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About Josh
I have a decade of experience in broadcast journalism reporting and breaking news stories across North America on-air and for print. I am a full-time freelancer and excel at breaking news and feature reporting. I have a commanding on-air presence with the ability to lead viewers through the big story and the charisma to carry the lightest feature. I am social media savvy and have the metrics and statistics to prove it. I am a dual Canadian-US Citizen and a passionate storyteller.

You can view my resume at https://www.joshskurnikproductions.com/reporter-reel-and-resume

I am available for coverage in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. I have the ability to function as a "One Man Band" shooting my own stories and editing in Premier. I am able to conduct my own live-shots with a TVU. Equipment availability is subject to change and additional fees. I am also able to perform the duties of a field producer and fixer. Please contact me at ************ and *********@*******.com
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San Antonio parks fill up with campers ahead of Easter weekend

30 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Brackenridge Park in San Antonio was lively on Good Friday as people set up tents and campfires to celebrate the Easter weekend. The city lifted curfews in 10 parks, allowing families like the Rodriguez-Hernandez clan to camp out with extensive preparations. The tradition, deeply rooted in San Antonio culture, sees hundreds of residents enjoying food, companionship, and festivities. The Johnson family experienced their first Easter camping, learning the challenges of finding a spot. Curfews will be reinstated at 11 p.m. on Sunday.

David Robinson, college basketball all-stars hand out Easter baskets

29 Mar 2018  |  ksat.com
San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson, along with college basketball players, distributed Easter baskets to military members, veterans, and their families at San Antonio Military Medical Center. The event was part of the Final Four weekend activities and supported by the Wounded Warrior Project. The Hershey Co. donated candy for the 200 baskets. The event provided a welcome distraction for families like the Cunninghams, who have been dealing with recovery from injuries.

TxDOT using annual 'Click it or Ticket' campaign to save teen lives

29 Mar 2018  |  ksat.com
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is focusing on young drivers in its annual 'Teen Click it or Ticket' campaign to encourage seat belt use and reduce fatalities. Research indicates that new teen drivers are twice as likely to be involved in fatal crashes compared to adults. In 2016, 42% of teenagers killed in traffic crashes in Texas were not wearing seat belts. TxDOT has partnered with 'Teens in the Driver Seat' and is utilizing TV, radio ads, and social media to spread awareness, particularly in high schools. San Antonio is not among the top five cities with the highest number of teen crashes, which include Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and Beaumont.

Nirenberg wants Final Four fans to visit East Side

27 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Mayor Ron Nirenberg encourages Final Four visitors to explore San Antonio's East Side, highlighting ongoing investments and improvements in the area. Speaking at a quarterly breakfast with East Side business leaders, Nirenberg emphasized the importance of sustainable development and affordable housing to prevent displacement of vulnerable residents. He also mentioned efforts to secure federal funding and improve infrastructure in low-income areas, aiming to balance growth with community needs.

Driver flees scene after crashing Jeep into fence

27 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
San Antonio police are searching for a driver who abandoned a silver Jeep after crashing into a fence on Culebra Road early Tuesday morning. The vehicle hit a car port, went through a fence, and stopped in a home's front yard. The driver fled the scene, and no injuries have been reported. The search for the driver is ongoing.

Apartment resident claims fire extinguishers malfunctioned during fire

26 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
An apartment resident in San Antonio reported that four fire extinguishers failed to work during a grease fire, which fire officials confirmed were expired. The fire caused significant damage to the apartment, but no injuries were reported. The Red Cross is providing temporary housing for the affected family, and donations are being accepted by the apartment management.

The Big Give SA tops last year's totals as donation blitz ends overnight

23 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
The Big Give SA, a 24-hour donation drive organized by The Nonprofit Council, raised $5,075,000, surpassing last year's total but falling short of the $7 million goal. Basis Texas Schools raised the most funds with $238,000, followed by Tracysdogs and Great Hearts. Despite not meeting the target, the event was deemed a success, benefiting 614 nonprofits and charities.

