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Joachim Walther

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* München, Germany

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Joachim Walther

I am a freelance TV maker based in Munich Germany. I do frequently reports and documentaries for German TV such as ZDF, ARD, 3Sat as well as various private TV networks. 

I provide:
- 12 years work exoperiance as a freelancer for German TV.
- plenty of work experience as video journalist with different cameras.
- filming experience all over the world, work experience with international TV crews and fixer.
- investigative TV journalism
- fluently English speaking and writing
- best contacts to TV production facilities in Munich and rest of Germany such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne
- Expertise in Entertainment TV for German networks - various TV-formats and shows for German private TV


German English

Travel documentary for German TV Sat1 "Grenzenlos die Welt entdecken" about the Philippine island of Palawan, 42min length, various stories from the island and it's poeple.



45min Travel documentary for German travel program "Grenzenlos die Welt entdecken" on Sat1


30min TV Dokumentary for German channel ZDF about multinational food companies making profit with the poor. 2016


Originally 45 min TV Dokumentary for German channel 3Sat about multinational food companies making profit with the poor. 2016


As Co-director for German private TV channel VOX: (210 min.) 2015 A primetime documentary-special about innocent people in jail


Servus TV (Austria) Mission Mars (scientific documentary 52 min.) 2013 About an experimental "Mars camp" of Austrian scientists of the "Austrian Space Forum" in the Marrokkan dersert.


Short documentary about rickshaw business in Dhakka Bangladesh


Short documentary about indigenous people in India - the Irrula that live under difficult circumstances.


Short documentary about the smallest woman alive who lives in India


Short documentary about illegal computer recycling in India


Short documentary about an Indian Sadhu 2012


Servus TV (Austia): Trauma Auslandseinsatz - Der Krieg kehrt heim (52 min.) 2013 An investigative documentary about traumatized soldiers and their relatives. The film also critisizes that there is not enough psychological help for soldiers back from their mission in crisis regions. And for many sodiers it is a atbu to talk about it.


Servus TV (Austria): Das Geschäft mit dem Mitleid - die Spendenindustrie (52 min.) 2013 An investigative documentary about a popular German-Austrian Charity and it's and the suspicion of financial irregularity.


ZDF "planet e" - Gefahr im Schlafzimmer (30 min.) 2013 An investigative documentary about toxics in our bedroom furniture, people with a sensitivity about chemical substances in materials and furniture and about unhygienic conditions in German hotels.


Im Dickicht der Spendenindustrie (ARTE Themenabend 90 Min.) 2012 An investigative documentary for TV network ARTE about the "charity industrie", how ngo's waste money with expensive mailings and dubious marketing strategies.

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