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Katie Chambers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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About Katie
An experienced British broadcaster, with more than 15 years experience presenting, reporting and producing news reports for the BBC, ITV NEWS and euronews in Europe and the Middle East. 

I’m currently based in Dubai where I work as a broadcast journalist.

Versatility is my strength, I write and report about business, health, lifestyle and real life for a wide range of output.

Trained in digital content management systems and camera operation, I film, write and edit engaging, compelling, bespoke and demographically-targeted content for TV, radio and online.

I was nominated for for two Royal Television Society awards – Specialist Journalist of the Year, Best New Talent as well as shortlisted for ITV’s Specialist Journalist of the Year award. At 22, I was the youngest ever BBC regional news presenter and rated within the top 10% of journalists at ITV News.
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Business Technology Science & Environment

The Crown, Covid and my country

04 Apr 2024  |  varsity.co.uk
The author shares a personal account of experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, intertwined with watching 'The Crown' and developing complex feelings towards the royal family and the country. The article reflects on moments of national unity, personal patriotism, and the subsequent disillusionment with the government's handling of the pandemic, particularly criticizing the Conservative Party's response to mental health and the Black Lives Matter movement. The NHS is praised for its role, while the government is condemned for perceived negligence and hypocrisy.

NYWIFT: Diane Paragas's Timely Immigration Story Yellow Rose Arrives in NYC

01 Oct 2023  |  Honeysuckle Magazine
Diane Paragas's film 'Yellow Rose,' supported by New York Women in Film and Television, addresses timely immigration issues through the story of a 17-year-old undocumented Filipino girl. The film has received critical acclaim and numerous awards, reflecting Filipino identity and the immigration crisis. Paragas discusses her long journey in creating the film, the impact it has had on audiences, and her future projects, including a new film supported by CAAM and Sundance Institute.

Is the Netflixification of theatre a bad thing?

01 Oct 2023  |  www.prospectmagazine.co.uk
Theatre is increasingly featuring young stars from Netflix and other streaming platforms, a trend driven by the need to attract audiences amid financial challenges. While this 'Netflixification' has brought fresh talent and sex-positivity to the stage, it has also raised concerns about the decline in traditional theatre acting quality and the impact on regional playhouses. Notable performances by actors like Paul Mescal and Jodie Comer demonstrate that screen actors can successfully transition to theatre, though the trend has its critics, including Ian McKellen. The integration of sex-positivity in theatre, especially in plays like 'Orlando,' contrasts with the ongoing cultural debates on gender identity in the UK.

St Patrick's Day 2023: our top five events

16 Mar 2023  |  Hackney Post
The article highlights five top events to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2023 in London, including a musical comedy show at Hackney Empire, a vibrant LGBTQ+ celebration at The Glory, an authentic Irish pub experience at The Auld Shillelagh, a unique music event at Copper Cat, and a family-friendly ceilidh at the Round Chapel. Each event offers a distinct way to enjoy the festivities, from live performances and drag shows to traditional dancing and Irish cuisine.

Best spots to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Islington

14 Mar 2023  |  islingtonnow.co.uk
Islington Now highlights the best spots to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Islington, London. The Hercules Pub offers a weekend of live music, dancing, and sports viewing. Grey Door, a cocktail club, opens to the public with special deals. Claudia's White Room Supper Club serves an Irish-inspired three-course meal. St Elmo’s provides an evening of live Irish music, and the Hanbury features live music and a viewing of the Six Nations rugby match. Events are scheduled from March 17th to 19th, with various costs and booking requirements.

NYWIFT at Sundance: In Conversation with Liz Sargent

06 Feb 2023  |  www.nywift.org
Liz Sargent's short film 'Take Me Home,' showcased at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, explores the challenges faced by siblings of individuals with disabilities. The film, which stars Sargent's own mother and sister, delves into themes of adoption, disability, and family dynamics. Sargent discusses the personal inspiration behind the film, the support she received from various organizations, and the collaborative process of working with her family and crew. The film aims to raise awareness about the unique experiences of individuals with intellectual disabilities and the need for better support systems for their families.

NYWIFT at Sundance: In Conversation with Valda Witt

03 Feb 2023  |  www.nywift.org
The Longest Goodbye, a documentary exploring the psychological toll of space travel on astronauts, debuted at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. NYWIFT member Lois Vossen, the film's executive producer, and director Ido Mizrahy examine the human aspects of space exploration, including isolation and the need for connectivity. Executive producer Valda Witt, an independent producer and investor, discusses her involvement with the film, her childhood dreams of space, and the unique challenges and insights gained from making the documentary. The film also explores technological solutions to help astronauts cope with long-duration missions. Witt hopes audiences will find relatable elements in the film, drawing parallels to experiences of separation and isolation, such as those felt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NYWIFT at Sundance: In Conversation with Caitlin Gold

02 Feb 2023  |  New York Women in Film & Television
Caitlin Gold, Co-Founder and Co-Head of Film at The 51 Fund, discusses the Australian film 'Shayda', which won the Audience Award at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. The film, directed by Noora Niasari, is based on true events and follows an Iranian mother seeking freedom in an Australian shelter. Gold highlights the importance of financing films directed by women, noting the success of 'Shayda' and the fund's philosophy of proving such investments are smart business. She also mentions upcoming projects, including a documentary on Shari Lewis and a film about Reality Winner premiering at Berlin.

