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Johan Gonzalez

Caracas, Venezuela
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About Johan
Johan gonzalez is a journalist based in Anaco, Venezuela.
Investigative Journalism Fact Checking
Politics Fact Checking


In this work I investigated about an alleged mafia that operates in Venezuela and that is in charge of selling false international certificates of yellow fever, indispensable to enter in different countries of the world.

A Pimp Talks about the Venezuelan Prostitution Business in Peru

10 Apr 2018  |  Caracas Chronicles
The article discusses the plight of Venezuelan immigrants in Peru, focusing on the exploitation of Venezuelan women in the sex trade. Due to the economic crisis in Venezuela, many have fled to Peru, attracted by the government's promises of stay permits and degree recognition. However, the reality is often grim, with many working long hours for minimal pay. The article follows 'Anderson Ruiz', a pseudonym for a Venezuelan man who facilitates contact between Peruvian clients and Venezuelan women for sex work. He describes the profitability of the business due to the demand for Venezuelan women and the complicity of local hotels. Anderson, who initially worked in Peru unloading containers, now profits from the sex trade, helping his family financially without revealing the source of the income. The article also touches on the broader issues of job displacement of Peruvians and the unawareness of the women's families regarding their means of income.

Elderly Venezuelans struggle to survive on $1.50 a month

21 Feb 2018  |  www.caracaschronicles.com
Elderly Venezuelans face severe hardships as they struggle to survive on meager pensions of $1.50 a month amidst hyperinflation and economic crisis. The pension system, marked by inefficiency and indifference, forces many to endure long waits at banks for insufficient cash. Personal stories highlight the daily struggles of pensioners like María del Carmen Jaramillo, Alberto Pérez, and Mercedes Fernández, who grapple with poverty, hunger, and lack of medical supplies. The government's failure to provide adequate social security and improve living conditions for the elderly is a central theme.

Oil industry workers in Anaco don’t show up to work anymore

07 Feb 2018  |  Caracas Chronicles
The article discusses the dire situation of workers at PDVSA Gas Anaco, a large gas facility in Anaco, Venezuela, where employees are leaving due to extremely low wages and poor working conditions. The military takeover of PDVSA has led to a collapse in purchasing power, and workers are risking their lives for salaries that are insufficient to afford basic necessities. César Castro, a former gas technician at PDVSA, left for Peru to work in a fast-food restaurant. The article also highlights the broken promises of the Oil-Sector Collective Bargaining Agreement, inadequate protection against robberies, and the demand for better contract terms from Will Rangel of FUTPV. Foreign contractors like CNPC are paying bonuses in dollars, contrasting with PDVSA's payment in the rapidly depreciating bolivar. The article warns of a potential massive exodus of qualified personnel from the Venezuelan oil industry, which is already suffering from inactive drills and a lack of equipment and materials.

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