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Keith Grinsted

Colchester, United Kingdom
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About Keith
Keith Grinsted is a published author (Business Expert Press New York)
He is also a blogger on a number of sites including Huffington Post UK
He is based in Sudbury Suffolk.
Content Writing Fact Checking
Business Social Fact Checking

Top Tips for Decision-Making in Business Part 1

16 Sep 2019  |  medium.com
Keith Grinsted discusses the importance of decision-making in business, categorizing decisions into strategic, tactical, and operational. He emphasizes the necessity of making decisions rather than avoiding them, as indecision can lead to missed opportunities and potentially fatal business consequences. The article also touches on the decision-making process, including defining the issue and considering all options. Grinsted uses anecdotes and quotes from historical figures to illustrate his points.

One of my articles on Business Expert Press New York

One of my articles on Business Expert Press New York

One of my articles on Business Expert Press New York

Keith Grinsted

03 Sep 2017  |  HuffPost UK
The author, self-titled 'The Olderpreneur', specializes in assisting individuals over 50 in starting their own businesses, particularly after facing redundancy, unemployment, or other life crises. They reference their successful Launchpad programme and invite listeners to learn more through a BBC Radio 4 iPM interview. The author also offers freelance business writing services, including books, e-books, articles, and blogs, and mentions their work available on Business Expert Press. They highlight their extensive network, with over 20,000 connections on LinkedIn, and their involvement in groups related to charity and education. Additionally, the author is aiding software tech startups in securing funding through FasterCapital, a Dubai-based global incubator. They encourage tech startups and other businesses seeking funding to reach out, offering their support and connections to facilitate growth and success.

Are You Making Things Happen?

03 Jul 2017  |  HuffPost UK
The article discusses the importance of taking control of one's life rather than allowing things to happen passively. It uses the metaphor of driving a car to illustrate the difference between being in control and being a passenger in one's own life. The author encourages readers to take 100% responsibility for their lives, make their own choices, and not blame others for their situation. The article suggests that taking control leads to feeling empowered and capable, and that the worries one might have often do not materialize once action is taken.

When Was The Last Time...?

12 Jun 2017  |  HuffPost UK
The article discusses the importance of decision-making and the benefits of taking responsibility for one's choices. It emphasizes making decisions based on the best available knowledge at the time, without regret or recrimination, and encourages a positive outlook to avoid being constrained in the future. The author shares personal experiences to illustrate the value of testing new initiatives in a controlled environment and the respect gained from others when making tough decisions.

Be Disruptive In Your Daily Life!

10 Apr 2017  |  HuffPost UK
The article encourages readers to make changes in their daily routines to foster personal development and innovation. It suggests that by disrupting one's regular patterns and allowing for serendipity, individuals can create exciting opportunities and experiences. The author advises starting small with changes and building up gradually, emphasizing the need for effort and conviction to see changes through.

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