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Jose Antunes

Sintra, Portugal
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About Jose
Journalist, writer and photographer since 1979, both print and online, I have a vast experience in the fields of photography, software, hardware, web, aviation, History, videogames, technology, having published material in almost all Portuguese newspapers and magazines between 1979 and 2009. 

I was also responsible, in that period, for the launch or edition of multiple magazines in Portugal, covering Photography, Video, Computer Games, Aviation, Nature & Wildlife. I've written four printed books, three guides about Photography and one about Virtual Worlds, and a series of eBooks about Photography.

Internationally, past and present clients include Neowin, WorldStart, Pixiq, Manfrotto School of Xcellence, Photo Tuts+, Pro Photo Coalition, Pro Video Coalition and UAV News.
English Portuguese
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Premise AI and MAM at NAB 2024

13 Apr 2024  |  www.provideocoalition.com
The Axle AI Platform, touted as the most advanced system for on-premise media production, will be showcased at NAB Las Vegas. It aims to simplify AI integration in media production, offering features like AI-driven similarity searches, face and object recognition, and voice transcription. Early adopters include RTM and major postproduction facilities in Los Angeles and London. The platform supports third-party modules from partners like Nablet, Alugha, and Speechmatics, enhancing productivity and media management.

Not provided

04 Apr 2024  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses how digital imaging technician (DIT) Kevin Shiramizu has built a DIT cart to manage the complexities of film sets. Shiramizu's cart includes an AJA KUMO 3232-12G router and various AJA Mini-Converters to handle 4K HDR live grading and monitoring, as well as signal conversion needs. The KUMO router is highlighted for its capacity to support medium-sized configurations and various SDI inputs and outputs, which is essential for 4K/UltraHD and 8K/UltraHD2 workflows. Shiramizu also uses Pomfort's Livegrade software and a Tangent panel for live grading. He emphasizes the reliability and future-proof nature of AJA equipment, mentioning the potential addition of AJA ColorBox to his setup for color space and HDR format conversions.

ARMOR 700 and SL500: Lexar SSDs for content creators

15 Mar 2024  |  www.provideocoalition.com
Lexar has announced two new Portable Solid-State Drive products, the ARMOR 700 and SL500, resulting from a collaboration with Silicon Motion. The ARMOR 700 offers up to 4TB capacity, 2000MB/s read and write speeds, and rugged durability with IP66 rating. The SL500 provides up to 2000MB/s read and 1800MB/s write speeds, a sleek aluminum design, and compatibility with various devices including the iPhone 15 series. Both SSDs feature a single-chip controller solution for portability, high performance, and low power consumption. The SL500 is available in 1 and 2 TB capacities, with more options and pricing for the Armor700 to be announced in Spring 2024.

14900KS smashes the 6.0 GHz CPU barrier

01 Mar 2024  |  www.provideocoalition.com
The Intel Core i9-14900KS processor has achieved a record-breaking 6.2 GHz frequency, making it the fastest desktop processor available as of March 2024. This new processor, part of Intel's 14th Gen desktop processor family, offers 24 cores, 32 threads, and 36MB of Intel Smart Cache, delivering significant performance improvements for gaming and content creation. It supports up to 192GB of fast memory and is compatible with Z790 and Z690 motherboards. The i9-14900KS is available for $699 and promises up to 73% performance improvement in compute-intensive workflows compared to its competitors.

Autodesk acquires PIX, expands presence in on-set production

04 Feb 2024  |  provideocoalition.com
Autodesk has completed the acquisition of PIX, a production management solution from X2X, to enhance operational efficiency and value creation in the media and entertainment industry. This move supports Autodesk's strategy to connect pre- and post-production data through its industry cloud for Media & Entertainment, Flow. The acquisition aims to address inefficiencies by fostering collaboration and communication, and by integrating on-set production data into the production process.

Tiffen Launches Professional Lens Filters for DJI Osmo Pocket 3

14 Jan 2024  |  provideocoalition.com
Tiffen has introduced a new line of lens filters specifically designed for the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 gimbal camera. These filters incorporate both Neutral Density (ND) and Polarization effects into a single glass element, aiming to provide better light control and minimize glare without affecting color balance. The filters are constructed from 4K High Definition optical glass and feature waterproof and anti-scratch coatings. They come with precision-made aluminum rings and clips, and the kit includes three different ND/PL filters, each offering varying levels of light reduction. The product also comes with a protective carry case, a cleaning cloth, and a 10-year warranty.

Conservation-themed film shot on Sony BURANO

10 Jan 2024  |  www.provideocoalition.com
Conservation photographers Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen, along with cinematographer Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki, used Sony's digital cinema cameras, including the BURANO, to create a film on ocean conservation and the future of the planet. The film highlights the plight of the Southern Right Whale, an endangered species facing threats such as ocean pollution and ship strikes. Sony's involvement in the project aligns with its environmental plan, emphasizing the importance of conservation and the role of technology in storytelling.

Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK3: use vintage lenses with a smartphone

06 Jan 2024  |  www.provideocoalition.com
The Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK3 is a new SLR/DSLR lens adapter for smartphones that allows the use of EF-mount compatible lenses to enhance smartphone photography and video. The product, which has garnered significant support on Kickstarter, is expected to ship in March 2024. It is designed to work with a range of lenses and offers manual focus control and open aperture for a shallow depth of field. The adapter is not suitable for crop sensor lenses or lenses for mirrorless cameras. Vintage lenses are recommended for their unique character and affordability. The adapter was featured in the short film 'Epic Worlds' shot with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK3: use vintage lenses with a smartphone

06 Jan 2024  |  ProVideo Coalition
The Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK3 is a new product designed to enhance smartphone filmmaking by allowing the use of SLR/DSLR lenses for cinematic footage with shallow depth of field. It is compatible with EF-mount lenses and is not recommended for crop sensor lenses or lenses for mirrorless cameras. The adapter operates mechanically, requiring lenses with manual focus control and manual aperture control. Fast lenses with focal lengths between 30 to 100 mm and apertures from f/1.2 to f/2.8 are recommended. Vintage lenses are highlighted as an affordable and character-rich option for both filming and photography with smartphones.

LEGO Polaroid OneStep SX-70: Iconic Camera Reimagined in Bricks

28 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses the launch of the LEGO IDEAS: Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera, a non-functioning LEGO model of the classic Polaroid SX-70 camera. The model, which includes 516 pieces and functional features such as a working viewfinder and shutter button, was designed by LEGO fan Marc from Minibrick Productions. It is part of a unique marketing campaign that uses a 'NOT SHOT ON LEGO Polaroid Camera' sticker to highlight the model's lack of actual photographic functionality. The original Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera, released in 1977, was a significant innovation in instant photography. The LEGO version is available for pre-order and will be in stores globally from January 1, 2024, at a price of $79.99.