The Big Give SA aims to raise $7 million

22 Mar 2018  |  ksat.com
The Big Give in San Antonio aims to raise a record $7 million for 610 nonprofit organizations through a digital, mobile campaign, moving away from previous years' phone bank approach. The Nonprofit Council, led by CEO Scott McAninch, has invested over $200,000 in media and marketing. By midday, donations were averaging $200,000 an hour. HIS BridgeBuilders, an education nonprofit coordinated by Sandra Fechner, is hopeful to receive $35,000 in donations to support their services, including homework help, free computer access, and distribution of food and clothes.

Government Canyon State Natural Area open every day during Spring Break

15 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Government Canyon State Natural Area in San Antonio is open every day during Spring Break, offering 40 miles of hiking and biking trails, a new nature playscape, and accessible dinosaur tracks. The park, usually open four days a week, extends its hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. during this period. Despite camping being fully booked, day trips are encouraged, with a $6 entry fee for adults and free admission for children under 13. Visitors are advised to arrive early as the park can reach capacity by 10 a.m.

AMBER ALERT UPDATE: 2 SA toddlers found safe in Florida; suspect in custody

15 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
The mother and her two children, who were the subjects of an Amber Alert, were found safe in Panama City, Florida. Leslie Hernandez, the mother, was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service after initially resisting arrest. The children are unharmed and in the custody of Child Protective Services. Hernandez faces charges of injury to the elderly and interference with child custody. The abduction followed an alleged assault on a relative in San Antonio, after which Hernandez took the relative's SUV and fled with her children.

Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo offers guests an up close animal experience

14 Mar 2018  |  ksat.com
The Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo in New Braunfels offers a more intimate experience due to its smaller size. The zoo features a 14-foot Albino Bernese Python named Hercules and provides interactive activities every half-hour during Spring Break. It has been accredited and modernized since its 1967 opening as a roadside attraction, now housing over 500 animals and including a petting zoo, jaguar exhibit, and white lions. Admission is $10 for children and $13 for adults.

Sea World Aquatica's newest ride, the Taumata Racer, to open Saturday

09 Mar 2018  |  ksat.com
Sea World Aquatica in San Antonio is set to open its newest ride, the Taumata Racer, on Saturday, just in time for Spring Break. The ride features a 180-degree turn, a tunnel, and a 375-foot drop, with the race concluding in under ten seconds. It has a minimum height requirement of 42 inches, making it accessible for most family members. The ride is named after a hill in New Zealand and represents a Maori word that translates to a phrase about a man named Tamatea playing his flute to his loved one.

Man steals $3700 worth of jewelry from NE Side pawn shop, police say

07 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
San Antonio police reported that Antonio Delgado, 48, stole 11 gold rings worth approximately $3700 from Cash America Pawn on Austin Highway. Surveillance footage captured Delgado taking the jewelry while employees were distracted. The pawn shop manager identified Delgado as the suspect since he had provided his driver's license earlier that day.

Remembering Battle of the Alamo 182 years later

06 Mar 2018  |  www.ksat.com
The Battle of the Alamo, which occurred 182 years ago, was commemorated in San Antonio with a re-enactment and various events. The observance highlighted the sacrifice of the fighters, including James Bowie and Davy Crockett, and drew a large crowd. Participants, including members of the San Antonio Living History Association, expressed their admiration for the historical significance of the event. The commemoration also held personal significance for attendees, such as a couple who got engaged at the Alamo.

Gunfire from deputy-involved shooting hits neighbor's home

28 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Bexar County deputies responded to a call about a suicidal man, leading to a shooting where the man was injured but survived. During the incident, bullets hit a neighbor's home, causing no injuries. The deputies involved have been placed on administrative leave. The neighbor expressed relief that her family was unharmed.

Two former high-ranking Bandidos on trial in federal court

27 Feb 2018  |  ksat.com
Former Bandidos president Jeffery Pike and vice president John Portillo are on trial facing 13 federal counts, including murder, attempted murder, and drug trafficking. Prosecutors allege they ran an international criminal organization from Texas, while defense attorneys argue the Bandidos is a loosely-organized, nonprofit social club. The trial has heightened security measures and is unrelated to the 2015 Waco shootout legal actions.

2 men sought in shooting outside NE Side Denny's restaurant, police say

23 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
San Antonio police are searching for two men involved in a shooting outside a Denny's restaurant on the Northeast Side, which resulted in an 18-year-old victim being hospitalized. The incident, partially captured on surveillance video, occurred after the victim argued with the suspects, leading to him being shot in the leg. The victim sought help at a nearby 7-Eleven store and was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center. Police reported that the victim was uncooperative in identifying the suspects.

