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Jimmy Makhulo

Nairobi, Kenya
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About Jimmy
Jimmy Makhulo is a very passionate visual story teller based in Nairobi. I studied journalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and the ability to bring visual stories in multimedia form to life excites me a lot. 
Over the 10 years I have practiced journalism, I have perfected my skills in videography and this has led me to work with some of the best media houses and organizations in the country to produce great award winning visual stories.
Having worked with Internews Kenya, one of the leading media development organizations in the world, as a TV trainer, I gained valuable experience by being exposed to technical, theoretical and practical aspects of visual storytelling, always being driven by a strong desire to effect change in the world through my visually strong, compelling and factual stories. 

I have over time used my expertise to tell different stories in multimedia form that connect with the audience in an emotional honest way, stories that have in turn had a great impact in the communities they were told from.
English Swahili
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Vox Pop Video Rushes
Fact Checking

Solar Panel Technology Boosts Yields for Farmers in Kenya

30 Mar 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Scientists in Kenya are conducting trials on agrivoltaics, a project that uses solar panels to provide shade for crops while also generating clean energy. The trials in Kajiado have been successful, demonstrating reduced water loss and higher crop yields.

Chinese Imports Edging Out Kenya’s Local Products

11 Mar 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Kenyan artisans are facing market challenges due to the influx of high-quality, lower-priced Chinese imports that are edging out local products in Kenya.

Swedish-Kenyan Group Introduces Electric Buses in Kenya

31 Jan 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Opibus, a Swedish-Kenyan group, has introduced the first African designed and manufactured electric bus in Kenya, aiming to reduce pollution from public transportation. As Kenya's pioneer in electric motorcycles, Opibus plans to commercially launch the bus soon and expand to other African markets by 2023.

Kenya Changing Gender Roles

23 Dec 2021  |  www.voanews.com
Miriam Kasumuni, a widow from the pastoral Maasai community in Kenya, had to become the breadwinner for her family after her husband died, leaving behind 6 wives and 32 children. The death occurred following the loss of his cattle herd to drought. The documentary highlights the impact of climate change on pastoralists in Kenya, which has led to a shift in traditional gender roles, with women now taking on roles that were previously reserved for men.

Kenya’s Environmental Activists Welcome US Support on Plastic Pact

02 Dec 2021  |  www.voanews.com
Environmental activists in Kenya have expressed their approval of the United States' support for a global agreement aimed at addressing plastic pollution in the oceans. A local initiative in Kenya focuses on collecting and recycling plastic debris along the coast, which is crucial for the community's tourism-dependent livelihood. The report is from Watamu, Kenya, with contributions from producer Rod James and cameraman Jimmy Makhulo, and includes input from the UNEP pool.

AU Sets Up Nairobi Situation Room to Help Africa Mitigate Disasters

16 Nov 2021  |  www.voanews.com
The African Union has established a Disaster Operations Center in Nairobi to monitor major hazards and provide early warnings for various threats such as drought, floods, extreme rainfall, food insecurity, and pests like desert locusts. The initiative aims to help Africa mitigate disasters amid increasing weather extremes due to global warming.

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