Sony Releases New Firmware Update for Airpeak S1 Drone

27 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Sony Electronics Inc. has released a free firmware update for the Airpeak S1 drone, which is the world's smallest drone capable of being equipped with a full-size Alpha mirrorless camera. The update introduces new features such as Enhanced Mapping Mission, Automatic Return to Home, Precision in Flight Path Recreation, and expanded camera and Apple device compatibility. The Enhanced Mapping Mission allows for automatic flight for mapping missions, while the Automatic Return to Home feature improves safety by guiding the drone back to its starting point in case of low battery or signal loss. The Precision in Flight Path Recreation feature enables users to replicate flight paths accurately. Sony has also expanded the range of compatible cameras and Apple devices. The update reflects Sony's commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centric innovation, and the company has formed partnerships with industry leaders to enhance the capabilities of the Airpeak S1.

Panasonic Reorganizes Professional AV Business for Future Growth

26 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Panasonic has announced a reorganization of its Professional AV business by transferring it from Panasonic Connect to Panasonic Entertainment & Communication, effective April 1, 2024. This move is in anticipation of growth in the markets for consumer and professional video production, as well as live video streaming. Panasonic Connect, established in 2022, focuses on solutions for various sectors, while Panasonic Entertainment & Communication, also founded in 2022, handles AVC products. The transfer aims to address the blurring lines between consumer and professional video markets and to consolidate resources to strengthen Panasonic's imaging business as a key growth strategy.

vivo's New X100 Series: Elevating Smartphone Photography with ZEISS

20 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses the launch of vivo's new X100 series smartphones, which feature an upgraded imaging system co-engineered with ZEISS, aimed at providing pro-level photography. The X100 and X100 Pro models boast features like the Dimensity 9300 chip, enhanced battery capacity, and ZEISS T* Coating on lenses for better light transmittance and color reproduction. The X100 series is optimized for sunset and sunrise photography and introduces ZEISS Multifocal Professional Photography for portrait shots. The X100 Pro model includes a 50MP ZEISS 1-inch Main Camera and a ZEISS APO Floating Telephoto Camera, offering high image quality and SLR-level image stabilization. The X100 Pro also features a new 4K Cinematic Portrait Video mode. The X100 Pro will be available in Europe with a starting price of approximately $706, but global market pricing is not yet disclosed.

Canon ventures into audio with the Light & Speaker ML-A

19 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Canon has expanded its product line with the introduction of the Canon Light & Speaker ML-A, a Bluetooth-enabled lamp and speaker designed to enhance the home environment. The product, available in black and silver, combines a sleek design with functionality, offering both lighting and sound features. It includes a full-range speaker and passive radiator for clear audio, Bluetooth connectivity, and an LED lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings. The ML-A is not intended for professional photography or video lighting but can be used in a tabletop studio setup. It has a long-lasting battery and charges via USB-C. This launch marks Canon's re-entry into the audio market, recalling its venture into loudspeakers in the 1980s with Canon Audio, which was documented by Phil Ward on the website Music and Miscellany.

Next Goal Wins: Grading the Underdog Story with DaVinci Resolve

19 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses the film 'Next Goal Wins,' directed by Taika Waititi, which is based on the true story of the American Samoa soccer team's efforts to improve after a devastating loss in 2001. The film was graded by David Cole of FotoKem using DaVinci Resolve Studio software for editing, grading, VFX, and audio post-production. The article highlights the technical challenges faced by Cole, particularly in dealing with diverse lighting conditions in Hawaii, and the creative process of achieving the film's unique visual style. It also touches on the collaboration between Cole, cinematographer Lachlan Milne, and Waititi, and the scheduling challenges due to Waititi's busy agenda, including shooting 'Thor: Love and Thunder.' The film is now available in theaters.

Hobolite Mini-X: all-weather LED light for content creators by Jose Antunes

17 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Hobolite, a company known for its design-forward lighting solutions, has launched the X-Series, which includes the Mini-X and LiteDock-X, targeting content creators. The Mini-X is a compact, all-weather LED light that is IP54 rated, making it resistant to water splashes, sand, dust, and extreme temperatures. It features a vintage design with blue vegan leather and offers professional-grade lighting with a dual-driver system, adjustable lens, and high CRI and TLCI ratings. The Mini-X can be controlled via Bluetooth or manually with glove-friendly knobs and has a magnetic mount for accessories. The LiteDock-X is a battery pack that doubles as a handle or light stand mount and offers extended run time for the Mini-X. The Mini-X is priced at $369.00, and the LiteDock-X at $269.90.

The Making of 'Life in Six Strings': A Documentary Series on World-Famous Guitarists

15 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses the documentary series 'Life in Six Strings' hosted by music journalist Kylie Olsson, which features interviews with famous guitarists. The production, led by James Tonkin of Hangman studio, was a 'run and gun' style, capturing intimate conversations with musicians in their personal environments. Tonkin, who also oversaw post-production, utilized DaVinci Resolve Studio and Blackmagic Cloud for collaborative editing, grading, and finishing the series in 4K. The article highlights the technical aspects of post-production, including the use of AI for subtitles and the addition of film grain for aesthetic quality. The series is praised for its content and production value, with a special mention of Olsson's ability to draw out stories from her interviewees.

Final Pixel Academy Launches Virtual Production Fellowship in Scotland

15 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The Final Pixel Academy, in collaboration with Screen Scotland, Nightsky Studios, and Blazing Griffin, is launching the Virtual Production Fellowship programme, a pioneering educational initiative aimed at developing skills in virtual production for individuals in Scotland. The programme, which is fully funded for participants, will offer a comprehensive curriculum covering the critical skills, techniques, and technologies necessary for careers in the rapidly growing virtual production sector. The launch event, scheduled for December 15, 2023, will include presentations, a live panel discussion, and a tour of a state-of-the-art virtual production stage at BBC Studioworks in Glasgow. The three-year fellowship is part of a global effort by Final Pixel Academy to advance virtual production education and career opportunities in Europe and the United States.

K-Tek Launches New Stingray BackPack X for Sound Professionals

14 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
K-Tek, a company known for its quality sound recording products, has launched a new addition to its Stingray BackPack X systems, specifically designed for solo sound professionals and traveling news reporters. The Stingray BackPack X features an integrated harness and is available in two color options: orange or purple. It offers a 20-liter capacity and is equipped with multiple compartments, including a padded laptop pocket and MOLLE straps for additional gear. The backpack is made of durable, moisture-resistant nylon and comes with a detachable raincover. It is priced at $367.50 MSRP and is compatible with various K-Tek Mixer Bags. The product is available through K-Tek's authorized dealers.

Shoulderpod T1: The Ultimate Smartphone Video Rig

12 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article reviews the Shoulderpod T1, a new tripod designed for smartphone videography and photography. The Shoulderpod T1 is a versatile tool that functions as a tripod, monopod, and hand-held stabilizer. It extends up to 162 cm and can be combined with the Shoulderpod G2 grip to reach 176 cm. The T1 is compared to the Benro SLIM Series tripod, noting that while they share features, the T1 is more suited for video due to its greater extension and video-centric design. The T1 features a lightweight design, all-metal construction, adjustable leg angles, and a reversible central column for creative shots. It also offers a unique desktop configuration for top-down shots and can quickly transform into a monopod or hand-held stabilizer. The T1's ball-head is compatible with Arca-Swiss plates and includes a quick release mechanism. Priced at €119.90, the Shoulderpod T1 is suggested as a good gift for the holiday season.

