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John Wendle

John Wendle ( is an independent reporter, photojournalist and videographer based in Kiev, Ukraine.
He has commented on breaking news for CNN, ABC, BBC, CBS, CBC, France24, Democracy Now and others.
His work has appeared in National Geographic, TIME, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Business Week, The New Yorker, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Times of London, Le Monde, CNN, Channel 4 News (UK), Monocle, Marie Claire, the UN, ICRC, among others and his photography is represented by Corbis Images and Getty Global Assignment.
He has covered the conflict in Ukraine since May 2014 after spending five years working in Afghanistan and he has nearly a decade of experience working in the former Soviet Union.


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Red Cross: Cash for Work Programs in Ukraine The International Committee of the Red Cross runs cash for work programs in Ukraine's battered east, employing out of work laborers to repair homes destroyed in the fighting. (©ICRC - December 2015)


Red Cross: School Protection Programs in Ukraine The International Committee of the Red Cross carries out various programs to protect children studying in schools in war zones, including shatter resistant film on glass, blast barriers affixed to window sills, first aid training for teachers and the installation of drinking water in schools, among others.


MSF: Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Ukraine Once considered a disease on the decline, tuberculosis (TB) has seen a resurgence in Ukraine and several other post-Soviet countries that endured social and economic tumult after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Ukraine, the country’s prisons in particular are a hotbed for the disease, with prevalence rates more than ten times higher than in the rest of society. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides treatment and support to hundreds of inmates and ex-inmates suffering from multi-drug-resistant (MDR) TB in Ukraine's east. (©MSF - March 2016)


UNHCR: Warm homes on a cold frontline As major fighting and shelling has subsided over the past year in eastern Ukraine, 25 villages and towns situated right on the frontline have, to a greater or lesser degree, been cut off by a combination of bad roads, fear, danger and simple remoteness. Now, many of the areas feel abandoned, populated mostly by the elderly. Many are too ill, too poor or too stubborn to move and now live in a places with few public services. Decreased access to transport has made it harder for the elderly to collect their pensions, food and medicine. At the same time, the presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance has made it hard for people to collect wood for the winter from surrounding forests. To help mitigate these factors, the UNHCR with the help of local organizations has distributed wood, coal and non-food winter items like hats, coats and gloves to 20 of the 25 villages along the frontline. (©UNHCR - February 2016)

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