SwRI presents current research on various science, technology topics

20 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Scientists at the Southwest Research Institute presented their latest research at the 70th annual meeting, covering topics from the search for alien life to the origins of the solar system. Key projects include the New Horizons satellite's mission to the Kuiper Belt and potential future missions to Saturn's moon Enceladus to study hydrothermal vents for signs of life. The research underscores the institute's significant contributions to space exploration and scientific discovery.

Superintendent wants SAISD to be district that 'defies the odds'

17 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Pedro Martinez, the superintendent of the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD), highlighted the district's improvements and challenges during his tenure at the State of the District breakfast. He emphasized new programs, college preparation efforts, and the goal to defy odds by increasing college attendance and graduation rates. Martinez acknowledged the financial struggles due to the high poverty rates among students and the lack of funding from the city and county. Despite these challenges, he remains committed to achieving a 100% high school graduation rate and having 80% of students pursue higher education by 2020.

More than 500 units of blood donated in 48 hours for 7-year-old battling cancer

17 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
The San Antonio community responded overwhelmingly to a call for blood donations for 7-year-old Dev Reddy, who is battling acute childhood leukemia and requires the rare O-negative blood type. The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center organized a two-day blood drive, collecting 521 units of blood. Dev has used more than 330 blood products since his diagnosis, highlighting the critical need for donations.

First new nonstop flight from SA to Philadelphia takes off

15 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
The first American Airlines nonstop daily service from San Antonio to Philadelphia commenced, marking a significant milestone for San Antonio International Airport. This new route addresses the previously underserved demand for direct flights to Philadelphia, benefiting business travelers and the 120,000 annual passengers on this route. The airport has expanded its services to 44 nonstop destinations, adding 21 new flights in the past two years, reflecting strategic growth and economic support.

7-year-old boy with cancer, rare blood type, in desperate need of donors

15 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
A 7-year-old boy named Dev Reddy from San Antonio, diagnosed with acute childhood leukemia, urgently needs O-negative blood donations due to the rarity of his blood type. The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is organizing a two-day blood drive, supported by family friends and the community. USAA is also hosting a blood drive in his honor. The article highlights the critical need for blood donations, especially O-negative, and the efforts of various stakeholders to support Dev.

House fire caused by squatter using 2 propane stoves, fire officials say

15 Feb 2018  |  KSAT
A squatter using two propane stoves in an empty home caused a fire just east of downtown San Antonio. The fire, reported before 4 a.m. on Chestnut Street, was extinguished in five minutes with no one inside at the time. The stoves, left on by the absent squatter, ignited nearby clothes, resulting in $10,000 in damages. An extension cord from the neighboring house, providing power, may have also contributed to the fire.

Local doctor answers questions on how to successfully fight the flu

07 Feb 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Dr. Sebrina Perkins from the Methodist Children's Hospital Emergency Department provides practical advice on flu prevention, emphasizing the importance of avoiding shared surfaces, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining good personal hygiene. She highlights the significance of a balanced diet, hydration, and rest in boosting the body's ability to fight off the flu. The article underscores the need for vigilance in common areas like offices and break rooms to minimize the risk of flu transmission.

UTSA 'Dreamer' anxiously awaits State of the Union address

31 Jan 2018  |  www.ksat.com
UTSA student Andrea Ramos Fernandez, a DACA recipient, eagerly anticipates President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address, focusing on his stance on undocumented immigrants. Despite losing some faith in the political process, Fernandez has been proactive in supporting undocumented students by establishing a DACA center at UTSA. She hopes for bipartisan cooperation on immigration issues and plans to lobby in Washington. Trump's speech aims to reset the tone, promote bipartisanship, and highlight economic successes.

Watch: Castle Hills police chase ends in crash; 3 arrested

29 Jan 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Three individuals were arrested following a high-speed chase involving Castle Hills police in San Antonio. The chase, which reached speeds over 90 mph, ended when the driver, Lee Villarreal, crashed into a pole and stop sign. Police found methamphetamine, bullets, and a pistol at the scene. Villarreal faces charges of evading arrest and reckless driving. John Timothy Loera, who had an outstanding warrant, faces multiple charges including felony possession of a firearm. Cyrena Marie Rosario was also arrested on an outstanding DWI warrant.