Women In Media's Annual Holiday Toast Celebrates Legendary Women in the Industry

11 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Women In Media, an organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry, is hosting its Annual Holiday Toast to Legendary Women on December 16, 2023, at Hotel Sofitel in Beverly Hills. The event celebrates the achievements of women in the industry and aims to inspire greater female participation behind the scenes. Honorees include Natasha Foster-Owens from HBO, Jen Underdahl from Marvel Studios, Emmy nominee Stephanie Filo, and Dianne Farrington. The event features a panel discussion, a VIP entry, brunch, and a champagne toast. Women In Media is a 501(c)(3) charity and runs the CAMERAderie Initiative, which supports the careers of women and gender non-conforming individuals in the entertainment industry through mentorship, education, and production of high-quality short films.

Review: Radiant Photo Mobile, all the photo editing you need by Jose Antunes

10 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article is a comprehensive review of Radiant Photo Mobile, a photo editing app for smartphones. The author shares their experience with the app, highlighting its AI-powered automatic mode and the ability to handle files from various sources, including smartphones and cameras. The app is praised for its ease of use and the quality of results it can produce even in automatic mode. The free version offers basic editing capabilities and intelligent scene detection, while the Pro version provides more advanced features and manual adjustments. The author encourages readers to try the app, especially with the 90-day free trial offer available to ProVideo Coalition readers. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and is seen as a game-changer in mobile photo editing.

Win a $5,000 Camera with DxO December Purchases

07 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
DxO Labs is running a promotional event for December where customers who purchase their photo editing software, such as DxO PhotoLab 7, Nik Collection 6, and PureRAW 3, can enter a prize draw. The grand prize is a $5,000 camera, with other prizes including cameras worth $3,000 and copies of 'The Glow of Paris' by Gary Zuercher. Every purchase also comes with a free masterclass tutorial worth up to $99. The winners will be notified on January 15, 2024, and each purchase increases the chance of winning. The tutorials offered are from Fstoppers and cover the range of DxO software.

Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE: a new compact cine lens by Jose Antunes

07 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Samyang has expanded its V-AF lens series with the introduction of the new 100mm T2.3 FE lens, touted as 'The World’s First Cine AF'. This lens is designed for shooting portraits, still life, and interviews, and is optimized for video shooting. It maintains the same weight and front size as the existing lenses in the series, which includes the 24mm, 35mm, 45mm, and 75mm T1.9 FE lenses, allowing for easy use on gimbals without rebalancing. The 100mm lens features a Tally Lamp for recording status monitoring, a customizable dial, and a focus hold button. It also supports a new anamorphic adapter expected in early 2024. The lens is designed for professional performance, offering features like fast autofocus, consistent color tone, and supports up to 8K resolution.

Tiffen Announces New Domke Photo and Video Gear for the Holidays

06 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Tiffen has announced new additions to its Domke line of wear and gear for photo and video creators, just in time for the holiday season. The new products include a black DOMKE PhoTOGS vest, a Domke Sling Bag, and a Domke Tech Pouch. The PhoTOGS vest, made of machine washable cotton with mesh panels for ventilation, features twelve pockets and a padded collar. The Sling Bag offers 6 liters of storage with compartments for cameras, lenses, and a tablet, and includes a waist stabilization strap. The Tech Pouch is designed to organize small technical items with zippered mesh compartments and elastic loops. Both the Sling Bag and Tech Pouch are available in water-resistant materials and have loops for hanging on a stand.

Insta360 Cameras Reach New Heights: A Year in Outer Space

04 Dec 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Insta360, known for its innovative camera attachments, has achieved a milestone by launching two Insta360 X2 cameras into outer space, where they have been orbiting the Earth for nearly a year. The cameras were modified to withstand the harsh conditions of space, including extreme temperatures and radiation. The project, which was a collaboration between Insta360, Media Storm, and SAR satellite company Spacety, took 12 months of preparation, including six months of R&D. The satellite, which is solar-powered, was delayed due to COVID-19 but successfully launched on January 16th, 2023. The cameras are designed to run for 2 years and are currently functioning well, transmitting footage back to Earth through a communication network provided by Spacety. Insta360 highlights the project's success as proof of their capability to develop products that can endure extreme conditions.

Sony Tests Advanced In-Camera Authenticity to Tackle Fake Imagery

30 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Sony has completed testing of its advanced in-camera authenticity technology, which aims to combat fake imagery by providing a digital signature at the point of capture. This technology was developed in cooperation with Associated Press and is based on the C2PA standard. Leica has also introduced the Leica M11-P, the first camera to store metadata for image authenticity. The article discusses the potential fragmentation of the industry with different companies possibly developing their own systems, despite a common goal of ensuring photo authenticity. Sony's technology is set to be included in future Xperia smartphones, and the company has partnered with Camera Bits to integrate the technology into the Photo Mechanic workflow tool. The article raises concerns about the impact of generative AI on journalism and the dissemination of false information, highlighting the importance of authenticating digital content.

Puget Systems Launches PugetBench for Creators Desktop Application

30 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Puget Systems, known for its professional benchmarks, has launched a desktop application called PugetBench for Creators. This app is designed to benchmark professional workloads in video editing, photography, VFX, and motion graphics applications. Initially, it supports Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop, with plans to include Lightroom Classic, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe After Effects in the first half of 2024. PugetBench for Creators offers real-world testing and is free for end users, with commercial licenses available for advanced features and multiple users. The company has also released the full 1.0 versions of the Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop benchmarks, ensuring stable and consistent benchmarking experiences.

Comica Audio Launches Vimo Q Mini Wireless Microphone System

29 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Comica Audio has introduced the Vimo Q, a new four-channel mini wireless microphone system designed for various audio recording needs such as video shoots, vlogging, interviews, livestreaming, and podcasts. The Vimo Q system includes four transmitter microphone units, a receiver unit, a battery case, and essential accessories. It features Comica Audio's CalMix processing for noise removal, supports multi-person synchronized recording, and is lightweight for ease of use. The system offers HD-quality sound, a clear display on the receiver, low latency, long-range transmission, and a battery life of up to 16 hours with the charging case. The Vimo Q is priced at $249 USD and is available in black or white on Amazon.

Blackmagic Camera: New iPhone App Unlocks Professional Video Capture and Collaboration

28 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Blackmagic Design has released a new iPhone app called Blackmagic Camera, which integrates video capture with post-production tools. The app has been praised for its user-friendly interface and professional features, such as adjustable frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, and ISO settings. It also allows recording directly to Blackmagic Cloud in Apple ProRes files up to 4K, facilitating collaboration with editors worldwide. Blackmagic Design has published tutorials on their YouTube channel to assist users in getting started and syncing files to Blackmagic Cloud. The article discusses the potential of the app to revolutionize content creation for platforms like YouTube and TikTok, as well as its use in professional settings like news broadcasting. The company is considering an Android version of the app, which could significantly expand its market reach, given Android's larger global market share compared to iOS.

