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Joanna Zajaczkowska

I'm a freelance video journalist, writer and lawyer from Krakow, Poland. My stories have been featured in the Guardian's Contributoria (online and in print), the first multilingual, multicultural European magazine (, leading Polish news websites (, and exclusive magazines (Law Business Quality).  I also have experience in making short video reports.

Examples of my work:


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Cli-fi: cinematic visions of climate change Man faced with ecological catastrophe has become one of the most frequently explored topics in contemporary cinema. With the rise of the emerging genre of climate fiction (cli-fi) movies, there have appeared questions about how much cinematic visions of eco-disasters make a difference to how people react to environmental concerns.


Society Polish LGBT community: 'Being different can be ghastly' The situation of LGBT persons in Poland recently attracted international media attention after controversial comments made by the former Polish president Lech Wałęsa in a television interview: gay MPs should sit in the back row of parliament or even ‘behind a wall’. What does reality look like for sexual minorities in Poland? Are homophobia levels as high in this country as some sources indicate?


Soundscape ecology: preserving the sounds of wildlife There has never been a better time to explore the world of sound than now. The auditory turn in contemporary culture has been associated with the emergence of new, viable fields in the world of art as well as new disciplines of science, which are situated among the social sciences, politics and ecology.


Between cultural revolution and protest: galvanizing jazz behind the iron curtain Perceived as “the decadent music of the west” and suppressed by communists, jazz nonetheless found its way to exist in the countries of the Eastern Bloc during the Stalinist era.


A revival of Jewish culture in Poland. Polish-Jewish relations have always aroused the interest of global opinion due to their complex history. Poland is currently rediscovering its great Jewish tradition and is starting to consider it to be a significant and inseparable part of its own identity and history.


Doctor on the migration front line. One of the first witnesses of the European refugee crisis was Dr Pietro Bartolo. As the chief of health services on the Italian island Lampedusa, Dr Bartolo has been providing medical care to more than 250 000 migrants and refugees since 1991. He has met every single migrant who arrives on the island and has never missed any boat arrivals. On a daily basis, Dr Bartolo faces the most difficult decisions to make as a doctor and as a human being.


Bitspiration Festival: Music vs. New Technologies. Every year the impact of new technologies on the music market takes on a new dimension. Today's artists have at their disposal more and more methods to promote their creativity on the web. But does it really guarantee success? The challenges that current music businesses face in the age of the digital revolution were being discussed at the third edition of the Bitspiration Festival.


The Krakow Startup scene: Interview with angel investor Richard Lucas. The startup scene in Krakow is booming and nobody knows this better than angel investor Richard Lucas. The British entrepreneur, an economics graduate from Cambridge, has been living and investing in Krakow for 24 years. We talked about entrepreneurship, the Krakow startup scene and the technology revolutions that lie ahead


Acting is variety- Interview with Joan Allen, Tony Award winner, and three-time Academy Award nominee Throughout her career, Joan Allen has delivered many outstanding performances on stage, in film, and recently in television. Allen is usually recognized for her portrayal of strong, independent women whose moral decisions or difficult love affairs drive the plot of a movie. She still however surprises the audience with unexpected undertakings. In this interview, Joan Allen talks about her role in the final season of “The Killing”, revealing methods she uses to emotionally connect to the material, and discussing how motherhood has changed the course of her career.

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