UAE tourism scores an uptick as sporting events boost trade

06 Jan 2023  |  www.euronews.com
Sports tourism in the UAE has significantly boosted the local economy, with major events like the European DP World Tour Championship and the Rugby World 7s attracting international visitors. Dubai's sports sector has contributed over €2 billion to the economy, with golf alone accounting for a substantial portion. The influx of tourists for events such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup has led to increased hotel bookings and spending, particularly at luxury establishments like the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The sports tourism sector has also created around 100,000 jobs, reinforcing the UAE's position as a leading global sports tourism destination.

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Meet the New NYWIFT Member: Ching Juhl

13 Sep 2022  |  nywift.org
Ching Juhl, a Chinese American filmmaker, video journalist, and music educator, has joined New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT). She has directed, filmed, edited, and produced three feature films, including 'My Yang Gang Diary,' which won Best Feature Film Award at the Toronto Documentary Film Festival in 2021. Juhl has also taught music at St. Joseph’s College for 15 years and currently directs Music Studio Manhattan. She was inspired by Andrew Yang's 2020 presidential campaign, which led her to document her experiences campaigning for him. Juhl shoots most of her work on an iPhone and enjoys the intersection of music and filmmaking. She is planning a feature documentary about classical music and will be filming part of it in Germany.

Kathryn O’Kane on the Emmys, Jeff Goldblum, and the Challenges of Pandemic Productions

15 Aug 2022  |  www.nywift.org
Kathryn O’Kane, a director and producer, discusses her experience directing the Emmy-nominated series 'The World According to Jeff Goldblum' during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. She highlights the challenges of filming under strict health protocols and the joy of working with Jeff Goldblum. O’Kane reflects on her tenure with NYWIFT, her contributions to various award-winning projects, and her ongoing work in the tech and documentary sectors. The article underscores her adaptability, creativity, and the positive impact of her collaborations.

Meet the New NYWIFT Member: Sheherzad Raza Preisler

09 Aug 2022  |  www.nywift.org
Sheherzad Raza Preisler, a New York native and MFA candidate at Brooklyn College’s Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, has joined New York Women in Film & Television. With a background in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African studies from Columbia University, Sheherzad transitioned from pre-med to filmmaking. Her work, including her debut short 'Zero' and upcoming 'Saint Marks,' often explores themes of growing up Muslim in post-9/11 America. Sheherzad aims to spread tolerance and love through her films, which incorporate humor and satire. She has held various roles in the industry and aspires to co-run a production company with her collaborators in the future.

NYWIFT @ Tribeca: In Conversation with Producer Su Kim

14 Jul 2022  |  www.nywift.org
The article features an interview with producer Su Kim about the film 'Sansón and Me,' which premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. The film, directed by Rodrigo Reyes, uses evocative recreations to tell the story of a young immigrant from Mexico who receives a life sentence in California. The narrative explores themes of poverty, borders, and incarceration, emphasizing compassion and humanizing the subject. Su Kim discusses the challenges and creative strategies involved in making the film, as well as her broader commitment to telling stories of marginalized communities. The film will premiere on PBS's Independent Lens in Fall 2023.

NYWIFT @ Tribeca: In Conversation with Editor Véronique N. Doumbé

15 Jun 2022  |  www.nywift.org
Véronique N. Doumbé, a seasoned filmmaker with roots in Cameroon and Martinique, discusses her extensive career and her latest project, 'Inner Wound Real,' which premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Festival. The short film, supported by Black Public Media, explores the narratives of three BIPOC individuals who self-injure and find new ways to cope. Doumbé shares insights into her editing process, the challenges of working with animation, and her hopes for the film's impact on audiences. She also mentions her upcoming project, a documentary on hypnobirthing.

NYWIFT at Sundance: Spotlight on Jen Heck

26 Jan 2022  |  New York Women in Film & Television
The 2022 Sundance Film Festival, impacted by the COVID-19 Omicron variant, went fully virtual, featuring 11 projects with creative roles played by New York Women in Film & Television members. Jen Heck, a NYWIFT member, participated in a special retrospective for the festival's 40th anniversary short film program with her comedic short 'Hold Up'. The film, which premiered at Sundance in 2006, was directed by Madeleine Olnek and starred Nancy Giles. Heck discussed her past Sundance experiences, the making of 'Hold Up', and her current projects, including a TV show, a feature documentary about Prince, and a documentary about the 1984 Great Adventure fire. Heck is known for her quirky storytelling and themes of love and relationships.

Fifth-Annual AudFest Deep Dives into Video, Impact, and Diversity in Storytelling with 2021 Theme, “Video is Eating the World”

29 Oct 2021  |  www.nywift.org
AudPop announces the fifth annual AudFest, themed 'Video is Eating the World,' to be held virtually from Nov. 3-5, 2021. The event will focus on diversity and innovation in video, featuring influential leaders like Amy Jo Martin, Jaime Davilla, and Isabel Rafferty. Sessions will cover marketing, creativity, and storytelling, aiming to provide insights on brand growth and community building through video. AudPop, founded by Paige Williams, connects video creatives with brands and has been recognized for its innovative approach.

Meet the New NYWIFT Board Members: Gretchen McGowan

19 Aug 2019  |  nywift.org
Gretchen McGowan, an award-winning producer and Head of Production at Goldcrest Films, joins the New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) Board of Directors. She was encouraged to rejoin NYWIFT by Alexis Alexanian, a former president of the organization. McGowan values NYWIFT's mission and diverse programs and shares her experiences in the film industry, including working on films like 'Buffalo ’66' and 'American Psycho.' She discusses the importance of gender balance in the industry and praises the TV shows 'Fleabag' and 'Russian Doll' for their strong female leads. McGowan also mentions her personal plans, including attending a wooden boat show and a family reunion.

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