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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Katy Sherriff

I'm a Dutch multimedia storyteller living and working as an international correspondent in Brazil. I've been working in foreign desk reporting since 2006, first as a desk editor and later on as an international reporter for Dutch Radio 1 (VPRO). In 2012 It was time to follow my dream: to be an independent correspondent in Latin America. 

Brazil is an amazing continent-sized country that keeps surprising me on a daily base. I like telling stories about all facets of this fascinating society and about the other countries in this region.

I work for radio, newspaper, magazines and television, mainly in Dutch also in English. I'm an experienced fixer for television and I'm available for international productions- on short notice if necessary. I've produced for TV in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fortaleza and Mato Grosso do Sul (indigenous territory). 

I speak Brazilian-Portuguese as well as Spanish and I'm able to travel in the region.



'A rising tide doesn't lift all boats' (BeaconReader, English) a report about the people living around the expanding harbor of Suape in the NorthEast of Brazil, which is the main economical motor for the State of Pernambuco.


'The children of Father Jan' (dubbed in English)- a TV report for the Dutch investigative television program Brandpunt. As a fixer, I tracked down the Belgian priest in Fortaleza and discovered that he was still working as a priest and that he still offered a bed to homeless children, although his shelter had been closed down in 2013, according to the authorities. I also discovered in the files of the Federal Prosecutor in Fortaleza that the Belgian authorities made a huge mistake in their international investigation request.


'Looking for my Brazilian roots' Radio report for DW Radio (in English) about illegal adoption from Brazil.

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