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Kate Baklitskaya

Kyiv, Ukraine
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About Kate
Kate Baklitskaya is a journalist, writer, fixer  based in Chișinău, Moldova.
Ready to travel.
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The opening of the NATO Liaison Office in Moldova: A step towards security or a threat to neutrality?

01 Apr 2023  |  euronews
The article discusses the opening of the NATO Liaison Office in Chisinau, Moldova, which has caused a divide in Moldovan society. The office, which was supposed to open in 2015 but was delayed, is seen by some as a positive step towards strengthening Moldova's partnership with NATO, while others, particularly pro-Russian parties, view it as a threat to Moldova's neutrality and security. The presence of Russian troops in the breakaway region of Transnistria is highlighted as a real security concern. Moldova's constitutionally neutral status is debated in the context of its growing ties with NATO. The article also touches on the implications of Moldova's NATO partnership for its relations with the European Union, suggesting that it does not conflict with EU interests in the region.

Economic crisis fuels far-right rise in Ukraine

03 Mar 2023  |  euronews
The article by Kate Baklitskaya discusses the rise of far-right groups in Ukraine, highlighting a recent march in Kiev by 2,000 supporters of the ultra-nationalist movement National Corps. The movement, which originated from the Azov regiment, is gaining traction due to Ukraine's economic hardships, corruption, and the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. Despite their increased activity, far-right parties like Svoboda have low voter support. Freedom House has identified these groups as a threat to Ukrainian democracy, and there are concerns about the state's response to nationalist-linked violence, such as the attack on a Roma camp in Lviv. The article suggests that the far-right's show of force undermines state legitimacy and democratic institutions, and calls for effective measures to combat extremism in Ukraine.

Moldova's government has banned Russian news and political broadcast

13 Feb 2023  |  euronews
Moldova has banned Russian news and political broadcasts, which has been met with public disapproval. The ban, enforced on February 12, targets 'media propaganda' and is officially justified by Russia's non-ratification of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. Moldovan citizens, particularly Russian speakers and those with family in Russia, plan to circumvent the ban by accessing news online. The Democratic Party (PDM) initiated the ban, which has been criticized as political point scoring rather than a genuine effort to combat propaganda. Moldovan President Igor Dodon opposed the ban, but the constitutional court ruled his signature was unnecessary, and Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu signed the bill. Moscow plans to appeal to the Council of Europe. Political analysts suggest the ban is undemocratic and ineffective, with PDM leader Vladimir Plahotniuc possibly using it to gain political advantage ahead of elections.

Conscripts are being given call-up papers on the beaches of Ukraine

10 Jul 2022  |  dailymail.co.uk
Ukrainian men, including a construction worker named Serhiy, are avoiding conscription efforts as military officials serve call-up papers in public places like beaches and churches. Ukraine's military faced criticism for a short-lived policy restricting men's movement, which President Zelensky revoked due to public discontent. With over 20,000 casualties a month, concerns are rising about the recruitment tactics and the understatement of losses. Despite Ukraine's resilience against Russia's invasion, there is alarm over the lack of well-trained and equipped troops to sustain the defense and counter-attacks on the extensive front line.

The story of measles-hit Ukraine and its fake vaccination certificates

12 Apr 2019  |  euronews.com
Ukraine is experiencing one of the world's largest measles outbreaks, exacerbated by fake vaccination certificates and public mistrust in doctors. Despite a high support rate for vaccinations among parents, misinformation persists, with some believing vaccines cause autism. The country has improved vaccine supply, with enough MMR doses to meet needs, and vaccination rates are increasing. UNICEF warns of the high number of measles cases, and emergency measures are being taken to boost vaccination levels, particularly in regions with the highest incidence of the disease.

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