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Kerrie Loughran Ryan

Dublin, Ireland
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About Kerrie
Kerrie Loughran is a freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland.
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Current Affairs Technology Entertainment & Celebrity

An Irish Name We All Know And Love Is The Most Mispronounced in The World

03 Apr 2024  |  everymum.ie
Irish names are often challenging for non-native speakers to pronounce due to unique linguistic features. Seán tops the list of the most mispronounced Irish names, followed by Saoirse and Siobhán. The article also mentions other difficult names from different regions, such as Emory from the US and Björk from Iceland. Google’s voice assistant and data from WordFinder X and Forvo are highlighted as tools and sources for pronunciation assistance.

19 Baby Girl Names Dads Apparently Dislike

25 Mar 2024  |  everymum.ie
Choosing a baby name can be a contentious issue between parents, with certain names being particularly unpopular with dads. Baby name consultant Morgan, who shares her insights on TikTok, has identified 19 baby girl names that often cause disputes between mothers and fathers. Names like Ophelia, Poppy, and Elowen are highlighted as divisive, with some dads finding them too unusual or having concerns about potential nicknames. Despite these disagreements, Morgan notes that not all dads dislike all the names on the list and emphasizes that her observations are generalizations made in a light-hearted manner.

I’m Feeling Judged For Deciding Not To Put My Two-Year-Old In Creche

14 Mar 2024  |  everymum.ie
A mother of two shares her decision to keep her two-year-old at home instead of sending them to creche, citing cost and the fact that she's already home with a new baby. Despite feeling judged by in-laws and friends, she seeks reassurance and empathy from other mothers. The community responds supportively, with many agreeing that being at home with their mother is beneficial for children. The article reflects on the inevitability of judgment in parenting decisions and encourages parents to do what's best for their family.

5 Alternatives To Saying No To Your Child, According To Parenting Expert

17 Oct 2023  |  everymum.ie
Boundaries are crucial for children, but the word 'no' can provoke resistance. Parenting expert Kirsty Ketely suggests five alternatives to saying 'no' to foster better communication and cooperation. These include reframing words, being optimistic, offering controlled choices, using distraction techniques, and avoiding certain situations. However, a firm 'no' is necessary in dangerous situations. Explaining the reasons behind saying 'no' can help children understand and accept it better.

Paediatrician Shares Unexpected Secret To Raising Happy Kids

16 Oct 2023  |  everymum.ie
A paediatrician with a popular TikTok profile shares an evidence-based parenting tip for raising happy and successful children. He emphasizes the importance of involving children in household chores, citing studies that show long-term benefits such as increased empathy, stronger work ethic, and overall adult success. The article includes various perspectives from parents, some agreeing with the advice and others sharing different experiences.

Ms Rachel Explains Why We Should Use 'Parentese' To Speak To Our Kids

02 Oct 2023  |  everymum
Social media star and former teacher Ms Rachel, known for her educational content on Instagram, explains the benefits of using 'parentese' when speaking to babies. This method involves a high pitch, sing-songy tone, slower pace, and elongated vowels, which has been shown to boost language development. Ms Rachel emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interaction, visual connection, and exaggerated facial expressions. The technique is supported by research indicating its natural use across various languages and cultures. The article suggests that this approach could be particularly beneficial for babies born during Covid, who may have experienced communication skill gaps due to lockdowns.

As A Mum Of Two, Is This The Hardest Stage Of Parenting?

25 Sep 2023  |  everymum.ie
Parenting two children under six presents unique challenges at each stage, from the 'terrible twos' to the 'fearless fives.' The author reflects on the difficulties and rewards of early parenting, noting that each phase brings its own set of obstacles. While some parents find the toddler years manageable, others struggle with the newborn stage's sleep deprivation. The article emphasizes the importance of understanding individual strengths and limits, as well as the temperaments and needs of children. It also highlights the anticipation of future challenges, such as the pre-teen and teenage years, and the importance of living in the moment rather than focusing on milestones.

Mum Causes Anger After Bringing An Extra Uninvited Child To Birthday Party

20 Sep 2023  |  everymum
A mother expressed frustration on Mumsnet after another parent brought an uninvited younger sibling to her son's birthday party without prior notice. The host was caught off guard and allowed the sibling to stay, but was upset that the family only gave a card and no gift. The community's responses were mixed, with some sympathizing with the host's predicament and others suggesting understanding or that she was overreacting. The article reflects on the situation and invites the everymum community to share their thoughts.

8 Questions To Ask Your Midwife Or Doctor Before You Give Birth

20 Sep 2023  |  everymum.ie
The article provides a list of eight questions that expectant mothers should consider asking their midwife or doctor before giving birth. These questions cover topics such as pain relief options, recognizing real labor, delivery room attendance, lactation consultant availability, hospital stay duration, hospital bag packing, c-section rates, and the creation of a birth plan. The author shares insights based on personal experiences with childbirth and encourages an open-minded and flexible approach to birth and parenting.

10 Things I Wish I Did More Of Before Having Kids

03 Apr 2023  |  everymum.ie
Reflecting on life before having children, the author shares ten activities they wish they had engaged in more, such as traveling, spontaneous outings, living in different cities, conquering fears, and embracing hobbies. They also express a desire for more sleep, preparation for parenting, and indulging in personal interests like media and content. The piece emphasizes the significant lifestyle changes that come with parenting and the value of appreciating pre-parenthood freedom.

Mum Shares Smart Budget Hack To Help Your Teething Baby

15 Sep 2022  |  everymum.ie
Jamie D'Andrea, a mother, shared a budget-friendly hack on TikTok for soothing teething babies by letting them chew on a cold, green onion. She claims green onions have analgesic properties that can alleviate teething pain. The hack was well-received by her followers, with some suggesting additional benefits such as palate development and less picky eating. The article also invites the everymum community to share their own teething tips.

Sister Insists My Toddler Daughter Is Too Old For A Soother

13 Sep 2022  |  everymum.ie
A mother seeks advice on whether it is unreasonable for her three-year-old daughter to still use a dummy, sparking a debate among parents. Some argue that pacifiers are bad for dental health, while others share personal experiences of no adverse effects. The article suggests consulting a dentist and considering creative ways to help children part with their pacifiers.

Osteopath 'Game Changer' Trick Helps To Calm Babies Suffering From Colic

08 Aug 2022  |  everymum.ie
Danielle Manton-Kelly, known as @enchantednanny on TikTok, shared a video of her baby being treated by osteopath Lucy Ross-Brown for colic. Lucy demonstrated a technique involving clockwise abdominal manipulation to ease digestive discomfort in newborns, as an alternative to the 'bicycle legs' method. The video received positive feedback from viewers, with many expressing that the advice was a 'game changer' for managing colic.

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Dec 2022

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