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Jose Chirinza

Beira, Mozambique
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About Jose
Jose Chirinza is a journalist based in Beira, Mozambique.

Lack of documents removes opportunities for thousands of residents in Gorongosa

10 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Over 100,000 residents of Gorongosa district in Mozambique's Sofala province lack access to education, income-generating initiatives, and social assistance due to missing identity documents lost during the political-military conflict between Mozambique's Defense Forces and Renamo. The district government acknowledges the severity of the situation and is collaborating with the justice sector to launch a free mass civil registration campaign. The lack of documents prevents residents from obtaining formal employment, benefiting from income-generating projects, and accessing government social benefits. Residents like Maria Ndapassoa and Tome José express frustration and despair over bureaucratic hurdles and the impact on their lives. The district administrator, Pedro Mussengue, emphasizes the urgent need for free registration, especially for children and adults in schools.

Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis Infects Thousands in Sofala

05 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
A hemorrhagic conjunctivitis outbreak in Sofala has infected over 600 healthcare professionals, more than 10,000 students, and hundreds of teachers, exacerbated by a shortage of medications. The education sector is significantly impacted, with school attendance dropping due to fear of contagion. Traditional treatments, some involving animal feces and urine, pose severe health risks. The outbreak, first detected in Beira, has spread to seven provinces, with recent health campaigns reducing daily infection rates. The Ministry of Health continues to monitor and address the situation.

About 18,000 Mozambican Families Struggle Against Hunger in Caia

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Approximately 18,000 households (89,000 people) in Caia district, Sofala province, central Mozambique, are facing food insecurity due to floods and Cyclone Freddy, which devastated 30,000 hectares of crops. Local administrator Nobre dos Santos reports that the population is receiving aid from the state and humanitarian organizations. Additionally, elephant populations have been destroying agricultural fields, exacerbating the food crisis.

Hospital Central da Beira: Patients demand government dialogue with striking doctors

10 Aug 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The strike by doctors, nurses, and medical technicians at Hospital Central da Beira in Sofala is causing significant disruption, leading patients to demand government intervention. The strikers are calling for better working conditions and fair wages under the new public sector salary structure. The hospital, which serves the provinces of Tete, Manica, and Sofala, is struggling to provide even minimal services, resulting in long queues, slow external consultations, and postponed surgeries. Patients and hospital staff are urging the government to engage in dialogue to resolve the situation. The director of the hospital, Nelson Mucopo, acknowledges the challenges but emphasizes efforts to mitigate the impact. The president of the Associação Médica de Moçambique, Milton Titia, warns of a complete shutdown of health services if government threats are realized.

Municipality of Beira without state funds

13 Jun 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Beira municipality in Mozambique, managed by the opposition party MDM, has not received investment and municipal compensation funds from the central government since October of the previous year. Francisco Majoi, the city's finance councilor, suggests political motives behind the non-disbursement of funds, which are essential for salary payments and development projects. The municipality is due to receive significant quarterly funds for investment and municipal compensation. The provincial finance and economy directorate of Sofala has been contacted for clarification, and the newly appointed Araujo Francisco José is yet to respond fully due to his recent induction.

Beira: Health Minister Wants to Dialogue with Strikers

01 Jun 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Health Minister of Mozambique, Armindo Tiago, expresses willingness to engage in dialogue with the Association of United Health Professionals of Mozambique (APSUSM) to address their concerns, which led to a national strike. The strike, initiated to demand better salaries, working conditions, and patient care, follows unsuccessful negotiation attempts. The Ministry of Health had previously refused to negotiate with APSUSM, citing non-recognition, but now sees dialogue as the best path forward.

Beira: Former transport workers intensify protest after five years without compensation

27 Mar 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Dozens of former workers of the now-defunct Empresa de Transporte Público da Beira (TPB), currently Transporte Municipal da Beira (TMB), protested in front of the Beira Municipal Council (CMB) building in Sofala, Mozambique, demanding compensation pending for five years. The protesters, tired of false promises, threatened a more forceful strike if not compensated within 15 days. Salvador Sampaio, a former worker, indicated readiness for drastic measures if dialogue fails. CMB President Albano Carig acknowledged the debt, estimated at 40 million meticais (about $627,000), and promised to start phased payments in January.

Mozambique: Road Accident Kills 17 People in Nhamatanda

25 Mar 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Seventeen people died and two were seriously injured in a road accident in the district of Nhamatanda, Sofala province, central Mozambique. The accident involved a mini-bus carrying 19 passengers, including three children, and a cargo truck transporting cement. The causes of the accident are still unknown, but overspeeding by the mini-bus, which lost control, is suspected. The victims died at the scene, and the injured were transferred to the Central Hospital of Beira after receiving initial treatment at the rural hospital of Nhamatanda.

President of Beira Municipal Assembly detained during march in honor of Azagaia

18 Mar 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Albano Carige, president of the Beira Municipal Assembly, was detained by police during a march honoring the late rapper Azagaia. The police's heavy-handed approach led to additional detentions and injuries, despite the peaceful nature of the protest. Social activist Wilker Dias expressed surprise and disappointment at the police's actions, suggesting political motivations behind the repression. Similar incidents occurred in Maputo and Chimoio, where police also disrupted marches. Azagaia, known for his critical stance against politicians and his socially conscious music, was mourned by many, with his funeral drawing large crowds and further police intervention.

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