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Juliette Prouteau

Nantes, France
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About Juliette
Former jurist in international and european law, I'm a journalist based in Nantes and in Paris, France. Currently working as a freelance journalist at Euronews and as a press correspondent for justice at Ouest France (1st french daily newspaper). I'm also working for severals architecture's websites, such as 
www.bam.archi and www.architectes-lyon.fr
German English French
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Monique Olivier: From 'victim' of her ex-husband, Michel Fourniret, to mastermind and accomplice of murders

27 Nov 2023  |  rtbf.be
Monique Olivier, once perceived as a victim of her ex-husband Michel Fourniret, is now facing a new trial for her complicity in the murders of Estelle Mouzin, Marie-Angèle Domèce, and Joanna Parrish. The public is less familiar with Olivier, who played a significant role in Fourniret's heinous crimes. Her involvement and her own distinct cruelty have been overshadowed by her husband's actions. The podcast 'Femmes coupables' delves into the psychology of Olivier, exploring her as one of France's rare female sexual criminals and her role in the shadow of Fourniret.

Monique Olivier: From 'victim' of her ex-husband, Michel Fourniret, to mastermind and accomplice of murders

27 Nov 2023  |  RTBF
Monique Olivier, once perceived as a victim of her ex-husband Michel Fourniret, is now facing a new trial for her complicity in the murders of Estelle Mouzin, Marie-Angèle Domèce, and Joanna Parrish. The public is less familiar with Olivier, who played a significant role in Fourniret's heinous crimes. Her involvement and her own distinct cruelty have been overshadowed by her husband's actions. The trial, which has garnered intense media attention, revisits the couple's crimes and Olivier's deceptive appearance, which masked her role as a sexual criminal and possibly one of the worst in France.

The Bac Couple Trial: The Case That Paved the Way for the Legalization of Contraception in France

01 Oct 2023  |  RTBF
The trial of Ginette and Claude Bac in 1954, which initially resulted in their conviction for the death of their child due to neglect, played a pivotal role in the movement towards the legalization of contraception in France. Despite the initial conviction, the case was overturned due to a legal technicality, leading to a retrial. The involvement of gynecologist Marie Andrée Lagroua Weill Hallé brought national attention to the issue of contraception, transforming the case from a mere criminal trial to a significant societal debate. The article highlights the struggles and societal implications surrounding the Bac family, set against the backdrop of the restrictive laws of the time.

Violette Nozière: How a Poisoner and Parricide Lifted the Taboo of Incest in the 20th Century

20 Aug 2023  |  RTBF
In August 1933, Violette Nozière, an 18-year-old from a modest background in Paris, poisoned her father, revealing years of incestuous abuse. The case polarized society, with left-wing artists and poets seeing it as a reaction to bourgeois oppression, while conservatives viewed her as a moral threat. The trial, which began in October 1934, challenged societal norms and judicial traditions, as Violette's accusations of incest and her lifestyle were scrutinized. The case lifted the taboo on discussing incest and had a profound impact on French society.

At the trial of Irma Grese, a cruel camp guard and rare Nazi woman to be tried

10 Aug 2023  |  Slate.fr
Irma Grese, a young woman who served as a guard in several Nazi concentration camps, became infamous for her extreme cruelty and sadism. Despite her initial aspirations to become a nurse, she was drawn into the Nazi regime's brutal system, eventually becoming a high-ranking guard at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Her trial in 1945, one of the first organized by the Allies, highlighted the significant yet often overlooked role of women in the Nazi regime. Grese's case underscores the broader issue of female complicity in the Holocaust, a topic that has only recently begun to receive scholarly attention.

The Trial of Marie-Antoinette: How the Court Condemned the Queen to Death Without Tangible Evidence

05 Jul 2023  |  rtbf.be
Marie-Antoinette, accused of treason and conspiracy against the state following her husband Louis XVI's execution, faced a biased and hasty trial by the Revolutionary Tribunal. The young French Republic, in turmoil less than a year after its establishment, used her as a scapegoat. The trial, which became a sociological symbol of the Revolution's descent into violence and terror, was not just against the former queen but also against the symbol of the Old Regime and the perceived moral and sexual decay of women. Despite the lack of tangible evidence, public hatred for 'the Austrian' and her Habsburg heritage was used to justify her execution by guillotine on October 16, 1793. The episode of the podcast 'Femmes coupables' delves into the complexities of the trial and the transformation of Marie-Antoinette into a myth and martyr.

