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John Osborne

Sidcup, United Kingdom
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About John
Highly experienced technical journalist

It is all too easy to cut and paste from news releases or lift information from web pages. However in today’s highly competitive environment magazines and journals in traditional print form must compete with information delivered on portable devices.

The only way to ensure your magazine is read is to hire a business to business journalist with over 20 years’ experience who regularly talks to technical and commercial personnel and who is used to identifying the often complex issues your readers want to know more about. That means listening, taking notes in shorthand and then writing news and features with information obtained by talking to experts.

Used to working with advertisement managers and publishers. I can demonstrate a good understanding of the commercial challenges involved in publishing magazines.

Regularly source photographs and am used to producing graphs and tables for use in technical features.

Many years’ experience of working with designers, sub-editors, and photographers.

Excellent IT skills.
German Spanish French
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Fact Checking

Mosaic has now closed

13 Jul 2024  |  Wellcome
Wellcome's digital platform Mosaic, dedicated to long-form journalism about science and health, has closed after being active from 2014 to 2019. The organization expresses gratitude to its supporters and contributors. Some past content remains accessible on the Internet Archive.

A Kind of Loving - Book Review

04 Apr 2024  |  netgalley.co.uk
A Kind of Loving, first published in 1960 and later adapted into a film, is a book set in late 1950s Yorkshire that tells the story of Vic Brown, a young draughtsman whose life changes when Ingrid, a woman from his office, becomes pregnant. The book, part of the 'kitchen sink drama' genre, provides a snapshot of British attitudes transitioning from the post-war era to the 1960s. Despite its dated aspects, such as the protagonist's outdated views on women and race, the book is considered to hold up well, offering a valuable perspective on a Britain slowly progressing towards a more modern era.

Linux Container Technology Explained

01 Oct 2023  |  www.govtech.com
State and local governments are increasingly adopting DevOps practices and agile methodologies to enhance service delivery and collaboration. Linux containers are highlighted as a solution to the problem of 'environmental drift,' facilitating application code and configuration sharing while maintaining legacy infrastructures. The article emphasizes the benefits of Linux containers, including reusability, shareability, and efficiency, particularly when combined with microservices. The use of Kubernetes for container orchestration is also discussed, along with the advantages of isolated application environments for better damage control. John Osborne, a principal OpenShift architect with Red Hat Public Sector, provides expert insights into the role of Linux containers in government IT modernization.

Straight talk: outing adland's homophobia

01 Oct 2023  |  www.campaignlive.co.uk
The article discusses the persistent homophobia within the advertising industry, despite progress since the Stonewall riots. The authors, John Osborne and Rickie Marsden, share personal experiences of microaggressions, stereotyping, and outright discrimination. They highlight the industry's reluctance to include LGBT+ representation in ads and the discomfort faced in various agencies. The piece calls for genuine inclusivity and understanding of marginalized groups, urging readers to engage with LGBT+ colleagues to improve workplace environments.

Tunnelling for physics

01 Oct 2023  |  CERN Courier
CERN is exploring the feasibility of constructing a 100 km circular tunnel near Geneva for the Future Circular Collider (FCC), a next-generation particle accelerator. The project involves extensive geological, environmental, and technical assessments to optimize the tunnel's alignment and design. The FCC would significantly expand CERN's underground infrastructure, requiring advanced tunneling techniques and innovative monitoring technologies. The project has garnered interest from the global civil engineering community and, if approved, would be one of the largest scientific construction endeavors ever undertaken.

‘Be an accomplice’: the final installment of the Queer Ad Folk trilogy

23 Jul 2021  |  The Drum
The final installment of the Queer Ad Folk trilogy features interviews with prominent LGBTQ+ figures in the advertising industry, including Chaka Sobhani, Tom Trevelyan, Rachel Hamburger, and Asad Dhunna. They discuss their experiences of being openly LGBTQ+ at work, the challenges and advantages it brings, and the state of inclusivity within the advertising industry. The article highlights the importance of empathy, visibility, and allyship, and praises brands like Diesel, Cadbury, and Renault for their inclusive advertising efforts. The interviewees also offer advice for queer newcomers to the industry, emphasizing the importance of self-care, finding supportive communities, and being unapologetically oneself.

I felt seen: meet the first #QueerAdFolk contributors

08 Jul 2021  |  The Drum
The article introduces the first contributors to the #QueerAdFolk series, highlighting their experiences and perspectives as LGBTQ+ professionals in the advertising industry. Grace Francis, Peter Robertson, Karen Crum, and Kevin Morosky share their journeys of coming out at work, the impact of their identities on their careers, and the importance of diversity and inclusion. They discuss the challenges and benefits of being LGBTQ+ in the industry, the need for authentic representation, and offer advice for brands creating Pride content. The article emphasizes the significance of intersectionality and the role of allies in fostering an inclusive environment.

