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Jonathan Krohn

I'm an Iraq-based journalist who has been covering the conflict here on the ground for 2.5 years now. My work from around the world has appeared in a number of outlets including, but not limited to:

•	The Guardian
•	The National (UAE)
•	The Telegraph (both Daily and Sunday)
•	The Economist
•	The Atlantic
•	Salon
•	Mother Jones
•	NBC News
•	USA Today

I have also worked for Agence-France Presse, as a feature correspondent in North Iraq for their Baghdad bureau.

My research these days focuses primarily on missing persons, criminal justice issues, and the history of the nation's Shi'i resistance and militant groups, but my network of contacts around the country means I'm able to provide accurate reporting on almost any topic. 

A full resume is available upon request, though I have some clips below for your consideration.



A short piece I did on the crackdown carried out by the Egyptian government at a college campus in Cairo, after the coup that toppled President Mohammad Morsi.


A short summary (and some investigative work) into the disappearance of hundreds of Iraqi men in the wake of the Fallujah operations.


A profile of a Yazidi painter who has painted a series on the ISIS attack on Sinjar.


On the appeal of Iraq's Christian militias to Western volunteer fighters.


Video work I did to accompany my written work on Mount Sinjar in August 2014.


Summary of my time on Mount Sinjar, where I was the first Western journalist to report from the mountain while it was besieged by ISIS.

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