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Khuyen Tuong

Do you need help with filming or interviewing people at Da Nang or in Vietnam?
Do you need a fixer/translator who understand how to work with journalist/writer and how to communicate, reach out to people?

Then, please contact Khuyen!

She has been a freelance fixer for 3 years at Vietnam Filming Fixer (
She helps international producers to facilitate accommodation, transportation, interpretation and emergency situation while filming in Vietnam. In which, she did:

⎫	Research about filming location, contact interviewees in advance. 
⎫	Pick up filming crew from airport, supporting them with exchange money and buying sim card at airport.
⎫	Arrange transportation; buying water, snacks, batteries, discs, gifts; printing interview questions, call sheet if needed
⎫	Renting filming equipment
⎫	Interpretation while shooting, translate interview questions in advance 
⎫	Give recommendation about food/restaurant, notice about film crew members who don’t eat certain food.
⎫	Asking for signatures for release forms.
⎫	Help to make small payments.
⎫	Support for small questions, translation after the filming is done.

She can provides the whole solutions for filming in Vietnam and she is willing to answer your questions/concerns. 
Feel free to contact her via email ****** or Whatsapp: ******

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Sample image

Filming at Marble Mountains (Da Nang) Here you can expect beautiful landscape, cave and cool weather. Be here at 8am onwards if you want to take the elevator instead of walking on stairs (not pleasant to walk) to get to the mountain. #vietnam filming fixer #fixer in Vietnam #filming in Vietnam

Sample image

Looking after time lapse at Huyen Khong cave at Marble Mountains in Da Nang, from 10:45am till 2:30pm to catch the beautiful sunlight passing by the hole on the top of the cave. #vietnam filming fixer #fixer in Vietnam #filming in Vietnam

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