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Kavel Alpaslan

İzmir, Turkey
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About Kavel
Kavel Alpaslan is a journalist based in İzmir, Turkey.
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Fixing Journalism
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Reporter at Gazete Duvar

Columnist at Gazete Duvar

Those who led the laborers to communism: Vanlı Kazım and Greek Istavridis

01 Aug 2020  |  www.gazeteduvar.com.tr
The article contrasts violent and peaceful rhetoric in the context of historical and contemporary struggles in Cyprus and the surrounding region. It highlights the barbaric nature of a poem by Fikret Kürşad, while praising the courageous words of Kostas Kleanthus and Mehmet Yaşın, who wrote about shared struggles and dreams of peace. The text also recalls the assassination of two communists, Derviş Ali Kavazoğlu and Kostas Mişaulis, by the TMT while they were promoting peace and unity. Furthermore, it reflects on the execution of 200 Greek communist soldiers in 1921 and the arrest of Vanlı Kazım and Greek Istavridis in 1923 for promoting communism. The article suggests that recognizing the true instigators of past conflicts is crucial to establishing a genuine sense of brotherhood, rather than relying on romanticized narratives.

What is this Antifa?

06 Jun 2020  |  www.gazeteduvar.com.tr
The article discusses the Antifa movement, its origins, and its historical significance, particularly in the context of recent events in the United States. It traces back to Ernst Thalmann and the German Communist Party's founding of the Antifaschistishe Aktion in 1932. The piece explores the movement's evolution, its various influences, and its resurgence in the West, especially in light of President Donald Trump's designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization. The article also touches on the relationship between communism and African Americans, as well as the implications of Antifa's activities in the current political climate.

Communist guerrillas in the Philippines fight against COVID-19

03 Apr 2020  |  www.gazeteduvar.com.tr
The Philippines is struggling with the COVID-19 crisis, and the government's lockdown measures have sparked controversy due to increased hunger and poverty. The Philippines Communist Party (CPP) and its armed wing, the New People's Army (NPA), criticize President Rodrigo Duterte's administration for failing to protect the population and relying on oppressive military lockdowns without adequate medical and socio-economic measures. The CPP supports public health system reforms and condemns military spending and corruption. Despite the challenges, the CPP remains optimistic that the Filipino people will overcome the health crisis, and they foresee intensified struggles and protests against the current social system and government failures post-crisis.

Staying Red Among Fascists: Even if Heads Roll, the Spirit Still Challenges the State

07 Mar 2020  |  Gazete Duvar
In the spring of 1945, as Soviet troops entered Berlin, the lines between joy and sorrow, hope and darkness blurred. A poem found in the Gestapo headquarters, written by Harro Schulze-Boysen, a high-ranking official executed for spying for the Soviet Union, encapsulates the spirit of defiance against the Nazi regime. The article recounts the stories of resistance fighters like Kurt Schumacher, a sculptor and member of the German Communist Party, and his wife Elisabeth, who fought against the Nazis despite the risks. It also mentions Herbert and Marianne Baum, Jewish resisters who were eventually captured and killed. The article reflects on how these individuals fought for humanity during the darkest times and questions the role of history in judging the past, suggesting that the true power of history lies in the legacy it leaves for the future.

Before La Casa De Papel, Çav Bella!

19 May 2018  |  www.gazeteduvar.com.tr
The Italian partisan song 'Çav Bella' (Bella Ciao) gained renewed global popularity through the television series 'La Casa de Papel'. The song, which has a history of being sung by Italian partisans during World War II against fascist forces, has been embraced in various cultures, particularly in Turkey, where it has been performed by Grup Yorum and others. The song's melody may have origins in Klezmer music, and its lyrics have evolved over time. 'Çav Bella' became widely known after being performed at the 1947 World Festival of Youth and Students in Prague. Don Andrea Gallo, known as the 'Red Priest', further popularized the song during his lifetime.

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