks, often through short videos or multimedia. Nano learning is designed to be quick and efficient, allowing learners to grasp new information in a matter of minutes or seconds. It is distinct from micro-learning, which involves slightly longer learning experiences. The author highlights the benefits of nano learning, such as catering to modern learners' preferences, improving retention and engagement, and allowing for personalized and flexible learning. Nano learning is seen as particularly beneficial for busy professionals and is in line with the fast-paced content delivery popularized by social media platforms. While nano learning is not meant to replace comprehensive educational programs, it is viewed as a valuable supplement that can enhance learning outcomes.

The Love of Brain Drain with Pakistan, it's Merits, Demerits and Future!

01 Aug 2023  |  LinkedIn
The article discusses the phenomenon of brain drain in Pakistan, where highly educated or skilled individuals emigrate in search of better opportunities. The author, Dr. Jibran Ali Khan, explores the reasons behind this trend, including low living standards, lack of opportunities, political unrest, and the allure of developed countries. The negative impacts on Pakistan include loss of human capital, revenue, and social capital. However, there are also positive aspects such as remittances from the diaspora, cultural promotion, and the potential for brain gain if conditions improve. The article suggests that Pakistan should work on creating a better environment for skilled individuals, improving governance, and engaging with its diaspora to encourage brain gain and mitigate the effects of brain drain.

My Personal Eye to Eye (Critical Analysis) on Future of Jobs Report 2023 by WEF

01 Aug 2023  |  LinkedIn
The article provides a critical analysis of the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023. It discusses the report's findings on the rapid adoption of technology, the increasing demand for green skills, the widening skills gap, and the shift in employment from full-time workers to contingent workers and freelancers. The report suggests that 40% of workers will need reskilling by 2027, with a significant emphasis on automation, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. It also highlights the importance of investing in education, skills development, and healthcare to adapt to the changing labor market. The author agrees with the report's findings and emphasizes the need for a strategy to control technology advancement, advocating for a four-day work week and expressing concerns about job security in the face of automation.

How China's Digital Economy Helps Poverty Alleviation and What the World Can Learn from It

01 Aug 2023  |  LinkedIn
The article discusses China's significant progress in poverty alleviation, crediting the development of the digital economy as a key driver. The digital economy has enabled access to information, markets, finance, education, health care, and public services for the poor. It highlights the role of e-commerce in connecting rural producers with urban consumers, with platforms like Alibaba's Taobao and JD.com's Rural E-commerce Initiative creating jobs and increasing incomes. Mobile payment platforms like Alipay and WeChat have expanded financial inclusion. Online education platforms like Taobao University and Tencent Classroom have improved human capital and social mobility. Online health care services like AliHealth and WeDoctor have improved health outcomes. The article suggests that China's digital economy can offer lessons to the world in creating a coordinated digital strategy, leveraging government and private sector synergies, applying digital technologies to meet the needs of the poor, and building an inclusive digital ecosystem.

My Experience at University of Central Asia School of Professional and Continuing Education (UCA SPCE) Bishkek

01 Apr 2023  |  LinkedIn
The author recounts their experience attending the Executive Entrepreneurship in IT program at the University of Central Asia School of Professional and Continuing Education (UCA SPCE) in Bishkek. The 14-day training was interactive, covering various aspects of IT entrepreneurship, and included participants from different countries. The author highlights the networking opportunities, rigorous activities, and the launch of their own company, JAK Education and Innovation Consultancy. Cultural experiences, such as a city tour and experiencing snowfall, were also memorable. Despite language barriers, the author used technology to communicate. The training concluded with a farewell ceremony, and the author reflects on the lasting friendships and professional growth gained from the experience.

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