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Kevin Elie Musangamfura

Kevin Elie Musangamfura is a journalist based in Kigali, Rwanda.
I am a freelancer, graphic designer and a video editor.
Here are some other experience I have in the field;
I shoot 360 Videos and edit them to provide a compatible uploadable format format 
Camera operator - Interview
I am an experienced photographer indoors and outdoors, I have worked with different DSLR cameras with their accessories.
I am an experienced Audio Engineer, I have worked on live sound productions in live events, I record audio for Interviews or documentaries both on the field and in the studio, I have used both studio recording equipment and field recording equipment. I have produced live sound for live production teams.

Sample image

I had fun designing this Poster because I designed it in one night and I came out well. I prefer Illustrator in my designs because it gives more freedom of what I can design.

Sample image

This is A poster I designed for an event. I designed the Poster using Adobe Illustrator.


This a graphic intro I did for a show on Social Media. I mixed the sound in the video and I did all the Graphics included in the video.


This a project I worked on back in April 2021. We recorded an event for PLP about remembering the victims of the genocide against tutsi. I did the sound recordings of the whole video, you can see my name in the credits at the end of the video.


This is a 360 video I took and edited.


Here is a short video I made, it's a fun interview. I took sound in the production and I edited the video in post production.

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