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Jimmy Makhulo

Jimmy Makhulo is a very passionate visual story teller based in Nairobi. I studied journalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and the ability to bring visual stories in multimedia form to life excites me a lot. 
Over the 10 years I have practiced journalism, I have perfected my skills in videography and this has led me to work with some of the best media houses and organizations in the country to produce great award winning visual stories.
Having worked with Internews Kenya, one of the leading media development organizations in the world, as a TV trainer, I gained valuable experience by being exposed to technical, theoretical and practical aspects of visual storytelling, always being driven by a strong desire to effect change in the world through my visually strong, compelling and factual stories. 

I have over time used my expertise to tell different stories in multimedia form that connect with the audience in an emotional honest way, stories that have in turn had a great impact in the communities they were told from.

English Swahili
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Fact Checking

Swedish-Kenyan group Opibus has introduced the first African designed and manufactured electric bus in Kenya with the aim of cleaning-up polluting public transportation. Opibus, Kenya's first company to make electric motorcycles, plans to launch the bus c


Kenya’s environmental activists have welcomed US support for a global pact to combat plastic pollution in the oceans. One community-based initiative collects and recycles plastic that washes up on Kenya’s coast, where people depend on tourism to make a li


With the Earth getting warmer and weather events more extreme, the African Union has set up a Disaster Operations Center in Nairobi to help monitor major hazards and provide regional early warnings for drought, floods, extreme rainfall, food insecurity, a


Scientists in Kenya are testing a project using solar panels to shade crops while generating clean energy. It’s called agrivoltaics. Successful trials have shown that this technology reduces water loss and results in higher yields


Kenyan artisans say they are losing the market for their products to Chinese imports. According to the craftsmen, the high quality and lower prices of Chinese-made goods put them at a disadvantage.


When Miriam Kasumuni’s husband died of a heart attack after losing nearly his entire herd of cattle to drought, he left behind 6 wives and 32 children. Miriam had to step up and become the breadwinner for the family. Traditionally, women from the pastoral

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