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Jon Weman

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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About Jon
Print journalist based in Argentina, accept work in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Covering tech/internet, media, agriculture, finance, general political and economic issues, gender, democracy and development issues.
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Robot-YouTube is here

01 Oct 2023  |  ETC.se
AI-generated content on YouTube is proliferating, with channels like 'Top discovery' and 'Future unity' producing numerous videos daily using tools like Chat GPT and Pictory. These videos often lack factual accuracy and meaningful content, raising concerns about the quality and impact of such 'content factories.' Neil Postman's observations on media as entertainment are cited to explain why audiences might still engage with this content despite its shortcomings.

Bloody Election in the New Narco-State

31 Aug 2023  |  ETC.se
Ecuador is experiencing a surge in violence and political instability, transforming into a narco-state similar to Colombia in the 1980s and Mexico in recent years. The murder of a political figure has intensified the already tense political climate, with left-wing candidate Luiza González and right-wing candidate Daniel Noboa vying for the presidency. The violence has led to a focus on law and order, benefiting right-wing narratives. However, the infiltration of cartels into state structures complicates efforts to combat them. Proposals to involve U.S. agencies like the FBI and DEA are met with skepticism, questioning the effectiveness and motives of U.S. involvement in the drug war.

AI-partner fills the void

29 Aug 2023  |  ETC.se
An increasing number of people prefer AI partners over real-life relationships, finding virtual interactions more fulfilling. In the West, users are predominantly men, while in China and Japan, young women are increasingly opting for AI boyfriends, raising concerns about low birth rates. Italy has banned Replika from collecting user data.

Republican spammers were rejected in court

29 Aug 2023  |  ETC.se
A judge has dismissed a lawsuit in which the Republican Party accused Google of violating civil rights under California's constitution and postal and telecommunications laws. The lawsuit claimed that Google's spam filters disproportionately targeted Republican emails over Democratic ones.

Zoom CEO Slams Remote Work

29 Aug 2023  |  ETC.se
Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, claimed in a leaked video recording that remote work is ineffective for building trust and hampers creativity as people try to be overly nice to each other. This statement was noted as ironic given Zoom's insistence in August that their employees return to the office, despite previously stating that employee well-being is a top priority and employees seemingly content with working from home, as reported by Ars Technica.

International standard for cybercrime on the way

29 Aug 2023  |  etc.se
The United Nations is negotiating an international convention on cybercrime based on a draft published in July, with the intention of rewriting national legislation worldwide to comply with it. The Electronic Freedom Foundation criticizes the draft, arguing that it is sweeping, includes vaguely defined types of crimes, and could potentially be used by authoritarian regimes to persecute dissenters abroad through criminal allegations such as 'extremism' and 'supporting terrorism'.

Arguments for a new financial crisis

02 May 2023  |  arbetaren.se
Anna Sanvaresa reflects on the life and work of Swedish author Moa Martinson, emphasizing her sharp critique of patriarchy and her advocacy for women's inclusion in class struggle and anarchism. Martinson's journey from her birth as Helga Maria Swartz to becoming a celebrated writer and political activist is chronicled, highlighting her early hardships, her political awakening, and her literary achievements. Martinson's texts remain relevant, addressing issues of poverty, feminism, and social justice. She passed away in 1964 and is buried at Sorunda churchyard.

True Crime has now gone completely overboard

18 Apr 2023  |  etc.se
The true crime genre has evolved significantly since the days of Jack the Ripper, with modern iterations often blending crime storytelling with other popular formats such as makeup tutorials, ASMR, and mukbang videos. The article critiques the ethical implications of turning real-life tragedies into entertainment, highlighting the negative impact on victims' families. It references several content creators who have gained popularity by combining true crime narratives with other trends, and it discusses the backlash from families affected by the crimes depicted in these stories. The article suggests that creators should consider the purpose and impact of sharing such stories, emphasizing the importance of consent from those involved.

