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Karen Dias

New York, United States of America
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About Karen
Photographer and videographer living in New York City. 
Worked with The Washington Post, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, BBC, Bloomberg News, Financial Times, Roads & Kingdoms, Conde Nast Traveler, GOOD, NewsDeeply, AJ+, National Geographic, etc. 
Instagram @diastopia
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The Female Wrestlers of Haryana Breaking Traditions

05 Apr 2023  |  deeply.thenewhumanitarian.org
In Haryana, India, a state with a strong wrestling tradition, women are breaking cultural barriers to participate in wrestling, a sport historically reserved for men. Neetu, a 22-year-old former child bride and mother, is a prominent figure at the Chotu Ram Stadium wrestling academy, overcoming societal prejudices and personal challenges to pursue her dream of competing in the Olympics. Despite financial and cultural obstacles, female wrestlers like Neetu and Dinesh Sangwan are determined to succeed in the sport. The Phogat Sisters and Sakshi Malik, both from Haryana, have gained national recognition and inspired other women. However, female wrestlers often face the prospect of marriage, which could interrupt their careers. Ritu Malik, another wrestler, is fortunate to have a supportive husband. The article highlights the need for societal mindset changes regarding gender roles in sports.

The Female Bodybuilders of India

03 Sep 2019  |  thejuggernaut.com
In Chandigarh, India, the 8th Senior Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding Federation Cup showcased the growing popularity of women's bodybuilding. Despite the absence of women on stage during the initial observation, the event has seen an increase in female participants over the years. Mamota Devi Yumnan, a senior bodybuilder, estimates around 30 women are pursuing bodybuilding professionally in India, a significant increase from the early years.

Millennials in India turning to algorithms for love

21 Jan 2019  |  gulfnews.com
Millennials in India are increasingly turning to AI-powered matchmaking apps like Betterhalf to find love, moving away from traditional methods. These apps use deep-learning algorithms to analyze social media activity and other data to match users. Despite cultural reservations, the trend is growing, with local entrepreneurs and global dating apps integrating AI to modernize matchmaking. Betterhalf, founded by Gupta, is one such app that has seen success by offering a rigorous verification process and compatibility assessments. The article also highlights the challenges and competition in the AI matchmaking space, including traditional matrimonial websites adopting AI technology.


27 Jul 2018  |  National Geographic
The article discusses the remarkable migration patterns of various animal species across the globe. It highlights the innate ability of these animals to navigate long distances, from the Antarctic to the African savanna and from the Pacific Ocean to Alaska. The piece emphasizes that these creatures are the true explorers of the world, undertaking migrations that are ingrained in their species and passed down through generations.

The girls of this small Indian town have started a soccer revolution.

14 Jul 2017  |  Roads & Kingdoms
In the village of Mangali, northwest of New Delhi, a soccer revolution is taking place. Young girls, often from poor, lower-caste families, are defying traditional gender roles by playing soccer. Coach Sukhwinder Dhillon, who faced initial resistance from the community, has been instrumental in this change. Despite the challenges of poverty, lack of resources, and societal stigma, the girls' soccer teams have achieved significant success, winning prestigious tournaments like The Subroto Cup. This has led to improved facilities and a shift in the village's attitude towards female athletes. Some girls have become the main earners for their families through soccer. The story highlights individuals like Monica Mehla, who has managed to pursue university education and support her family through her soccer earnings. The village now supports the girls, providing resources and cheering their achievements, which has brought recognition to Mangali and is slowly eroding the stigma against women in sports.

Congressman Calls For Trump’s Impeachment On House Floor

18 May 2017  |  www.good.is
Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas formally called for President Trump's impeachment on the House floor, citing Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey and alleged leaks of classified information to Russian officials. Green emphasized that no one, including the president, is above the law. Republican Rep. Justin Amash also mentioned impeachment, stating that if Trump pressured Comey to drop an investigation, it would be an impeachable offense. The article highlights the growing momentum for impeachment within Congress.

Obama Brutally Reveals To The World What He Really Thinks About Trump

17 May 2017  |  www.good.is
Former President Obama privately criticized his successor, Donald Trump, calling him a 'bullshitter' after their first phone call post-election. Michelle Obama has also been openly critical of Trump's policies, symbolically wearing black to signify mourning. Despite these private and public criticisms, Obama intends to maintain the tradition of former presidents refraining from public criticism of their successors, though he reserves the right to speak out when necessary.

Indian acid attack victims share their stories

10 Mar 2016  |  aljazeera.com
Acid attacks in India are a form of gendered violence with increasing numbers despite legal measures. Survivors face physical and psychological trauma, costly medical treatments, and challenges in obtaining justice and compensation. The Supreme Court of India has passed regulations to control acid sales, but implementation is lacking. Support groups like Stop Acid Attacks and Acid Survivors Foundation India highlight the issue's severity and the need for better support and stricter enforcement of laws.

Terrace Farmers in Mumbai, India


On set with India’s child actors

12 Jun 2015  |  aljazeera.com
India's booming entertainment industry, with over $2bn in the film sector and 788 television channels, has seen a rise in child actors taking central roles in films and TV, leading to both fame and intense work schedules. Child actors like Riya Solanki face fierce competition for roles that can pay lucratively but also demand long hours and adult-like responsibilities. The treatment of child actors on set has been criticized by NGOs like the Early Childhood Association. Despite guidelines issued by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, adherence is low, and parents often view their children as a source of income or fame. Child actors like Sara Arjun, Sadhil Kapoor, Saloni Daini, and Ayush Tandon share their experiences of balancing demanding shooting schedules with education and personal life, while aiming for success in the industry.

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