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Jorge Gutiérrez Torrejón

Algeciras, Spain
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About Jorge
I'm a journalist based in the south of Spain, near Algeciras (Andalousia) and near Gibraltar. I have more than 10 years of experience working for newspapers, news agencies and online platforms. Regarding topics for news, I have written about brexit, inmigration, ports and logistics, social issues, and European topics -among others- for sites such as Grupo Joly, Euronews, agencia EFE (in Spain) or Zenger News (USA) or el Diario de Colima (Mexico). Besides, my experience as fixer includes brexit reports for France3 and Afterposten (Norwegian newspaper).

I have also worked for communication and marketing agencies, as I did some jobs relasted to social media, press releases, brand content and SEO.
English Spanish French
News Gathering Feature Stories Content Writing
Business Politics Current Affairs

Article for Kalmar Globar on safety at work

23 Jan 2022  |  www.kalmarglobal.com
The article discusses Kalmar's commitment to safety and accident prevention in its operations across Latin America. Ellen Costa, Marcelo Tardioli, César Bugueño, Jasmin Ramirez, Arnulfo Arias, and Lucas Fernandes from Kalmar emphasize the company's dedication to creating a safety culture that protects employees, boosts competitiveness, and avoids delays. Kalmar integrates safety from the initial client contact and invests in training and safety equipment. The company recently held its first 'Safety Week' to educate employees and develop new safety initiatives. Kalmar also launched an online tool called 'HSE Space' to centralize safety information and resources. The article highlights the importance of safety in the field and the continuous efforts to improve safety measures, such as lockout and tagout systems.

Article for Euronews on Brexit effects on Gibraltar and Campo de Gibraltar area.

05 Apr 2023  |  euronews
The article by Jorge Gutiérrez discusses the preliminary post-Brexit border agreement between Gibraltar and Spain, which is expected to ease the movement of cross-border workers by including Gibraltar in the EU's Schengen zone. Spanish worker Alfredo Valencia, who has been employed in Gibraltar for 12 years, expresses cautious optimism about the agreement, hoping it will resolve diplomatic conflicts and improve the quality of life for residents. The article also touches on the concerns of local workers and unions about the future of social security contributions and pensions, as well as the need for economic development in the region. Despite Brexit, the number of EU citizens working in Gibraltar has increased, and unions on both sides of the border are awaiting further details of the agreement while recognizing its potential to prevent economic difficulties.

Fixer for France 3. Report on brexit effects on Gibraltar area.

Example of corporative content for Kalmar Global: Kalmar LATAM: COVID-19 and 5 team stories.

16 Dec 2020  |  www.kalmarglobal.com
The article focuses on Kalmar, a company that plays a significant role in the global container transport industry, particularly in Latin America (LATAM), where it handles over 30% of container traffic. Five Kalmar employees from different LATAM countries share their experiences of adapting to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining high levels of service. Eduardo Prat, VP of Kalmar LATAM, emphasizes the dedication of service technicians, who are considered 'heroes' for their continuous on-site work during the pandemic. Despite the impact of COVID-19 on industries like automotive manufacturing, Kalmar's container terminal operations remained crucial for the supply chain, ensuring the flow of essential goods. The employees discuss the shift to virtual customer interactions, the importance of safety, and their commitment to fulfilling customer needs and company promises despite the pandemic's restrictions. They express a collective hope for a return to normalcy and in-person interactions.

Report on the situation of Latin American workers in Gibraltar / Campo de Gibraltar area. They express their views about brexit effects.

"'Hostages' to the brexit talks: fears and frustrations grow in Gibraltar", a report about the local impact in Gibraltar and Campo de Gibraltar area. It was published on Euronews

3 brexit "crossed stories" (my last work for 'Andalucía informacion'): - A Spanish man from Jimena who lives in the UK - A British woman who lives in Jimena. - And another Spanish youngster who came back from the UK

02 Apr 2017  |  andaluciainformacion.es
5,391 British citizens are registered as residents in the province of Cádiz, making the UK the second-largest source of expatriates in the area after Morocco. The British expat community and Spaniards living in the UK are facing uncertainty due to Brexit. Jorge Cárdenas, a Spaniard in London, is closely following Brexit developments, considering options like citizenship or residency. A British citizen in Jimena de la Frontera voted to remain in the EU and is waiting for the outcome of negotiations affecting healthcare and pensions. María García, a journalist, returned to Spain from Northampton after the Brexit referendum affected her purchasing power and job prospects. She now works in communications and social media for Purobeach Marbella and Salduna Beach and Catering. The political decisions regarding the future of British residents in Spain and Spanish residents in the UK are still pending.

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