AstrHori 28mm F13 2x Macro: a periscope lens for creative minds by Jose Antunes

28 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
AstrHori has introduced a new lens, the AstrHori 28mm F13 2x Macro Periscope Probe Lens, which is an innovative addition to their existing 28mm F13 2x Macro probe lens. This new lens features a 90° Periscope tip that allows photographers and videographers to capture images from a 90-degree angle, offering a bug-eye perspective with a 75° angle of view and a 0.8cm working distance. It is designed for use in tight spaces and underwater, with a waterproof barrel and an integrated LED light for illumination. The lens is versatile, with a 1/4 screw hole for mounting accessories and is available for various camera mounts including Sony E, Nikon Z, Leica L, Canon EOS-R, Canon EF, and PL Cine. The periscope lens is priced at $939.00 USD, compared to the conventional version at $628.15 USD.

Step back in time and explore the 1963 historical events that shook the world with “JFK Memento,” a chronicle of the assassination of President Kennedy and the investigation that followed.

26 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
JFK Memento is a virtual reality documentary produced by TARGO that chronicles the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent investigation. The 40-minute narrative, released on the 60th anniversary of the event, offers an immersive experience by recreating Downtown Dallas and key locations such as Dealey Plaza and the Book Depository in VR. The documentary features remastered archival footage, 3D reconstructions, and interviews with witnesses and investigators. TARGO collaborated with The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and utilized AI and advanced remastering techniques to create a historically accurate and engaging experience. Although well-received, the documentary is limited to Meta's Quest VR headsets. TARGO is known for producing high-quality VR stories, including other notable works like 'Surviving 9/11 – 27 Hours Under The Rubble' and 'Rebuilding Notre Dame'.

Unreal Engine 5.3 paves the way for ICVFX stages by Jose Antunes

25 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Epic Games has announced advancements in its Unreal Engine, a leading real-time 3D creation tool widely used in the film and television industry, as well as in video game development. Unreal Engine has been utilized in over 600 major motion pictures and TV shows, and the latest version, Unreal Engine 5.3, introduces new features for filmmakers and other creatives. These features include nDisplay support for SMPTE ST 2110, a new Cine Cam Rig Rail, solutions for anamorphic lens distortion, path-traced volumetric rendering with openVDB import, a new Skeletal Editor, and panel-based Chaos Cloth. These updates aim to enhance virtual production toolsets and prepare for the next generation of ICVFX stages. The Unreal Engine team has detailed these updates in a blog post, highlighting the engine's continuous evolution since its initial release in 1998.

PVC’s BIG Black Friday list of deals for 2023

24 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article is a comprehensive list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2023, covering a wide range of products from photography and videography equipment to creative software. It includes exclusive discounts and sales from various companies such as Gitzo, TimeinPixels, Shoulderpod, and many others. The deals encompass cameras, lenses, tripods, gimbals, lighting equipment, editing consoles, and more. The list is intended to grow as the author discovers more deals, with new offers being added to the top for easy discovery. Readers are encouraged to return to the website regularly to check for updates.

Puget Systems Announces New Workstations with AMD Threadripper 7000 Series

23 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Puget Systems has announced a new line of custom workstations built on the AMD Threadripper 7000 and Threadripper Pro 7000 WX-Series processors. These workstations are designed to offer the most computing power for content creation, virtual production, game development, engineering, architecture, and scientific computing. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series processors feature high clock speeds, a 5nm process, 'Zen 4' architecture, and up to 48 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes. The Threadripper Pro 7000 WX-Series processors provide up to 96 cores and 192 threads, making them suitable for complex multitasking workloads. These processors also support up to 384MB of L3 cache and eight channels for DDR5 memory. Puget Systems' new custom workstations are available for configuration immediately, with the Threadripper Pro WX-Series workstations available next month.

Samsung smartphones get a ND filter… but not all! by Jose Antunes

22 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The author was misled by various sources into believing that their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would receive a Digital ND filter feature with the Android 14 update, a feature that is actually exclusive to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The misinformation stemmed from reports that did not specify the feature was limited to the S23 series. The author explains the benefits of having a digital ND filter, which offers a range of densities for better exposure control in photography, but also acknowledges the advantages of traditional ND filters used with smartphones. The author expresses hope that Samsung might extend the feature to other models or include it in future releases, such as the rumored Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Insta360 Unveils Ace Series: The Smartest Ever Action Cameras

21 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Insta360 has announced the release of two new action cameras, the Insta360 Ace and the Insta360 Ace Pro, both co-engineered with Leica. The Insta360 Ace Pro is notable for being the first action camera capable of shooting 8K video and features a 1/1.3" sensor, 4K 120fps video, 48MP photos, and PureVideo for low light shooting. The Insta360 Ace is a budget-friendly alternative with a smaller sensor and 6K video capability. Both cameras offer innovative features like gesture and voice control, a flip touchscreen, and AI-powered tools such as Clarity Zoom and AI Highlights Assistant. The Ace series is designed for adventurers, with waterproofing, cold resistance, and integration with Garmin and Apple Watch for overlaying videos with stats. The cameras are available globally starting November 21st, 2023, with the Ace priced at US$379.99 and the Ace Pro at US$449.99. Snowboarder Shaun White has joined as a brand ambassador to showcase the cameras' capabilities, especially for winter sports.

LumaTouch adds support for external drive editing and Apple Log Files on new iPhone 15

18 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
LumaTouch has released an update, v4.1.1, for its LumaFusion video editing software, making it the first iOS app to support external drive editing on the new iPhone 15. This feature is enabled by the iPhone's USB-C connection, which allows users to edit directly from drives like the LaCie Mobile SSD, Samsung T7, and SanDisk Extreme SSD. LumaTouch advises checking drive compatibility and read/write speeds. The update also introduces support for Apple Log files with the Apple deLog LUT and includes a free bundle with the Prolost Apple Log to Rec 709 LUT, developed by filmmaker Stu Maschwitz. The update is free for existing customers and available for new customers on the Apple App Store for $29.99 USD.

SmallRig Unveils the New RC60B LED for On-the-Go Content Creators

17 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
SmallRig has launched a new product, the SmallRig RC60B LED, targeting content creators who require portable lighting solutions. The RC60B LED is lightweight, weighing 650g without a reflector, and features a built-in battery capable of reaching 11200lux. It is designed for both studio and on-location work, with a price tag of $199. The LED offers professional color fidelity with adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K and high color rendering indexes. It requires an external power bank or PD adapter for full power output and includes a clamp for attaching a power bank. The product was announced at IBC 2023 and is now available for purchase.

Sports Lens by Jose Antunes - ProVideo Coalition

16 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
SIGMA Corporation of America has announced the release of the SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG DN OS | Sports lens, designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras and compatible with Sony E-mount and Leica L-Mount. The lens is touted for its high-speed autofocus, effective optical stabilization, and superior optical performance, catering to professional needs across various photography genres. It features dust and splash-proof construction, a lightweight design with magnesium and TSC materials, and a new optical stabilization algorithm. The lens is particularly noted for its minimal focus breathing, making it suitable for video applications. It will be available for purchase at $1,499 USD starting December 7, 2023, through authorized SIGMA retailers.

