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Joab Chakhaza

Joab Chakhaza is a Malawian journalist based in London, United Kingdom. He has worked in radio broadcasting since 2005 and television for two years. He has produced and presented radio programs on human rights, HIV and AIDS and music. Joab is a well-travelled journalist and has filed stories on different beats from South Africa, United States of America, France, Kenya among other places.

Joab is fluent in English and has an intermediate understanding of spoken and written French.

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At 85 years of age Giddes Chalamanda, a Malawian musician, continues to entertain Malawians on stage and touring the world. After visiting Germany, the musician was delighted to take a trip of his dream early July 2016 – a tour of the USA. He performed at three venues in 5 days and also took time to raise some funds for medical equipment and drugs for a hospital in his home district in southern Malawi. This report was broadcast on Voice Of America - VOA in July 2016.

This is a radio report on the potential impact of UK's exit from the European Union on African immigrants to the UK which I did before the Referendum took place on 23 June 2016 for the Voice of America. The views expressed are still valid even after the results of the referendum were announced.

YVONNE CHAKA CHAKA is set to rock the AFRIKAFEST 2016 in LONDON, UK. The Princess of Africa is the highlight artist at the concert set for November 19, 2016 at The Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. Meanwhile, she is ready to drop her 22nd album later this year which will feature a track she is doing with Ice Prince.

This is a story about a young Malawian man in the Capital City Lilongwe, who was trained in permaculture. He has chosen to practice it in his village and is doing well. He teaches surrounding communities, interested groups including students from primary and secondary schools and colleges on how they can practice permaculture. Considering the challenges brought about by climate change, rising cost of farm inputs and implements and other factors relying on monoculture and traditional practices of farming has failed Malawians. Rain patterns are increasingly irregular and this affects annual harvests since most Malawians rely on rain-fed agriculture. This story was done by Joab Frank Chakhaza and aired on Zodiak Broadcasting Station which is a national radio station in Malawi on 16 February 2012.

Is Circumcision an effective way of addressing the spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa? Medical male circumcision has been known to give males an illusion that they cannot contract HIV, hence they do not mind having unprotected sex, isn’t this conversely putting their female partners at risk in case the man is infected? Isn’t infant circumcision a human rights violation, considering that an infant does not give consent for the permanent surgical removal of their foreskin? How can you promote medical male circumcision while promoting abstinence at the same time? After attending the International AIDS Conference 2012 held between 22 and 27 July in Washington DC, Joab Frank Chakhaza produced this documentary in September 2012. It was broadcast on Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Malawi in the same month.

A UK Charity organisation that supports women and about 60 female secondary school students with school fees and other amenities in Malawi in Malawi, Against All Odds Still Standing organised a fundraising dinner gala whose proceeds would go to vulnerable women, girls and boys in Malawi. The event was held in Dartford, England on 30 April 2016, after attending I filed this report.

A brief interview about Malawi, its people, food, sports and tourist attractions. Guest: Joab Frank Chakhaza Host: Oroyo Rios Eubanks

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