Khuyen Tuong

Khuyen Tuong

Hanoi, Vietnam

Available: Yes

Khuyen Tuong

1) Note: By law, all filming activities in Vietnam need to be registered with and permitted by Foreign Press Center (FPC) (

2) Work of a fixer: 

* With filming team will enter Vietnam:

+ Work with Client to verify/clarify what need to be done.

+ Provide necessary information: register with FPC if needed.

+ Send quotation to Client. Collect payment from Client, and make payment to other parties on behalf of Client.

+ Do research and scout to identify locations, people. (i.e: rural-looking place, busy motorbike driving street, identify address …)

+ Arrange transportation to pick up at airport, transport during press activity and send to airport upon requirement of Client.

+ Help to rent equipments, include drone.

* With writer/journalist don't need to enter Vietnam:

+ Find people who can provide information/resources


English Vietnamese

Work with Easy Production - Singapore in a commercial film as a fixer.


Worked as a fixer in documentary film “Jimmy in Saigon” by Peter McDowell.

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