Fantom Drives Unveils VENOMX NVMe SSDs for High-Performance Storage

15 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Fantom Drives has announced the launch of their new NVMe solid state drive series, VENOMX, which includes the VENOMX 1TB and VENOMX 2TB models. These drives offer significant speed improvements, being 45 times faster than standard hard drives, and are designed for high-throughput applications such as gaming, virtual reality, and video production. The VENOMX SSDs utilize 3D NAND technology and provide read/write speeds up to 5100/2600MB/s. They are compatible with the latest PCIe 4.0 devices and are backward compatible with older generations of PCIe. The drives also feature advanced technologies like dynamic caching, TRIM support, and AES 256-bit encryption. Fantom Drives emphasizes the reliability of these drives with up to 1500TBW endurance and a 5-year warranty. The CEO of Fantom Drives, Hamid Khorsandi, has highlighted the performance standard set by the VENOMX line.

Samsung’s new portable drive offers faster speeds, more durability and higher reliability than external hard disk drives

15 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Samsung Electronics America has introduced the T5 EVO Portable SSD, a new addition to its lineup of portable solid-state drives. The T5 EVO offers up to 8TB of storage, making it the largest capacity USB portable SSD on the market. It is designed for users transitioning from HDDs to SSDs, providing faster data transfer speeds, increased durability, and higher reliability. The T5 EVO features USB 3.2 Gen 1 technology, allowing data transfer speeds up to 3.8 times faster than external HDDs. It is compatible with various operating systems and devices, and includes Samsung Magician software for drive management. The drive also supports AES 256-bit hardware encryption and comes with Samsung's Dynamic Thermal Guard technology. It is available in various capacities with prices ranging from $189.99 to $649.99 and includes a three-year limited warranty.

OPPO and Hasselblad Promise to Revolutionize Smartphone Photography

14 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
OPPO has announced a partnership with Hasselblad to develop the next generation of HyperTone Camera Systems for smartphones, aiming to revolutionize computational photography. This collaboration, which began in 2022 after Hasselblad's previous partnership with Huawei ended, is set to introduce new imaging standards in OPPO's future Find series flagships. The HyperTone Camera System includes features like the All Main Camera System, HyperTone Image Engine, and HyperTone ProXDR Display. OPPO emphasizes an aesthetic approach to mobile imaging, integrating technology and aesthetics for enhanced image quality. The partnership also introduces Hasselblad Portrait Mode, offering advanced portrait photography effects. The new technology is expected to be available in 2024, and while technical details are provided, the practical impact on smartphone photography remains to be fully explained.

Spyder Checkr Video: a color reference tool for video by Jose Antunes

12 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Datacolor has launched the Spyder Checkr Video, a color reference chart designed for use with video vectorscopes, waveform monitors, and professional video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premier, and Final Cut Pro. The system includes a patent-pending Color Pattern Card that provides a pattern of hues at two saturation levels for precise color calibration. It also comes with additional cards for white balance, exposure, and focus adjustments, all housed in a user-friendly case. The product aims to streamline the post-production workflow by ensuring accurate color and exposure from the start of shooting. The Spyder Checkr Video is available for purchase at $129.99 and is seen as a valuable tool for professional videographers, hybrid photographers/videographers, and content creators.

DxO PureRAW 3.7 now manages Lightroom Collections directly by Jose Antunes

09 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
DxO Labs has released DxO PureRAW 3.7, an update to its software that enhances lens and camera performance. The new version features improved integration with Adobe Lightroom, allowing users to manage Lightroom Collections directly within PureRAW. The software is praised for its advanced RAW processing algorithms, including DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD for noise reduction and demosaicing. DxO PureRAW 3.7 also offers lens softness correction, distortion correction, and chromatic aberration elimination. It is compatible with other photo editing software like Photoshop, Capture One Pro, and Affinity Photo. The update is available for $/€ 129, with discounts for owners of previous versions, and a free trial is offered.

Immersive Tech Week 2023: Church of VR to Showcase Groundbreaking XR Storytelling

08 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The Church of VR, as part of Immersive Tech Week organized by VRDays Foundation, is set to redefine immersive storytelling with its 2023 program. The event will feature 12 premieres, including World, European, and Dutch debuts of various XR experiences. The Church of VR has been a leader in XR storytelling since 2015, offering innovative and creative narratives. This year's lineup includes finalists from the AIXR VR Awards, Unity Award nominees, and Venice Immersive winners. The experiences are primarily VR with 6 degrees of freedom, requiring a VR headset. The event will take place from November 29th to December 1st at de Doelen in Rotterdam and is open to various pass holders, including those attending EuroXR 2023. The article emphasizes the uniqueness and innovation of the upcoming immersive experiences.

New Spyder X2 Print Studio and Spyder X2 Photo Studio kits from Datacolor by Jose Antunes

08 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Datacolor, a leader in color management solutions, has launched two new kits for photographers: the Spyder X2 Print Studio and the Spyder X2 Photo Studio. These kits provide tools for color accuracy and consistency from image capture to display, and include products like the Spyder Cube, Spyder X2 Ultra, Spyder LensCal, and Spyder Checkr. The Spyder X2 Print Studio also offers tools for optimizing print results. Both kits are available at a $100 discount until November 18, 2023, as a special introductory offer. The Photo Studio kit is priced at $299.99, down from $399.99, and the Print Studio kit is available for $399.99, reduced from $499.99. Casey Krugman, Product Manager at Datacolor, emphasized the efficiency and quality enhancements these kits provide to photographers. The kits are available through Datacolor, Amazon, and other authorized retailers.

Sony celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its Alpha mirrorless and full-frame camera series

08 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Sony is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its Alpha mirrorless and full-frame camera series with the introduction of the Alpha 9 III and the G Master 300mm f/2.8 lens. The Alpha 9 III features the world's first full-frame global shutter sensor, capable of shooting at 120 fps with no blackout and synchronizing flash at any shutter speed up to 1/80000. The camera also offers advanced autofocus with AI, 4K 120p high-frame-rate video without cropping, and a new image processing engine. Sony's focus on innovation is evident in the Alpha 9 III's features, such as the 24.6-megapixel sensor, Real-time Recognition AF, 8.0 stops of in-body image stabilization, and high-speed workflow capabilities. The camera and accessories will be available for pre-order on November 8, 2023, with the camera priced at $5,999.99 USD and the lens at $5999.99 USD.

Mining for Tritium is my next goal

05 Nov 2023  |  medium.com
The article discusses an eBook that details the experiences of three Commanders, and the author's alternate characters, in a space exploration expedition within a game. The author describes how assigning different tasks to each Commander, such as exobiology, archaeology, and planetary investigation, adds an element of role-playing and helps to keep the gameplay engaging. The author expresses an interest in expanding this gameplay approach by including mining for Tritium, a resource needed to power the Fleet Carrier in the game, as a new activity. Although the author acknowledges that mining may not be the most thrilling task, it is seen as a way to diversify the in-game experience and extend the time players can spend exploring space.