How conspiracy theories took center stage in pandemic criticism

10 Mar 2023  |  www.arbetaren.se
The article discusses the rise of conspiracy theories in the context of pandemic criticism, highlighting the need for a radical peace movement that uncompromisingly demands disarmament. It covers the historical high level of armed conflicts, the devastating impact on civilians, and the role of militarization in Sweden, including NATO membership without a public referendum. The Swedish Defense Force's purchase of military radio systems from Israel's largest arms manufacturer, Elbit Systems, is criticized as direct support to the Israeli war machine. The article also addresses the decline of support for peace organizations and the interconnectedness of modern nation-states, armies, and the capitalist system. It emphasizes the importance of antimilitarism within the labor movement, particularly the SAC Syndikalisterna, and the need for a societal shift towards a libertarian socialist society. The article concludes by discussing the challenges faced by SAC, including its declining membership and the need for a clearer political vision to influence society effectively.

How YouTube Becomes Even Dumber

28 Feb 2023  |  etc.se
The article discusses the commercialization and materialism of YouTube influencers like Mr Beast and Logan Paul, who have turned their online personas into lucrative businesses. It highlights the fabricated authenticity of these personalities, who manage to engage their audience with seemingly spontaneous and playful content that often serves as clever marketing. The article also touches on the recent stricter content regulations on YouTube and the pessimistic outlook of content creators towards the platform's future under the new CEO, Neal Mohan.

TAKE TWO: Axed Dutch version of royal book names SECOND 'royal racist' in bombshell missing from UK edition with author Omid Scobie insisting he's not to blame as row grows

02 Apr 2016  |  The Mirror
The article covers a wide range of topics, including the latest developments in the royal family saga with Omid Scobie's book revelations, television updates on shows like I'm A Celebrity and Great British Bake Off, health concerns such as the sudden death of a mother and the spread of scarlet fever, weather reports on snowfall and temperature drops in the UK, sports news including Newcastle's Champions League match, and various entertainment and celebrity updates. It also touches on political issues, crime stories, international relations such as the Israel-Hamas ceasefire, and consumer advice on topics like energy bills and Christmas preparations.

Interpreter & researcher for The Essential Argentina project.

Uruguay soon the best in the world at wind power

24 Jan 2016  |  ETC.se
Uruguay is on track to become the world leader in wind power generation by 2016, with a significant portion of its electricity being produced from renewable sources. The Artilleros wind park, a collaboration between Uruguayan and Brazilian state power companies UTE and Elektrobras, is managed by just five people and is maintained by Indian manufacturer Suzlon. The country has reduced its oil imports dramatically since 2007 and has transitioned from being a net importer of electricity to exporting to Argentina and Brazil. Uruguay's success in renewable energy has been recognized internationally, receiving praise from the World Bank and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. The country aims to reduce its fossil fuel usage to just 12% of what it was at the turn of the century by 2017, with plans to electrify the transportation sector.

Total insecurity at the plantation

02 Jul 2012  |  Dagens Arbete
Insecure employment, low wages, and poor working conditions are commonplace for staffing employees in Argentina, with those protesting at risk of blacklisting. Multinational companies Adecco and Manpower are behind the recruitment. During a raid over a year ago, AFIP found 130 workers in substandard conditions at El Algarrobo farm in Buenos Aires province. The workers, hired to 'nip' hybrid corn flowers, were employed by agricultural giants Nidera and Pioneer but recruited by Adecco and Ruralpower, a local subsidiary of Manpower. Sociologist Agustina Desalvo noted that such labor practices are typical in the industry. Former picker Miguel Angel Serrano described the harsh working conditions and mentioned being blacklisted by Ruralpower for demanding better working conditions. Despite weak legislation, authorities initiated investigations against multinational companies in the sector. Serrano eventually found work at a cooperative supported by the Ministry for Social Development. Manpower Argentina did not respond to repeated inquiries for comment.

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