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José Carlos Gomes

Luanda, Angola
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About José
José Carlos Gomes is a fixer for media events
As a fixer I provide services to help media companies and its teams setting up in Luanda. 
With privileged contacts with hotels and venues my expertise relies on guaranteeing a smooth stay in Angola's capital, making sure your event succeeds. 
Also, I can put media players in touch, if requested.
As an event organizer I can also prepare team building events, tailored according to your requests and budget, so your Luanda experience can be one of a kind.
English Portuguese
Entertainment & Celebrity Food & Drink Media Training


How Brands Can Better Collaborate With Retailers During And After The Pandemic

15 Sep 2020  |  Forbes
The article discusses strategies for brands to collaborate with retailers during the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of customer data and insights. It outlines five key areas for collaboration, including encouraging winning trips, capitalizing on full shops, leveraging the rise of food at home, retaining and regaining shoppers, and reinvesting in data-driven retail media. The piece highlights the shift in consumer behavior due to Covid-19 and the need for brands and retailers to work together to meet changing consumer needs and maintain a win-win relationship.

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The article discusses the competitive landscape of the food retail industry, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer missions to gain a competitive edge. It highlights the erosion of grocery stores' market share and the rise of nontraditional competitors like convenience stores and food delivery services. The article advises food retailers to leverage customer data to understand their core competencies and craft strategies that address specific customer needs. Examples of successful convenience store chains like Wawa, QuikTrip, Sheetz, and KwikTrip are provided to illustrate effective customer mission strategies.

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29 Jan 2019  |  forbes.com
Food retailers, despite facing economic slowdown and competition from digital disruptors like Amazon and new discount chains, have found ways to focus on both short-term financial performance and long-term consumer engagement. Utilizing consumer data, improving vendor relationships, and adopting effective strategies are key tools for retailers to overcome fear and inertia. The article emphasizes the importance of making informed decisions based on customer knowledge to remain viable in the industry.

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The article discusses the ongoing retail revolution, emphasizing that it is not an apocalypse but a transformative period where winners and losers are yet to be determined. It outlines seven principles for retailers to thrive, including putting the customer first, focusing on value over price, understanding customer preferences, targeting investments, leveraging private labels, incorporating customer data science, and joining the revolution proactively. The article highlights the importance of customer data and adapting to changing consumer behaviors to succeed in the competitive retail landscape.

Putting The Customer First Is Good For Business

05 Mar 2018  |  forbes.com
Companies that genuinely prioritize their customers gain a competitive advantage that is not diminished by competitors who only pay lip service to the concept. Customer-first is a misunderstood but effective strategy, bolstered by the evolution of customer data and data science. In food retail, a highly competitive sector, focusing on customer metrics rather than traditional product-driven strategies leads to better profitability. Metrics such as incremental dollar profit and customer profitability are more aligned with customer loyalty. Retailers should consider customer profitability when investing in new channels like e-commerce, rather than relying solely on traditional P&L assessments. The availability of customer data and data science tools necessitates a deeper understanding of customer needs and the ROI of meeting those needs.

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