Joseph Hammond

Joseph Hammond

Washington, United States of America

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Joseph Hammond

Joseph Hammond is freelance writer who has reported in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He has written for a number of publications including France 24, Radio Free Europe, International Business Times, Monocle Magazine, and the Economist. Hammond’s worked as Cairo correspondent for Radio Free Europe in 2011. He has also covered the Supreme Court, diplomatic conferences, Art Dubai,  soccer,  horse-racing and boxing events. He  worked as a consultant for the Oxford Business Group and NGOS.


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I was one of the last journalists to embed with the M23 guerrilla forces involved in the rebellion in the Eastern Congo before that group was attacked by United Nation's forces. At that time the rebels controlled a slice of the Congo roughly the size of Bahrain.


Reporting from Coptic protests in Egypt during the 2011 protests


Reporting from Somalia on oil issues



  • Waltz with Baashir an Interview with the President of Sudan

    Khartoum, Sudan Politics April 30 @ 12:00am

    I have an opportunity to interview the President of Sudan - Omar Baashir - who is under international sanctions from the ICC. I will press him about Darfur, the status of Christians, and continued instability in his country. I'm just looking for a big enough outlet which will get his side to... Read more

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