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Barcelona, Spain

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Juan Trivino

Freelance journalist, producer, correspondent, video journalist and news editor based in Barcelona, Spain. 
Breaking news, premium content, untold stories, exclusive interviews with 10 year's experience in TV. 
*Master in Armed Conflicts and Peace. Universidad Autónoma. 2017.


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Eye-witness accounts after Barcelona’s shocking attack.


Colombian top artist Andrés Cepeda talks about his recent album "Mil Ciudades"


Exclusive: Carlos Vives on a bike tour in Barcelona.


ATP top ranked Novak Djokovic seems to be approaching yet another Masters win in Miami, following the quit of strong rivals Nadal and Federer. This is the tournament where the Serbian tennis player started his successful career.


Orishas return stronger than ever after nine years of rest. In their tour of Europe they have gone through the study of Zoomin.TV in Barcelona to sing exclusively their success '537 Cuba'. +4.7M views on Youtube. Booking/ Production/Shooting/

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