Julius Mugambwa

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Kampala, Uganda

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Julius Mugambwa

Julius Mugambwa is a journalist based in Kampala, Uganda.


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A quick look at what I do with my team at Outsource Television... Our 2016 Showreel


In Uganda, one man's dream to fly a homemade helicopter has been repeatedly forced down to Earth. Joseph Nkaheza has crashed and been injured several times. But he says he is still aiming for the skies. Julius Mugambwa has the story


Malaria kills more people than any other single disease in Africa. But a team of young Ugandans want to change that and have come up with a new diagnosis innovation.


Thousands fear for their livelihood as Uganda moves to ban trading of used clothes, mostly from Europe.


When lions and people live side-by-side, it doesn't always end well — often for the big cats. In Uganda, one group is trying to persuade locals to protect the charismatic animals that often attack their livestock.



  • Uganda's little punches with Olympics dreams

    Kampala, Uganda Business December 31 @ 12:00am

    A boxing club in Uganda's capital is helping children as young as ten in slums to pursue professional boxing careers Uganda's biggest boxing achievement at Olympics is 3 silvers with the last one won in 1980 Since then, several boxers have been at the games but with not much to celebrate but... Read more

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