ISOCELL GNK: a new era of smartphone camera experience by Jose Antunes

04 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Samsung has introduced a new 50MP image sensor, the ISOCELL GNK, featuring Dual Pixel Pro and advanced HDR technology, marking the beginning of a new era in smartphone camera experiences. The ISOCELL GNK is designed to capture highly dynamic scenes with up to 14-bit color depth and promises ultra-fast autofocus, a feature that has been a weak point in Samsung smartphones. The sensor includes two photodiodes per pixel for quick focusing on moving objects and supports 8K video recording at 30fps. It also boasts pro-grade low light photography capabilities through pixel binning and staggered HDR technology. The ISOCELL GNK is expected to be included in smartphones launching in 2024, such as the anticipated S24 series.

Skybound Entertainment Revives the Legendary Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation

04 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Skybound Entertainment has announced the revival of the iconic Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation, which was a significant platform for animators from its establishment in 1977 until the early 2000s. The festival is known for showcasing a mix of emerging and established animation talent. Submissions for short films are now open, with the first window being free for 60 days starting November 4, 2023. The relaunch includes plans to distribute content digitally, forge new partnerships, and potentially rejuvenate or create new content based on the festival's library. The festival has been influential in the animation industry, helping launch the careers of notable creators like Pete Doctor, Mike Judge, and Nick Park. Skybound aims to maintain the festival's original spirit while introducing it to a wider audience through digital platforms.

Blackmagic Cloud Store Models Now at New Lower Prices

01 Nov 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Blackmagic Design has announced new lower prices for its Blackmagic Cloud Store models, aiming to make it more affordable to share large media files globally. The price reduction is a result of improved manufacturing processes. The Cloud Store models, including the Mini 8TB, 20TB, and 80TB versions, are designed to handle the large media files typically used in Hollywood feature films. They feature advanced flash memory and support for Dropbox and Google Drive live sync, allowing for fast local file access even with lower cost internet connections. The devices are designed for collaboration among editors, colorists, audio engineers, and VFX artists, with the internal memory core capable of saturating 10G Ethernet ports for multiple users. The Cloud Store models are now available at prices starting from US$1,645.

Updated Insta360 Ace Pro gets 360 Horizon Lock

01 Nov 2023  |  www.provideocoalition.com
The latest firmware update for the Insta360 Ace Pro action camera introduces in-camera 360º Horizon Lock, enhanced audio, support for more Bluetooth devices, improved underwater capture, new battery level display, and low light enhancements. The update also includes various optimizations such as Clarity Zoom in Burst Photo, improved anti-flickering, and pre-recording for PureVideo. The firmware is available for download via the Insta360 website and app.

Orion Video System: Turn Your iPad into a Portable HDMI Display

30 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Lux Entertainment and Optics Inc. has introduced the Orion Video System, a software application that transforms an iPad into a portable HDMI display for cameras and other devices. The free Orion app allows the iPad to serve as an external HDMI display, while the paid Orion Pro version offers additional features such as video brightness adjustment for a one-time fee of $5. The idea for Orion was inspired by Apple's announcement of external-webcam support in iOS 17. The team behind the popular camera app Halide experimented with this feature and discovered that USB-C capture cards could enable the iPad to display output from any HDMI device. The development of Orion took 45 days, and it was released just as iPadOS 17 was launched and shortly before the iPhone 15's release. Orion is also capable of connecting to game consoles, computers, and other HDMI-capable devices, offering a convenient and portable display solution.

Samsung's 200MP ISOCELL HP2 Sensor and the Future of Smartphone Photography

29 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses the advancements in smartphone camera technology, focusing on Samsung's new 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor and its capabilities. Samsung has introduced ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace and E2E AI Remosaic Solutions, enhancing the zoom and image quality in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The article contrasts Samsung's approach to high-megapixel sensors with Sony's preference for 50MP sensors. It also mentions Xiaomi's new 14 Pro with HyperOS and Leica cameras, noting the shift from a 1-inch sensor to a smaller one. Samsung's new technologies allow for better zoom in photos and videos without losing resolution, and the company is also showcasing its next-generation Exynos 2400 processor. The advancements are expected to be featured in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series, although the current images are for illustrative purposes only.

Leica M11-P: first camera to feature Content Authenticity data by Jose Antunes

28 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Leica Camera AG has launched the Leica M11-P, the world's first camera capable of storing metadata at the point of capture to ensure the authenticity of digital images. The camera, available in black and silver versions, retails at $9,195 and features Content Credentials technology to combat misinformation and provide verifiable proof of the origin of images. The Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), co-founded by Adobe in 2019, supports this technology, and the CAI's Head of Advocacy and Education, Santiago Lyon, has praised Leica's innovation. The camera includes a special chipset for storing digital certificates and omits the iconic red Leica dot for discretion. The M11-P also boasts a 60 MP BSI CMOS sensor, Triple Resolution Technology, and a large internal memory, reinforcing Leica's commitment to photojournalism and the documentation of world events.

Sphere Las Vegas Wins Prestigious HPA Award for Innovation

28 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Sphere, a next-generation entertainment venue in Las Vegas, has been awarded the Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation by the HPA Awards for 2023. The Sphere Experience, which includes U2's residency and Darren Aronofsky’s film 'Postcard from Earth', offers a new genre of live entertainment with immersive technologies. U2 has added 11 new shows for January & February 2024, emphasizing their history of embracing innovative live performance technology. Sphere features the world's largest spherical structure with advanced audio-visual systems, including a 16K LED screen and a concert-grade audio system by HOLOPLOT. The HPA Awards gala, where the award will be presented, is scheduled for November 28 at the Television Academy’s Wolf Theater, with tickets available online. The event is supported by various sponsors, including Blackmagic Design and Adobe.

Wacom expands Cintiq Pro product line by Jose Antunes

28 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Wacom has expanded its Cintiq Pro line with the introduction of the Cintiq Pro 17 and Cintiq Pro 22, which join the Cintiq Pro 27. These new models feature advanced technology such as color-accurate displays capable of producing 1.07 billion colors, a 120Hz refresh rate, and the customizable Pro Pen 3. The Cintiq Pro 22 has a 21.5” screen, while the Cintiq Pro 17 has a 17.3” display, both offering 4K resolution and extensive color coverage including 100% Rec. 709 and 99% DCI-P3. They are also Pantone Validated and support HDR video content editing. Developed in collaboration with professionals in creative fields, these pen displays aim to meet the high standards of artists, game designers, and video producers. The Cintiq Pro 17 and 22 are available for purchase in the US and Canada, with prices starting at $2,499.95 and $3,379.95 CAD respectively.

bebob Launches Versatile New Adapter for Vmicro Batteries

27 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The Munich-based battery manufacturer bebob has introduced a new product, the Coco-Vmicro2, which is a two-channel adapter plate designed for Vmicro batteries. This adapter is particularly useful for minimally equipped cine cameras like the new Sony Burano. It allows for continuous camera operation through its Hotswap function, enabling battery replacement without interruption. The Coco-Vmicro2 also serves as a junction box with multiple outputs for accessories and can be used as a charging station with its integrated D-Tap connector. It supports various battery capacities and provides a range of outputs for different accessories. The product is available for purchase at a retail price of 990 Euros.

