John Lillywhite

John Lillywhite

Amman, Jordan

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John Lillywhite

John Lillywhite is the executive publisher at Al Bawaba News based in Amman, Jordan. Between 2011-2013 John was Senior Analyst to HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, former Crown Prince of Jordan.



The current diplomatic rift between Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom is more consequential than a short-term falling out between allies. At its heart is a contest for two different views of the future and two different views of Europe.


How pioneering research project could one day help influence the future of medicine


John Lillywhite talks to Moe Levin, founder of Keynote Events and a member of the UAE-based Global Blockchain Council, on the sidelines of the recently held 2016 Blockchain Conference


Pixelbug, a Dubai-based AR technology firm, in the words of its founder Dany El-Eid, is a “multicultural team that takes millennials beyond reality with augmented and virtual technology.”


Creation of North-South Corridor involving Iran and Russia is part of grand strategy


Interview with BBC News on execution of Jordanian Pilot, Muath_Al-Kasasbeh. Feb, 2017.

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