Modernizing Container Security Is Essential to Secure Application Development

01 May 2021  |  Nextgov.com
Modernizing container security is crucial for secure application development, especially for federal IT professionals. Traditional security tools are inadequate for containerized applications, necessitating a shift to cloud-native security solutions. Open-source technologies like SonarQube, Anchor, Falco, and Open Policy Agent (OPA) are essential for end-to-end security. DevSecOps practices integrate security into the development process, ensuring automated security checks. Effective container security management is vital for agile and secure application development, with the right cloud-native tools and partners being key to success.

We’re here, we’re queer, get... better at representing us already

07 Apr 2021  |  www.itsnicethat.com
The article discusses the importance of genuine LGBTQ+ representation in advertising, highlighting the challenges and shortcomings in the industry. It emphasizes the need for visible LGBTQ+ role models both on screen and in management positions. The author critiques the tokenistic representation often limited to Pride month and calls for more inclusive and everyday representation. Examples of positive representation include campaigns by Starbucks, Gillette, Renault, and Beagle Street. The author also mentions working with Outvertising to promote LGBTQ+ visibility in the advertising industry.

What Kubernetes Is and Why You Should Care

19 Nov 2020  |  GovLoop
Kubernetes is an open-source platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of applications, facilitating better collaboration and efficiency among development teams. It is particularly beneficial for state and local government agencies aiming to expedite the delivery of citizen services. The platform supports cloud-native software development, which has been shown to enhance team performance. Successful implementation of Kubernetes requires a commitment to refactoring applications and adopting a culture of continuous improvement. John Osborne, a chief architect at Red Hat, emphasizes the importance of Kubernetes in government IT modernization.

Asian Racism in the 1817 Cholera Pandemic

20 Apr 2020  |  daily.jstor.org
The article draws parallels between the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes during the coronavirus pandemic and the racist attitudes during the 1817 cholera pandemic. It highlights how terms like 'Chinese Virus' echo past prejudices, particularly those directed at Asian communities. The historical context of the cholera pandemic reveals how British colonial attitudes and medical practices contributed to the stigmatization of South Asian societies. The article calls for learning from past mistakes to avoid repeating racist assignations.

Gathering clouds

20 Aug 2019  |  Automotive Manufacturing Solutions
New industrial solutions are transforming cloud computing into a cost-cutting tool with improvements in design and traceability. Analysts highlight the cloud's role in creating digital factories, though implementation challenges such as security and cost remain. Siemens and Volkswagen's Industrial Cloud aims to enhance productivity and data transparency, while Audi and Bosch collaborate on automation improvements. Ford's Livonia plant showcases the benefits of digitalisation and standardisation, leading to higher quality and productivity. The cloud is poised to disrupt the automotive industry, offering significant competitive advantages.

How Government Can Accelerate the Adoption of DevOps

05 Jun 2019  |  govtech.com
DevOps, an IT collaboration model, can help government organizations become more agile to meet the public's expectations for service speed and personalization. It addresses technical debt, often found in aging government IT systems, by fostering internal alignment and reducing time to market. Successful DevOps implementation involves starting with low-debt applications, creating cross-functional teams, making work visible through tools like Kanban boards, and focusing on removing constraints such as unnecessary manual processes. DevOps practices, inspired by lean manufacturing principles from Toyota, can transform state and local governments by eliminating legacy silos, fostering collaboration, and enabling continuous service improvement and innovation.

Trump responds to New York Times story that he lost almost $1.2 billion over decade

08 May 2019  |  ABC News
Donald Trump's businesses lost $1.17 billion from 1985 to 1994, according to IRS tax transcripts analyzed by The New York Times. Trump did not pay taxes in eight of those ten years due to financial losses. The report emerges amid a battle with Congress over the release of Trump's more recent tax returns. Trump's attorney, Charles Harder, criticized the Times' report as inaccurate and unreliable. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied a congressional request for Trump's tax returns. Democrats have responded to the report, with some criticizing Trump's business acumen. Trump dismissed the report as a 'Fake News hit job' and defended the practice of showing losses for tax purposes.

The Transformative Potential of Hybrid Cloud Within Government Agencies

01 May 2019  |  Nextgov.com
Federal cloud spending is at an all-time high, with many government agencies investing in hybrid cloud models to balance agility and security. Hybrid cloud allows the integration of multiple computing environments, enabling automatic deployment of workloads. Despite the lack of industry standards and challenges in migration, many agencies see hybrid cloud as inevitable, influenced by the private sector's adoption. Key strategies for facilitating this transition include creating a single repository of truth, using Kubernetes and common APIs, and defaulting to open data practices. These strategies can make the migration process more efficient and transformative for agencies.