The Ultimate YoloBox Experience: YoloBox Ultra Announced

26 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
YoloLiv has introduced the YoloBox Ultra, a new device that serves as an encoder, switcher, monitor, recorder, and streaming studio. It is capable of 4K streaming using H.264 and H.265 codecs and can stream to three horizontal platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, or two vertical platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The device was first showcased at IBC 2023 and is set to be available in November. It features a touchscreen display, HDMI output, recording capabilities, and can combine up to five Internet sources for a stable connection. The YoloBox Ultra also has a built-in battery and supports multistreaming to various platforms.

Puget Systems partners with Vū to demonstrate Vū One at NAB New York

25 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Puget Systems has partnered with Vū to showcase the Vū One, a turnkey virtual production solution, at NAB New York. Vū One, powered by Puget Systems, is designed to offer an affordable and sophisticated virtual production workflow. Puget Systems has been chosen by Vū as the exclusive media server provider due to their expertise in high-performance systems for virtual production. The demonstration at NAB NY will feature a live connection to a Vū studio in Orlando, Florida, showcasing the ability to manage virtual production stages remotely. The media server is built with AMD Threadripper PRO processors and NVIDIA RTX A-series graphics cards, optimized for virtual production tasks. Puget Systems has also released a report detailing the best CPU and GPU configurations for virtual production, providing valuable insights for industry professionals.

Maxon at NAB New York 2023 by Jose Antunes

25 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Maxon, a developer of professional software solutions for various creators, is showcasing its latest product updates at NAB New York 2023. The event, held at the Javits Center in New York City from October 24-26, features Maxon's portfolio including Cinema 4D, Forger, Red Giant tools, Redshift renderer, and ZBrush. Maxon's CEO, David McGavran, highlights the opportunity for attendees to learn from talented presenters and explore the power of Maxon One tools. The company also offers a free registration code for the event and will stream presentations on its YouTube channel.

PlayBox Neo Showcases Full Suite of Broadcast Solutions at NAB New York

24 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
PlayBox Neo, a provider of media playout solutions, is showcasing its full suite of modular playout solutions at the NAB New York show. The company's products, including the AirBox Neo-20 playout and IP streaming system, TitleBox Neo-20, Capture Suite, ProductionAirBox Neo-20, and Media Gateway, are designed to cater to broadcasters' needs for channel playout management, live production, and media delivery. Van Duke, Director of U.S. Operations at PlayBox Neo, highlights the recent interest from U.S. broadcasters and the company's hybrid system that supports both SDI and IP. The NAB New York show, which runs from October 24-26 at the Javits Center, is an opportunity for PlayBox Neo to demonstrate their latest innovations and connect with industry professionals.

100 Years of Warner Bros: A Cinematic Journey Through the Studio's History

24 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses the documentary '100 Years of Warner Bros.', a four-part docuseries that traces the history of Warner Bros. Studios. It features interviews with various industry professionals and blends these with historic movie clips. The documentary was filmed using ZEISS CP.3 Prime and CZ.2 Cinema Zoom lenses paired with a Sony FX9 camera to achieve a classical look that complements the Warner Bros. films. Cinematographer Jonathan Ingalls aimed to create a cohesive cinematic style for the series, which premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2023. The article highlights the technical aspects of the filmmaking process, including the choice of lenses and the advantage of having access to Warner Bros. Studios' resources.

Cine Gear Expo 2024 Film Series Now Open for Submissions

23 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The Cine Gear Expo 2024 Film Series is calling for submissions with an early deadline of October 31, 2023. The Expo, which showcases the latest in cinema technology and offers networking opportunities, will have events in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta throughout 2024. Filmmakers can enter their work in various categories such as Commercials/Music Videos, Independent Short Films, and Student Films. Winners will receive a production prize package and tickets to the VIP Party and awards ceremony. Student filmmakers must provide proof of current or recent enrollment. Submission deadlines extend into early 2024, with more information available on the Cine Gear Expo website and FilmFreeway.

Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: setting 50 MP as a standard for sensors by Jose Antunes

19 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses the launch of Google's new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, emphasizing their camera capabilities. The Pixel 8 Pro features a triple camera system with 50 MP sensors, including a wide, telephoto, and ultrawide lens, while the Pixel 8 has a 50 MP main camera and a 12 MP ultrawide camera. The article compares Google's camera technology with other smartphone brands like Xiaomi, HONOR, vivo, Huawei, and Sony, noting the industry trend towards 50 MP sensors. Google's new models also boast AI-powered editing features and Pro Controls for more creative photography. The Pixel 8 Pro is set to receive a Video Boost feature later in the year for enhanced video quality. The article focuses on the technical aspects of the cameras and the impact of AI on photography, rather than the phones' other features.

Video gaming is more than something kids play. Adults do play too, but they are also involved with the other side of videogaming: the live broadcasts and virtual events associated with gaming. And more…

18 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
The article discusses Tencent Games' CDD Virtual Studio, the only virtual studio in China with VP and XR dual-system automatic switching capability. It highlights the studio's use of Brompton Technology LED video processing and AOTO LED screens. The studio, established by Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group's Content Development Department, focuses on esports broadcasts, virtual events, and press conferences. The studio's technical manager, Nornor Chen, emphasizes their exploration of new applications in various sectors. The article also covers the studio's role in producing the CF 14th Anniversary Celebration and external events like the OPPO Watch3 Series Launch. Additionally, it mentions the studio's involvement in shooting car chase scenes for Tencent's interactive film and game project, Chenhun Line, using LED virtual production technology. Brompton Technology's Director of APAC Operations, Elijah Ebo, expresses confidence in the studio's future technological advancements.

Final Pixel and CUBE Studio team up to launch an accessible virtual production offering, designed for UK brands and creative agencies.

18 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Final Pixel and CUBE Studio have collaborated to launch Content Factory, a virtual production package aimed at UK brands and creative agencies. The package offers a comprehensive set of services including a library of virtual backgrounds, camera, lighting, crew, props, and post-production facilities. Hosted at CUBE Studio's advanced virtual production studio, Content Factory is designed to make virtual production more accessible and cost-effective, allowing creators to produce multiple campaigns in a single day. The initiative also emphasizes sustainability by reducing crew sizes and travel. Hanah Draper of Final Pixel and James Hakesley of CUBE Studio both highlight the democratization and creative potential of virtual production through this new offering.

Remote post production is becoming the norm

17 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Secret Weapon Studios has developed PostHero, a remote post-production solution that integrates with Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve software and hardware. PostHero is designed to facilitate real-time collaboration among dispersed post-production teams. The platform was recently used in an unscripted series for a major streaming provider, demonstrating its capability to streamline production and post processes while saving money. The post team, consisting of nine remote members, utilized Blackmagic Cloud Store and Cloud Store Minis for media sharing and synchronization. The producers experienced efficient, real-time collaboration without the need for physical media shipping or project file emailing. Greg Olliver, founder and CEO of Secret Weapon Studios, emphasized the benefits of their solution in modernizing post-production workflows and reducing logistical challenges.

