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Joelle Powe

Kingston, Jamaica
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About Joelle
Joelle Simone Powe is a  Jamaican documentary film director, fixer, writer, and anthropologist. She is well known for capturing interesting angles of Jamaican personalities, culture, and history.

Joelle has produced six documentaries- capturing stories in politics, dance, art, education, and our music and marijuana industries in Jamaica. Her docu-series Beverley Manley Uncensored on the wife of Jamaican Prime Minister amassed over 500,000 views. Her film on Dancehall, Out There Without Fear, has been screened at 10 universities worldwide.

She is the producer of the mini-documentary series ButSeeYa. “But See Ya” is a colloquial Jamaican saying that expresses shock or dismay at what is being said. The series features Caribbean personalities with controversial opinions. 

As a writer, Joelle Simone Powe writes on dance, culture, and social transformation projects for academic and popular media platforms. She has written several articles featured in the Jamaica Observer, UNICEF Jamaica, the Jamaica Gleaner, Our Today, and the prestigious Jamaica Journal.

Joelle facilitates international documentary productions across the Caribbean. As a fixer based in Jamaica for foreign media personnel, she arranges interviews with various subjects from her stunning contact list. Joelle has access to government officials, artists, academics, religious leaders, and street vendors. As a Jamaican fixer, Joelle prides herself on being extremely organized, and she does everything with meticulous care. She will coordinate your transportation, food, and accommodation, as well as fulfill your petty cash needs. Joelle has guided teams doing complex sensitive film projects, documentary commercials for NGOs, and cultural documentaries. 

Joelle Simone Powe attended high school in the Netherlands and has visited 25 countries. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology.

In 2021, Joelle Simone Powe was recognized as a 30 Under 30 Changemaker by Ignite Caribbean.
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Interview (Video / Broadcast) Documentaries Feature Stories
Politics Arts & Books Film & Theatre

When Letter Saves the World

18 Aug 2023  |  lavoz.bard.edu
In a world isolated from civilization, writers of all kinds coexist in a literary paradise. The queen and king's daughter, Letra, possesses the ability to project any emotion into her writing. However, the lack of diverse emotions in her world leads her to seek the human experience. She learns about sadness and other emotions, which she then channels into her writing. Letra's stories, filled with a range of emotions, become influential in the Hasta la Naturaleza movement, which opposes the transformation of humans into emotionless beings. Her writing helps restore human sensitivity, and after contributing to the world, she returns to her paradise, content with her experiences.

Almost Around the World in 120 DAYS

18 Aug 2023  |  Jamaica Observer
The article reflects on the author's experiences with various cultural and religious practices observed during a study-abroad program called Semester at Sea, which covers 14 countries in 120 days. The author describes witnessing Pentecostal worship in Ghana, Muslim prayers in Morocco, and the disciplined lives of young Buddhist novices in Myanmar. The article also touches on traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi, and tea's health benefits, as well as Hindu tolerance and a compassionate relationship with nature in India. The author admires the hard work of women in Myanmar and the bustling streets of Vietnam. In Japan, the respect for the spirit in all things, including texts, is highlighted. The author concludes that travel broadens one's perspective and can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the world's diversity and potential for love, harmony, and happiness.

How new tech turns child with disability into his own teacher

18 Aug 2023  |  www.unicef.org
UNICEF, with funding from the Eleva Foundation, has initiated the Accessible Digital Textbooks for All project to benefit children with and without disabilities in six Latin American and Caribbean countries. In Jamaica, UNICEF is collaborating with the Ministry of Education and Youth, BookFusion, and special needs teachers to implement the Universal Design for Learning methodology through this initiative. The project has already seen the launch of two fully accessible books and aims to convert more titles to support educational recovery post-COVID-19 lockdowns. The Ministry had previously worked with BookFusion and the Digicel Foundation to digitize content, which gave them a headstart for the Jamaican pilot of the program.

Without limits: How a Jamaican girl with disabilities can learn

18 Aug 2023  |  www.unicef.org
The article discusses UNICEF Jamaica's initiative to create an Accessible Digital Textbook (ADT) project, which aims to provide equal access to quality educational content for all children, including those with disabilities. The first phase includes converting 12 storybooks into Universal Design for Learning (UDL) format. The project involves teachers, book industry professionals, and parents to facilitate the use of inclusive technology both in classrooms and at home. The Jamaican content will be part of a regional portal with similar UDL materials from other countries by 2024. The initiative is part of UNICEF Jamaica's ongoing efforts to support inclusion, including the development of a special education course and the revision of national curricula.

Out There Without Fear: Jamaica’s Dancehall explores the global impact of Dancehall dancers and their struggle for local recognition.

In this essay film, Dr. Cooper elaborates on her truth that Jamaican is a language and invites us to see its legitimacy.

This short piece reflects on Hypocrisy in Jamaican Classism with Dr. Carolyn Cooper, a leading professor in cultural and literal studies in Jamaica.

Beverley Manley Uncensored is a 4 part docu-series that explores the life and times of Jamaica's political feminist icon, Beverley Manley Duncan, former first lady during the Michael Manley era.

In Why Jamaican Music Nah Mek Money, a Jamaican music industry veteran offers her perspective on the obstacles facing Jamaica's music community.

In Righteous Ganja Living, Rastafari activist Maxine Stowe articulates the principles of proper marijuana use.

Public Order Reset: A New Dawn for Downtown Montego Bay

05 Apr 2023  |  Our Today
The article discusses the 'Public Order Reset' initiative in downtown Montego Bay, Jamaica, aimed at reducing crime by tackling civil disorder. Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's 'The Tipping Point' and the 'Broken Window Theory', Superintendent Vernon Ellis and John Byles, a director at the Jamaica Tourist Board, led the project. The initiative involved registering vendors, organizing traffic, and improving sanitation, leading to a more organized, cleaner, and safer environment. The project has seen early success with reduced crime rates, increased vendor sales, and improved relations between police, vendors, taxi operators, and the municipality. It is part of a larger effort to create a national framework for public order and is supported by multiple agencies. The article is part of a research project sponsored by the PSOJ and is written by Joelle Simone Powe, an anthropologist, writer, and documentary filmmaker.

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