Contentious council comes to terms on taxes, nautical garages

20 Jul 2017  |  Marco Island Florida
The Marco Island City Council held a marathon meeting resulting in two key resolutions: the approval of a preliminary Fiscal Year 2018 millage rate of 1.8976 and the scheduling of a second reading on the conditional use of nautical garages in single-family residence zones. The meeting was marked by heated debates among council members, with differing opinions on the appropriate millage rate and the necessity of nautical garages. Discussions on additional city services and environmental rulings were postponed to future meetings.

Marco City Council to aggressively pursue COPCN

06 Jun 2017  |  Marco Island Florida
Marco Island City Council is intensifying efforts to gain control over the city's ambulance services by pursuing a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN). The council voted 6-1 to adopt a three-pronged strategy, including requesting a second full-time ambulance from Collier County and potentially amending state law to allow the city to grant its own COPCN. Councilor Charlette Roman opposed the resolution due to insufficient information. Vice-Chair Jared Grifoni emphasized the need for better emergency services, while Chair Larry Honig argued for a more aggressive approach, citing the city's significant contribution to county revenue. The council also approved the rezoning of Veterans Community Park.

Casa Pájaro de Plata By John Osborne

16 May 2017  |  Dwell
Casa Pájaro de Plata, designed by architect John Osborne of OS Arquitectura, is a house in Costa Rica that embodies a contemporary and sophisticated design inspired by natural, organic silhouettes. The structure features dynamic shapes that resemble a bird in flight, especially when viewed from above by photographer Fernando Alda. It offers a private retreat atmosphere with a white marble terrace, infinity pool, and a wooden pathway leading to a viewing platform, all set within a lush jungle environment.

Exploring the Italian seaside town of Bordighera

08 Apr 2017  |  Mail Online
Bordighera, a small seaside town on Italy’s Ligurian coast, offers a blend of historical charm and modern relaxation. Known for its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate, and historical significance, it was once a favorite of British aristocracy. The town is well-connected by rail to the French Riviera, making it an ideal spot for exploring nearby attractions like Monte Carlo, Nice, and Cannes. Despite its proximity to these glamorous locations, Bordighera retains a quiet, accessible charm that makes it a delightful destination.

The man for whom whistling is the worst sound in the world

06 Nov 2016  |  Scroll.in
John Osborne explores his intense dislike for the sound of whistling, suspecting he might have misophonia. Through interviews with experts and world champion whistlers, he delves into the psychological and neurological aspects of the condition. Despite his efforts, he finds that while he can appreciate the skill of professional whistlers, his aversion to everyday whistling remains. The documentary highlights the challenges of living with misophonia and the importance of understanding and managing personal triggers.

Southwest Florida restaurants honored by Wine Spectator magazine

23 Aug 2016  |  Naples Daily News
Southwest Florida restaurants have been recognized by Wine Spectator magazine for their exceptional wine selections. Bleu Provence in Naples received the highest honor, while Angelina’s Ristorante in Bonita Springs and several others were awarded two-glass honors. The awards highlight the dedication of these establishments to superb food and wine, with some restaurants being recognized for multiple consecutive years. Wine Spectator's Editor and Publisher Marvin R. Shanken congratulated all the award-winning restaurants.

The Lost Workers

16 Mar 2016  |  medium.com
The article explores the economic insecurity and hopelessness felt by many Americans, particularly those who have lost manufacturing jobs due to trade agreements and the recession. It discusses the impact of job loss on communities, such as in Yadkinville, North Carolina, where companies like Unifi and Sara Lee have downsized or closed. The article suggests that these economic conditions have contributed to negative sentiments towards immigrants and minorities, and have fueled support for Donald Trump among those who feel abandoned by the political system. It also touches on personal experiences of the author's family member who faced job loss and economic hardship.

Homesickness in the modern age: Does technology make you feel better or worse?

25 Jun 2015  |  The Independent
The article explores the concept of homesickness in the modern age, examining whether technology alleviates or exacerbates the feeling. It delves into personal experiences and expert opinions, highlighting how homesickness has been historically overlooked and how it manifests today. The narrative discusses the emotional impact of being away from home, the role of technology in maintaining connections, and strategies to cope with homesickness. Experts suggest that while technology can provide comfort, it should be balanced with real-world interactions to foster a sense of belonging in a new environment.

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