HUD to provide $9.1 million to help homeless in SA, Bexar

19 Jan 2018  |  ksat.com
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded $9,175,480 to organizations in San Antonio and Bexar County to combat homelessness. The funds will support rehousing efforts, increase access to programs, and provide permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless. Haven For Hope, where Anthony Berardi and his family are currently housed, is among the beneficiaries. The South Alamo Regional Alliance will allocate the funds to 11 local programs. San Antonio has seen an increase in federal funding for homelessness over the past two years, in contrast to funding cuts in other cities.

Homeless man armed with knife shot after kicking in door to apartment, SAPD says

19 Jan 2018  |  www.ksat.com
A 63-year-old man, Ralph McKinley, shot a 33-year-old homeless man, Willie Allen Boudry, who attempted to break into his apartment armed with a knife. McKinley had previously given Boudry food and money. The incident occurred at the Gates of Capernum Apartment Complex in San Antonio. Boudry was taken to University Hospital in fair condition and charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault. Despite the incident, McKinley expressed his continued commitment to helping others.

Texas breaks winter record for energy use Wednesday

17 Jan 2018  |  www.ksat.com
Texas set a new winter electricity consumption record on Wednesday, with 65,731 megawatts used between 7 and 8 a.m. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas reported this surpasses the previous record of 62,855 megawatts set two weeks prior. CPS Energy's CEO, Paula Gold-Williams, credited early conservation efforts and staggered business start times for preventing higher consumption. Despite the threat of statewide blackouts, warmer temperatures helped avoid this outcome. Gold-Williams emphasized the ongoing risk of high demand during extreme weather and provided tips for conserving energy throughout the winter.

Transguide Operations Center keeps close eye on traffic conditions

16 Jan 2018  |  ksat.com
The Transguide Operations Center in San Antonio, staffed by operators and engineers, monitored weather conditions for freezing rain and potential highway problems. Operators used traffic cameras to watch for accidents and coordinated with law enforcement on road closures. TxDOT engineers and crews were on standby, patrolling for ice patches and treating roads with a salt brine solution, using 30,000 gallons in preparation and response to the freezing conditions.

Elderly couple loses home, 4 dogs in fire

02 Jan 2018  |  www.ksat.com
A fire in San Antonio destroyed the home of an elderly couple and claimed the lives of their four dogs. The couple suspects a firework caused the blaze, though the official cause is still under investigation. The couple had previously been affected by a tornado and did not have homeowner's insurance. The damage is estimated at $141,000, and the couple now faces the challenge of rebuilding their lives.

Family of San Antonio's first baby born in 2018 overjoyed to welcome son

01 Jan 2018  |  www.ksat.com
San Antonio welcomed its first baby of 2018 at Northeast Baptist Hospital at 12:22 a.m. The parents, Alicia Andrews and Sergio Gomez, were overjoyed with the birth of their son, Sergio Marcel Gomez, who weighed 7 pounds and 9 ounces. The baby received a variety of gifts, including a $10,000 college scholarship from the University of the Incarnate Word and Community First Health Plans. This marks the 18th consecutive year that hospitals in San Antonio have celebrated the first baby of the new year.

South San student pays it forward during holiday season

21 Dec 2017  |  ksat.com
Michael Sanchez, a former student of South San High School, continues a decade-long tradition of donating a bicycle to a deserving student at Neil Armstrong Elementary during the holiday season. The tradition began when Sanchez received a bike from the school after his family lost everything in a house fire. Sanchez, who plans to study political science at the University of Texas in Austin, is committed to ensuring the tradition continues after he graduates.

Firefighters rescue man from burning home on SE Side

21 Dec 2017  |  www.ksat.com
Firefighters rescued a 30-year-old man from a burning home on the Southeast Side of San Antonio early Thursday. The man was found in the hallway of a vacant home and taken to Baptist Medical Center, where he appeared to be fine. The fire was extinguished in about 30 minutes, and arson investigators are looking into the cause.