The Case of the Frozen Babies: How the Trial of Véronique Courjault Highlighted Pregnancy Denial

03 Jul 2023  |  www.rtbf.be
In 2006, France was shocked by the case of Véronique Courjault, who confessed to killing three of her newborns, a crime unknown to her husband and friends. The trial brought to light the psychological phenomenon of pregnancy denial. Véronique's story is one of isolation and despair, and her trial addressed the dark aspects of motherhood and the psychological violence it can entail. The case, which took place while the family was living in Seoul, was revealed when Jean-Louis Courjault discovered two infant bodies in their freezer. DNA tests confirmed the couple as the biological parents, leading to Véronique's trial and raising awareness of neonaticide, a crime historically tolerated but now seen as monstrous and predominantly committed by women.

'Guilty Women': a podcast on eight judicial cases that went from news items to societal issues

30 Jun 2023  |  RTBF
The podcast series 'Femmes coupables' explores eight judicial cases involving women who were convicted of crimes, examining how these cases reflect societal tensions and the treatment of women by the justice system from 1789 to the present. The series, created by Juliette Prouteau and produced by Anna Buy with preparation by Margot Page, delves into the stories of women like Véronique Courjault, Anna Göldi, and Inès Madani, challenging the notion that crime is a male-dominated issue.

Children's Words: 'Actually, I'm like, totally a star'

06 Jul 2022  |  www.lemonde.fr
A group of young girls, aged between 9 and 10, share their experiences of being extras in a film shot at a school near their home. They describe the fun and challenges of filming, including wearing warm autumn clothes in the heat and trying to be noticed on camera. The experience made them feel like stars and sparked an interest in acting, highlighting the contrast between reality and how things appear on screen.

Children's Words: From Gorillas to Labor Day

Children's Words: Little Brothers Don't Want to Grow Up Too Fast

17 Jan 2022  |  www.lemonde.fr
The article recounts an encounter with a group of lively ten-year-old boys playing with firecrackers in a small square. Despite the cold January weather, the boys are in high spirits, joking and laughing. The conversation reveals their fears, such as one boy's fear of dogs, and their camaraderie. They discuss the pros and cons of having siblings, with one boy mentioning how he used to stand a chance in play fights when he was younger, but now his brother, who practices combat sports, always wins. The article captures the essence of childhood and sibling relationships.

Children's Words: 'I Wish My Parents Would Last My Whole Life'

25 Dec 2021  |  www.lemonde.fr
A rainy afternoon leads to an impromptu conversation with two young sisters in a library, discussing their thoughts on Christmas, family, and the importance of their parents. They express a deep appreciation for their parents over material gifts and share their unique perspectives on honoring the deceased, drawing inspiration from Mexican traditions and the recent honoring of Joséphine Baker.

Children's Words: On the Right Time for Snacks and Learning

15 Oct 2021  |  lemonde.fr
During a snack time conversation at Buttes-Chaumont park in Paris, children discuss their experiences with learning to read, their favorite snacks, and their aspirations. They express the challenges of learning and the importance of applying themselves to succeed in school. One child looks forward to reading manga and Disney stories, while others reflect on the practical benefits of reading, such as assessing the value of toys and avoiding scams.

Children's Words: 'It's not really a snack... It's a little aperitif'

29 Aug 2021  |  www.lemonde.fr
During an afternoon in August in Brittany, the author encounters a young boy, around 6-7 years old, who offers to show a magic trick. The boy, while snacking on something that he describes as 'a little aperitif' rather than a traditional snack, performs a magic trick involving a plastic cup and a 20-cent coin. Despite noticing a sleight of hand, the author is impressed by the boy's performance. The boy expresses his love for movement and his shyness in making friends. Their interaction is cut short by a typical Breton rain, sending them back to their respective tents.

The European Union's Climate Change Plan and the Global Effort

12 Apr 2017  |  euronews
The article discusses the European Union's new global climate plan, which aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and 2050, aligning with the goal to keep global temperature increase below 2°C. The EU's plan includes a legally binding agreement to be proposed at the Paris Conference in December 2015. Despite the EU's commitment, the article emphasizes the necessity of action from other major emitters, particularly the US and China, to make a substantial impact on global emissions. The US and China have recently shown a willingness to address climate change, with both countries announcing their own emission reduction targets. The article suggests that while the EU's leadership in climate regulation is commendable, it is insufficient without global cooperation.

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