Memnon Marks 20 Years of Preserving Cultural Heritage as Founder Michel Merten Steps Down

17 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Memnon, a global content preservation and migration services provider, celebrates its 20th anniversary while bidding farewell to its founder, Michel Merten. The company, originally a music production studio called Musica Numeris, shifted focus to archiving after Merten was inspired by a lecture on asset deterioration. Memnon has digitized over 4 million hours of content, including projects for the British Library, Danish Radio, the United Nations, and Indiana University. Merten is stepping down as Director of Business Development to work on passion projects in Africa but will continue to influence the industry. Memnon's CEO, Heidi Shakespeare, praises Merten's contributions and looks forward to continuing the company's mission of making archives immortal, with a focus on large-scale audio-visual archiving and developing expertise in the workforce.

Wooden Camera Announces Elite Accessory System for RED KOMODO-X

16 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Wooden Camera has announced the pre-order availability of their Elite Accessory System for the RED KOMODO-X camera. This system includes a range of new and optimized accessories designed to enhance the camera's functionality for cinema setups. The article details the various components of the system, such as the ARCA Baseplate, Cage System, Ultra Handle System, D-Box, and Side Grips, each with specific features to support filmmakers in building a comprehensive rig. Dominick Aiello and Greg Smokler of Wooden Camera provide insights into the design philosophy and the modular nature of the system, which aims to maintain the camera's compactness while offering robust rigging options.

FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch now support Apple LOG for the iPhone 15 Pro

13 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
FilmConvert has introduced a new camera profile for the iPhone 15 Pro, following its previous support for the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro features advanced camera and recording options, including the ability to shoot 10-Bit ProRes LOG video. FilmConvert's software, including FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch, now supports this functionality, allowing users to enhance color accuracy and match film footage. The new camera profile can be accessed through the internal Camera Pack Downloader in the latest version of the FilmConvert plugin. CineMatch users are also encouraged to download the latest plugin version for improved features.

Other World Computing Announces New Atlas CFexpress 4.0 Memory Cards

13 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Other World Computing (OWC) has announced the launch of new Atlas Pro and Ultra CFexpress 4.0 memory cards, which offer double the speed of the previous CFexpress 2.0 cards. These cards are also backward compatible with older CFA 2.0 PCIe Gen 3 hosts. OWC is providing a unique opportunity for owners of the previous generation Atlas Pro Ultra 1TB or 2TB CFexpress cards to upgrade to the new 4.0 speeds for free using OWC's Innergize app. This upgrade will nearly double the read/write speeds of the cards. The new Atlas CFexpress 4.0 cards will be available in October, with prices ranging from $169.99 for the 256GB model to $999.99 for the 2TB model. The Innergize software is available for download to upgrade eligible memory cards to the new specification.

Varnish Software helps broadcasters optimize energy consumption by Jose Antunes

12 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Varnish Software, in collaboration with Intel and Supermicro, has announced new benchmarks for energy efficiency in content delivery, particularly for live-linear and Video on Demand (VOD) services. The benchmarks, which show significant performance and power efficiency, were achieved using Intel Xeon CPU-based servers and are detailed in a whitepaper by Intel. The whitepaper discusses the growing CDN services market, expected to reach $105.5 billion by 2032, and the importance of energy efficiency in this sector. It also highlights the environmental impact of video streaming and the need for CDN service providers to reduce energy consumption. The benchmarks were achieved using Varnish Enterprise 6.0 software on Supermicro servers without specialized TLS offload cards, demonstrating the potential for high efficiency with commercially available technology.

Ulanzi Unveils New MagSafe-Compatible Filter Kit for Smartphones

09 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Ulanzi has introduced a new collection of magnetic filters designed for smartphones with MagSafe functionality, targeting iPhone 15 users but also compatible with other brands. The Ulanzi 52mm MagFilter Magnetic Filter Kit includes six different types of filters and an adapter ring, all stackable except for the variable ND filter. The kit is available for pre-order at a discounted price of $159.95. The filters are made from German optical glass and promise high-quality results. The journalist has expressed skepticism based on past experiences with similar products and is awaiting confirmation from Ulanzi about compatibility with the Samsung S22 Ultra. The article also mentions a Samsung filter holder for the Galaxy S22/S21 series that has not been widely released, which the journalist is interested in as an alternative to using DSLR filters.

A new PTZ camera, the Laia Broadcaster 30X by Jose Antunes

07 Oct 2023  |  provideocoalition.com
Laia, a Spanish manufacturer of professional audiovisual technology, has introduced a new model to its PTZ camera lineup, the Broadcaster 30X. This new camera, which was showcased at Infocomm 2023 in Orlando, is part of Laia's expansion into the Latin American market. The Broadcaster 30X features a 30X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom, a 1/2.8" CMOS sensor, 1080P60 resolution, and full integration with HDMI, SDI, LAN, and CVBS. It supports NDI HX2 and SRT protocols, has an advanced autofocus algorithm, and offers low noise with high SNR. The camera is compatible with various streaming and production software platforms and is marketed exclusively through professional integration channels. Laia also offers the Laia Broadcaster SaBbio, a comprehensive AV production tool with intuitive software for production, recording, and streaming.

Dell reveals professional 40-inch 5K monitor ahead of CES 2024

05 Oct 2023  |  www.provideocoalition.com
Dell Technologies introduces the Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U4025QW), the world's first 40-inch 5K monitor certified for five-star eye comfort, ahead of CES 2024. The monitor features a 99% DCI-P3 color space, TUV Rheinland five-star eye comfort certification, and advanced connectivity options including Thunderbolt 4. Dell also unveils a smaller model, the UltraSharp 34 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U3425WE), both of which are made from sustainable materials and will be available globally starting February 27, 2024.

New Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip supports 4.3K per eye

01 Oct 2023  |  www.provideocoalition.com
Qualcomm has introduced the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 Platform, a single chip architecture that supports 4.3K spatial computing at 90 frames per second, enhancing visual clarity for both work and play. The new chip, an improved version of the XR2 Gen 2, offers higher GPU and CPU frequencies and supports 12 or more concurrent cameras with powerful on-device AI. Companies like Samsung, Google, HTC Vive, Immersed, and Play for Dream are developing new VR products utilizing this chip, with some expected to debut at CES 2024. The chip aims to deliver immersive entertainment, life-size overlays, and room-scale infinite desktop experiences, supported by ultra-fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

A virtual visit to the Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas that leads you through its unique architecture and briefly glances at the interior and daily life of the Museum. Go and discover yourself this unique repository of Roman Age artifacts. The museum is on the long and winding road from medieval Sintra to the fishing village of Ericeira, on the Atlantic Coast, in Portugal. The video was created for the Museum, one of multiple videos created for them.


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