Stowaway critically injured after falling off 18-wheeler

21 Dec 2017  |  ksat.com
A man suffered massive head injuries after falling from an 18-wheeler onto Interstate 37 in San Antonio. He was among three stowaways on the tractor-trailer and was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition. The incident occurred early Thursday, and the driver, who had his family with him, called 911 without stopping. Two other stowaways were found between the cab and the trailer; one, a woman, attempted to flee but was apprehended. The stowaways are believed to have boarded the truck at a nearby stop without the driver's knowledge.

Holmes High School drama department takes show on the road

16 Dec 2017  |  www.ksat.com
The Holmes High School drama department continues to perform despite the absence of a permanent theater, utilizing various locations including other school campuses. Senior Madison Rogers and Angel Montufar express enthusiasm for the experience, while fifth-grader A.J. Williams is inspired to pursue theater arts. The final performance of 'Elf Jr.' will be held at Adams Hill Elementary, with tickets available for students and adults.

City officials seek emergency demolition for home destroyed by fire

12 Dec 2017  |  www.ksat.com
The City of San Antonio Development Services Department is seeking an emergency demolition of a two-story home destroyed by a massive fire on the city's near West Side. The homeowner, currently out of town, will need to decide whether to hire a demolition company or allow the city to proceed. Neighbor Toby Ramirez recounted the terrifying experience and the extensive damage caused by the fire, which firefighters had to revisit to manage smoldering hot spots. The cause of the blaze is still under investigation.

Slick roads set stage for dicey driving

07 Dec 2017  |  ksat.com
Slick and icy roads caused over a dozen traffic accidents during the early morning commute in San Antonio. Commuters like Nicole Buck and James Maines described the roads as super slick and expressed the need for caution. The Texas Department of Transportation advised drivers to slow down, maintain a larger following distance, and use extra caution on bridges and overpasses. Shevin Ravenel noted his commute from Castroville on I-90 took twice as long, indicating the impact of the weather on travel times.

Sutherland Springs church shooting: One month later

05 Dec 2017  |  www.ksat.com
One month after the Sutherland Springs church shooting, which claimed 26 lives, KSAT 12 honors the victims and their families. The shooter, who had a violent criminal history, was able to purchase guns due to a failure by the U.S. Air Force to notify the FBI. The community has rallied with fundraisers and memorials, including a Christmas tree adorned with 26 angels. A wrongful death claim has been filed against the Air Force by a family who lost three generations. The church has reopened with a memorial inside, and the community continues to seek healing and justice.

How can credit cards work for you? A financial planner explains

01 Dec 2017  |  www.ksat.com
Credit cards can be a tool for boosting credit scores and earning rewards, but they require careful management. When choosing a card, it's important to consider APR, rewards programs, and fees. To stay out of debt, consumers should manage spending, treat credit like cash, and only have as many cards as they can manage. Closing old accounts can hurt credit scores, as can late payments and maxing out cards. To get out of debt, assess the situation, aggressively pay down balances, and avoid using credit cards until finances are under control. Secured credit cards are recommended for college students to build credit, as are regular payments on student loans.

Hundreds compete in biggest international youth group, vocal Mariachi competition

01 Dec 2017  |  www.ksat.com
Hundreds of students participated in the largest international youth group and vocal Mariachi competition at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. The event featured performances from notable Mariachi musicians and highlighted the cultural significance of Mariachi music. Students from various regions, including Texas, California, Nevada, and Mexico, showcased their skills. The competition also saw a record number of college Mariachi programs, emphasizing the role of education in continuing the tradition. The event culminates with winners performing alongside Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán.

1 killed, 2 injured in crash involving 18-wheeler, tow truck

30 Nov 2017  |  www.ksat.com
Kevin Flye, 44, was killed in a collision involving an 18-wheeler and a tow truck on Interstate 35 near Somerset Road in San Antonio's South Side. The crash occurred around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, with two others injured and taken to hospitals. Officer Carlos Ortiz reported that the tow truck was slowing for a work convoy when it was rear-ended by the semi. The southbound lanes were closed until approximately 6:30 a.m. Thursday, and there were no skid marks at the scene.

