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Julian Schick

Warsaw, Poland
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About Julian
Julian Schick is a journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.

Overtime: In which jobs are you most at risk of working overtime?

03 Apr 2024  |  welt.de
Consultants, lawyers, and bankers often cannot avoid overtime when job competition is high. In 2017, Germans worked over two billion overtime hours, with 54% of employees regularly working overtime, averaging three hours per week. Legal protections exist for all employees, but executives and senior employees often work the most overtime, usually unpaid due to higher salaries. The 2019 Compensation Partners' Working Time Monitor reveals that employees earning between 91,000 and 100,000 euros work 5.16 overtime hours weekly, and those earning over 120,000 euros work 6.83 overtime hours. Minijobbers can accumulate and compensate for overtime as long as their salary does not exceed 450 euros per month. The hospitality industry often requires atypical working hours, with 81% of employees working weekends. The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) emphasizes the importance of fair and complete working time recording, which will become mandatory following a 2019 European Court of Justice ruling. The article was first published in September 2019 and updated in June 2021.

Overtime: In which jobs are you most likely to face the most overtime?

02 Aug 2021  |  www.welt.de
Corporate consultants lead in overtime, working 5.18 extra hours weekly, according to Compensation Partners' 2019 report. High competition in jobs like consulting, law, and banking often results in significant overtime. In 2017, Germans worked over two billion overtime hours, with 54% of employees regularly working extra hours. Legal regulations cap maximum work hours and mandate breaks, but high earners often don't get paid for overtime. The hospitality industry sees the highest overtime, with full-time employees working 47.6 hours weekly. Upcoming regulations will require electronic time tracking for all employees. Over a career, managers accumulate significant overtime, with age and job level influencing overtime hours.

How to recognize a good position

20 Oct 2020  |  welt.de
Graduates considering their career options may find trainee positions an attractive path, allowing them to explore various departments within a company over one to two years, often with benefits such as mentorship and networking opportunities. While trainee programs are common in large companies, smaller firms also offer valuable experiences with closer management interaction and earlier responsibility. However, trainees typically earn less than direct entrants, and it's important to scrutinize the details of the program, including the duration and terms of employment. The selection process for trainee programs can be competitive, with rigorous assessments to gauge candidates' interest and soft skills.

Overtime: When is extra work allowed & what counts as compensation?

14 Oct 2019  |  www.welt.de
Overtime is a common aspect of work life for many employees in Germany, with more than half of the workforce engaging in extra work. The reasons for overtime vary, including skill shortages and urgent company projects. The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) notes that while the amount of overtime remains constant, the method of compensation has shifted towards time off rather than monetary payment. German labor laws limit overtime and require compensation within six months. Different types of employees experience varying compensation methods, with some receiving payment, others using time accounts, and some having overtime included in their salary. Legal experts advise that if overtime is not specified in the employment contract, it must be explicitly ordered and compensated by the employer. The European Court of Justice has ruled that companies must implement systems to measure daily working hours, shifting the burden of proof from employees to employers. The article also highlights that high earners and certain professions, such as consultants, often work more overtime without compensation. The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) emphasizes the legal requirement for employers to record working hours, even under trust-based working time models.

Poland's parliamentary election 2019: What's the ruling party's record like on the economy?

12 Oct 2019  |  euronews
The article discusses Poland's economic performance under the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, despite criticism from Brussels over judicial reforms. Poland's economy, dubbed the 'Polish Tiger', has shown strong GDP growth and low unemployment rates. The private sector's development post-communism and EU membership in 2004 have contributed to this success. Chief Economist at ING Bank Poland, Rafal Benecki, highlights the economy's diversification and growth. PiS's popular social programs, though increasing the tax burden on businesses, are expected to continue if re-elected, with promises of increased minimum wage and pensions. The opposition party, Civic Platform, proposes more business-friendly policies. The article also touches on the importance of Poland's relationship with the EU, as Poland is a significant net recipient of EU funds and heavily reliant on EU export markets.

How to Recognize a Good Job

30 Sep 2019  |  www.welt.de
Graduates often consider trainee programs as a pathway to their desired careers. These programs, offered by both large corporations and small businesses, allow new employees to explore various departments and gain valuable experience. While trainee programs can be beneficial, they often come with lower salaries compared to direct entry positions. Experts advise careful evaluation of the program's structure and terms, as there are no binding regulations governing them. The application process for these programs can be rigorous, with companies using detailed assessments to select candidates.

Etiquette: These Traps Lurk When Using Informal Address in the Job

06 Sep 2019  |  www.welt.de
Determining whether to use informal or formal address in the office can be challenging, especially with new colleagues. This issue exemplifies a transforming work environment striving to be younger, more international, and modern. The traditionally respectful formal address in Germany appears to be declining. However, experts advise caution when using informal address between bosses and employees, as it can be exploited. Employees should carefully weigh their decision.

A short history of how the contraception pill conquered the market.

Analysis for Handelsblatt about how the engineering business in Germany profits from a boom of the solar industry.

Criticism of the School System: 'Start by Abolishing Compulsory Schooling'

20 Jul 2019  |  DIE WELT
Oliver Hauschke, a teacher and school principal, advocates for the radical idea of abolishing compulsory schooling in Germany, arguing that the current curricula make school a waste of time due to numerous issues within the German education system.

Tutoring: Learning during the summer holidays - how to best help your child

31 May 2019  |  DIE WELT
The article discusses the increasing trend of children continuing their studies during the summer holidays instead of taking a break. It questions the effectiveness of this practice and provides expert advice on how parents should approach learning during this period, emphasizing the importance of rest for certain types of students.

Strache heads to Brussels and how the Ibiza video toppled the government

27 May 2019  |  de.euronews.com
In the summer of 2017, FPÖ leader and later Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache met with a woman posing as a Russian oligarch's niece in Ibiza, discussing potential cooperation and possibly illegal party donations. The woman was actually a Bosnian student, and the meeting was secretly filmed. The footage was released in May, leading to Strache's resignation. The scandal erupted just before the European elections, prompting Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to end the coalition with FPÖ and call for new elections. Despite the scandal's magnitude, FPÖ lost only about 3% compared to the last European election, securing 17% of the vote. Strache will now serve as an MEP for FPÖ in the European Parliament.

Family Policy: Seven Potential Parents for Every Adoptive Child

26 Jul 2012  |  DIE WELT
In Germany, 4,060 children and adolescents were adopted in the past year, a slight increase from the previous year. Half of the adopted children were taken in by their stepparents, and a third were under three years old. Birgit Zeller, chair of the Federal Working Group of State Youth Welfare Offices, sees the stable adoption numbers as a positive sign, attributing it to better societal and financial support for mothers. The number of potential adoptive parents has decreased, with seven candidates for every child available for adoption. The Bundestag's Petitions Committee has discussed the possibility of older individuals adopting, and the matter is currently being deliberated by an inter-ministerial working group on adoption.

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