Jonathan Frænkel-Eidse

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Oslo, Norway

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Jonathan Frænkel-Eidse

Jonathan Frænkel-Eidse is a freelance photojournalist and writer.



Long Live Jeans! Prolonging Product Longevity - an interview with Nudie Jeans


Squeezed for Space in the Vast Arctic Saami reindeer herders hard-pressed by the conflux of rapid climate change and rapid human development.


Will the Aviation Sector’s Planned Carbon Offset Scheme Help Curb Emissions from Air Travel? A critical analysis of the ongoing UN ICAO negotiations to curb global aviation emissions: "Supported by the UN, governments across the world, and the aviation industry itself, this plan may stand a pretty good chance of actually being implemented. But it also has many NGO’s crying foul, claiming that its focus on emissions offsets rather than reductions, as well as its lack of transparency and its voluntary nature will give individuals and the aviation industry a license to continue escalating their emissions instead of actually reducing them."


Nowhere Left to Roam: Preserving the Reindeer Herd Much of climate change research is concerned with the not-so-far-off effects of changes that are unprecedented in human history. A constant barrage of this information can lead to the experience of ‘eco-anxiety’; being perched upon the precipice, peering into the dark unknown, with no idea of what to expect. What if we could find a spotlight to illuminate the darkness?

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