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Kevin O'Flynn

Moskva, Russia
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About Kevin
Kevin O'Flynn is a journalist based in Moscow, Russia.
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Vox Pop News Gathering
Fact Checking

Putin Clamps Down: a chilling report from Moscow

06 May 2014  |  Rolling Stone
The article follows the story of Ivan Kuznetsov, Kirill Vselensky, and Vasilisa Denisova, a group of Russian 'roofers' who scale tall buildings in Moscow for the thrill and the views, often capturing their feats in photos and videos that go viral online. They seek adrenaline rushes and have begun to monetize their online fame through various means, such as selling photos and performing stunts for advertising. Despite the risks and occasional run-ins with authorities, they continue their urban exploration, driven by a desire for adventure and a sense of apathy or fatalism that seems to pervade Russian society. The article also touches on the broader urban exploration culture in Russia, including train surfing and metro line exploration.

Scientist Sifts Through Meteorites and Bricks

14 Jun 2007  |  meteorite-identification.com
The article by Kevin O'Flynn, published in The Moscow Times, discusses the Russian Academy of Sciences' meteorite collection, one of the oldest in the world. Mikhail Nazarov, head of the meteorite laboratory at the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry, oversees the collection and the identification of new samples. The article recounts historical meteorite falls in Russia and their cultural significance, including the Tunguska event of 1908. It also touches on the challenges of meteorite discovery in Russia's vast and remote landscapes. The laboratory relies on public submissions of potential meteorites, which are authenticated in exchange for a small sample. Despite financial difficulties and a decline in submissions during the 1990s, there is a revival of interest, though the market for meteorites has influenced the nature of contributions.

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