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Kaukab Tahir Shairani

Aarhus, Denmark
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About Kaukab
An award-winning multimedia journalist from Pakistan with three years of experience of covering breaking news on the digital news desk and on reporting feature stories on human rights, politics and gender. 

I also have the skillset for documentary filmmaking and investigative journalism. 

Based in Denmark and currently enrolled in the Erasmus Mundus Journalism programme as a student.
Feature Stories Fact Checking
Cultural Fact Checking

PIA crash coverage: The melodramatic news trade

02 Jun 2020  |  tribune.com.pk
Following the crash of a PIA jetliner in Karachi, media outlets engaged in a race for ratings, compromising sensitivity and factual reporting. The coverage included the release of the flight manifest, presuming all passengers dead, and a lack of regard for the victims' families. The media's melodramatic approach overshadowed the tragedy, leading to a loss of credibility when some passengers were found alive. The incident sparked criticism from journalists on social media, calling out the irresponsible coverage and highlighting the need for better disaster reporting training.

Will Pakistan’s Mass Surveillance Strategy Outlive the Pandemic?

01 Jun 2020  |  thediplomat.com
Pakistan's intelligence services have activated a secret surveillance system, typically used to track militants, to monitor coronavirus patients. Prime Minister Imran Khan enlisted the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to assist with the pandemic as cases surged. The system employs geo-fencing and telco-tracking, raising privacy and data protection concerns. Pakistan lacks comprehensive data protection laws, and previous legislation has expanded state surveillance powers. Rights activists and think tanks like Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) have called for privacy rights to be upheld. The effectiveness of this surveillance in containing COVID-19 and its potential persistence post-pandemic are subjects of debate.

Published human interest feature stories on gender and others on politics for a mobile-first news outlet in Pakistan.

How a Pakistani is weathering the COVID-19 lock down in Denmark

06 Feb 2020  |  The Express Tribune
The article discusses the personal experiences of a Pakistani individual living in Denmark during the COVID-19 lockdown. It highlights the changes in behavior and the adoption of hygiene practices prompted by the pandemic. The author reflects on the paranoia that has become evident in various ways among the population, and how this situation has led to learning and implementing better hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

COMMUNITY: THE ISLAND IN A COMA Seasonal unemployment brings life at Baba Island to a halt

06 Feb 2020  |  www.dawn.com
The article discusses the impact of seasonal unemployment on the community of Baba Island, highlighting how it brings life to a standstill during certain times of the year. The journalist, Kaukab Tahir Shairani, covers the challenges faced by the island's inhabitants when employment opportunities dwindle with the changing seasons. Additionally, the article mentions Wukla, an online platform that offers legal paperwork services, suggesting it as a convenient solution for handling legal transactions such as car sales or purchase agreements.

A 7.5 minute long documentary created as part undergrad thesis project on marine pollution and its impact on human health.

Kaukab Tahir Shairani on winning the Humanitarian Reporting Award 2019

11 Nov 2019  |  mundusjournalism.com
The article discusses the achievements of Kaukab, a digital journalist from Pakistan, who won the Humanitarian Reporting Award for her article on the voting rights of 3rd generation Bengali and Rohingya refugees in Pakistan. The story highlighted the plight of refugees who, despite living in Pakistan for decades, are not recognized as citizens and therefore cannot vote or take up jobs. The award, given for the best story in 'Online Reporting', was organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Centre of Excellence in Journalism. Kaukab, who is currently a representative for Non-EU students in the Mundus Journalism Programme, plans to pursue a PhD and a career in policy making. The article also encourages readers to apply to the Mundus Journalism programme.

Top 5 at UNGA: Those who grabbed the headlines – and the world attention

30 Sep 2018  |  tribune.com.pk
The 73rd United Nations General Assembly session featured critical speeches from leaders of Palestine, Venezuela, New Zealand, France, and Qatar. Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine condemned Israeli oppression and the US embassy move to Jerusalem. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro criticized US sanctions and called for a sustainable economic model. New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern emphasized climate change and gender equality. French President Emmanuel Macron advocated for multi-lateralism and fair trade. Qatar's Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani addressed the blockade on Qatar and the need for a unified stance against terrorism.

Anecdotes from the 1965 Pakistan-India War

06 Sep 2018  |  The Express Tribune
The Express Tribune commemorates Defence Day by sharing personal anecdotes from the 1965 Pakistan-India War, highlighting the experiences of war veterans and their families. Salim Ahmad Bokhari of the Pakistan Air Force is remembered for his bravery during an air raid on Badin. Chaudhry Adil Khan of the Pakistan Navy recounts his involvement in Operation Dwarka, the first naval operation of the war. Syed Munir Hussain of the Pakistan Rangers is honored for his vigilance and protection of the nation's borders. The article reflects on the patriotism and dedication of these individuals and their families.

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