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Kassim Mwalimu Adinasi

Kassim Adinasi Oyoo is a professional journalist (Climate Change Journalism Fellow at ICFJ) and a videographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. With rich skills brought by many years of experience in Print and Broadcast Journalism he has done many stories that have created impact in Kenya.
Currently Kassim works as a freelance journalist and running an online tv EUN TV Network.
After practicing on mainstream media for long, he has taken the line of children's rights in Africa.

English Swahili

Supremacy battles in different religious sects in Kenya are rampart, this is Legio Maria fighting to control the sect. This was in Migori County


Children leaving with disability in many parts of Kenya are the most unlucky lot, parents either hide them in their homes not to see anyone, or they are abandoned at children homes. Living with disability according to most parents is a curse. I did this story in Migori County, where the kids are abandoned by parents at a children's home.


In some places in Africa, stigmatization against specific diseases and conditions is still high, HIV/Aids, Cancer, Albinism among others are still viewed as curses. This story done in Kiswahili from the Lake Basin region of Homa Bay, is of a girl (sadly she passed on), who was abandoned because she had breast cancer, people viewed as a cursed child.

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