Amazon's 'Super Bowl' finally arrives on Cyber Monday

27 Nov 2017  |  www.ksat.com
Millions of consumers are taking advantage of Cyber Monday, with Amazon's San Marcos fulfillment center playing a crucial role. The 885,000-square-foot facility operates 24/7, utilizing advanced technology and robots to handle the massive influx of orders. Amazon sold over 64 million goods on Cyber Monday 2016, and the company has hired hundreds of additional workers for the holiday season. The atmosphere is described as highly energetic, with employees excited to fulfill customer orders.

Woman, grandson killed in house fire near Somerset

16 Nov 2017  |  www.ksat.com
An 80-year-old woman, Mary Hernandez, and her 6-year-old grandson, Eloy Mitchell, were killed in a house fire in South Bexar County. The fire also injured Hernandez's daughter, her daughter's boyfriend, and an infant grandchild. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Hernandez had lived in the home for over 30 years.

La Vernia ISD superintendent resigns

10 Nov 2017  |  www.ksat.com
La Vernia ISD Superintendent Dr. Jose Moreno has resigned following a special meeting by the Board of Trustees. The resignation, confirmed by school board president Cynthia Buerkle, comes after a year marked by sexual assault and hazing allegations at La Vernia High School. Shannon Burns, the Executive Director of Human Resources, will serve as interim superintendent.

Ingram Square Shopping Center business reopens following fatal fire

27 Oct 2017  |  ksat.com
The Texas Thrift Store in the Ingram Square Shopping Center in San Antonio reopened five months after a devastating fire that resulted in the death of firefighter Scott Deem and severe injuries to firefighter Brad Phipps. Emond Johnson, owner of a gym in the center, has been charged with murder and arson for setting the fire. The community expressed mixed feelings of sadness for the tragedy and relief at the store's return, which serves low-income individuals. The store underwent repairs for water damage and maintained its staff at sister stores during closure.

18-wheeler runs over, kills driver at UPS facility in SA

17 Oct 2017  |  www.ksat.com
A UPS truck driver was killed early Tuesday at a UPS facility in San Antonio after an 18-wheeler ran over him. The incident occurred while the driver was connecting the truck to a double-box trailer and stepped out to apply the air brakes. The truck started to roll because the emergency brakes were not applied, and despite the driver's attempt to stop it, the truck rolled over him, resulting in his death. The fatality was reported around 5 a.m. at the UPS Customer Center.

Never-before-seen artifacts excavated from Alamo

12 Oct 2017  |  www.ksat.com
One hundred and fifty never-before-seen artifacts excavated from the Alamo are on display in San Antonio. These items, spanning the entire history of the Alamo's military use, include a bronze Howitzer shell, ceramic shards, weapons, and pieces of uniforms. The display is a rare opportunity for the public to view these artifacts, as they typically return to the Center for Archeological Research. San Antonio City Archeologist Kay Hindes highlights the significance of these artifacts, emphasizing their historical value and the meticulous work involved in their excavation and preservation.

Pets lost in Hurricane Harvey fly out of state for new lease on life

06 Oct 2017  |  www.ksat.com
Dozens of dogs and cats stranded by Hurricane Harvey are being flown to shelters in states with available space by the non-profit organization Dog is My Copilot. Departing from San Antonio, the pets are headed to Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon for a second chance at life. San Antonio Pets Alive has taken in 300 pets from the Houston area since the hurricane, with more expected. The initiative, led by pilot Peter Rork, aims to provide these animals with new homes and better lives.

Two-alarm fire displaces residents at NW Side apartment complex

04 Oct 2017  |  www.ksat.com
A two-alarm fire at Vivid Apartment Homes in San Antonio injured a maintenance man, displaced 18 residents, and damaged 16 units, with four units heavily affected. The fire started in a downstairs unit and spread to the attic and between floors. It was extinguished in about 10 minutes, but the location presented challenges for firefighters. The displaced residents will be relocated to a sister complex, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

DPS chase ends in collision, driver seriously injured

29 Sep 2017  |  www.ksat.com
A driver sustained potentially life-threatening injuries after a suspect being pursued by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers collided with another vehicle in San Antonio. The chase began around 2:45 a.m. near Potranco Road and Clover Creek. Despite being tasered, the suspect attempted to flee but was eventually apprehended by a K-9 unit. The injured driver was transported to University Hospital.

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