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Kim Traill

Wien, Austria
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About Kim
Kim Traill is a native English speaking video/print/photo journalist, based in Vienna since 2012.

From 1990 - 2016, Kim has lived and worked in the former USSR for multiple periods, totalling approximately 5 years. 

During this time, she traveled extensively throughout Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and the Baltic states. Kim speaks Russian, German and has a large network of contacts in many spheres of society, including media and human rights organisations.

Between 1999 - 2015, Kim researched and filmed many long form documentaries in the former USSR, Afghanistan and Cuba for SBS Australia’s international current affairs program, Dateline. 

Among others, these include films about: the conflict in Chechnya; repression of media in Russia; the rise of Russian nationalism; the persecution of opposition activists in Belarus; drug addiction and the HIV epidemic in the former USSR; nuclear pollution; Russia’s ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law; and Chechen refugees from Vienna fighting in Syria.

Kim has also worked separately as producer, camera, fixer, translator and reporter for various programs broadcast on ABC Australia, BBC Newsnight, PressTV, Puls4.

Her book - Red Square Blues - The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union - was published in 2009 by HarperCollins.

More recently, Kim has freelanced as a journalist/photographer for ABC Australia’s online news features, reporting from Austria, Ukraine and Russia on social and political issues. 

For more information, see www.kimtraill.com
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There are fears Ukraine's war threatens Europe's stability. But far from thinking about peace, the fighters and their support base behind the lines are digging in.

08 Nov 2017  |  ABC
The article by Kim Traill discusses the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine, highlighting the failure of high-level talks to restart the peace process and the growing nationalism on both sides. It presents personal stories of Ukrainians affected by the war, including displaced individuals and injured soldiers, emphasizing the deep divisions and the sense of duty felt by many to defend their country. The article also touches on the role of volunteers in supporting the military and the contrasting narratives between pro-Western and pro-Russian Ukrainians. It reports on Russia's denial of direct involvement in the conflict, despite evidence to the contrary, and the international community's condemnation of Russia's actions. The piece concludes with concerns that the conflict could spread beyond Ukraine and affect European stability.

'Is Jesus alive and well and living in Siberia? Yes, according to the thousands of European followers of Sergei Torop, a former Russian traffic cop and self-proclaimed second coming of Christ, 'Vissarion'. Deep in the mountains, Vissarion has built a community of 5000 followers from the former Soviet Union, Germany, Bulgaria and Belgium. "It's a mini-Soviet Union...the openness, trust, absence of selfishness.." says one commune member. "Society is non-harmonious", Vissarion explains. "It has to refashion itself radically."So far his somewhat unorthodox take on the Bible has attracted over 20,000 other followers worldwide. "It will be a new civilisation", insists Igor, a devout follower.'

Austria election: Populist politicians take the lead as immigration and Islam dominate campaign

14 Oct 2017  |  ABC
Sebastian Kurz, Austria's Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, is leading the polls for the Austrian chancellorship with a campaign focused on immigration and border control. His party, the Austrian People's Party, has shifted to the right under his leadership, aligning closely with the populist Freedom Party and its leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, who is known for his anti-immigration stance. The campaign has negatively impacted Austria's Muslim community, with increased discrimination and the introduction of a burqa ban. Despite concerns, Kurz's approach has gained traction among voters who are worried about sustainability and the future of Austria's social welfare system. Critics, however, are wary of Kurz's narrow focus on immigration and lack of clarity on other policy areas.

Austria's new President Alexander Van Der Bellen faces difficult task of healing divided nation

25 May 2016  |  www.abc.net.au
Alexander Van Der Bellen, Austria's new president, faces the challenge of uniting a deeply divided nation after narrowly defeating far-right candidate Norbert Hofer. The election highlighted significant political polarization, with nearly half of voters supporting Hofer's anti-immigration stance. The Freedom Party's rise is attributed to public discontent with traditional centrist parties and concerns over immigration and economic policies. The article reflects on the broader European trend of increasing support for far-right movements, particularly in former communist states.

Austrian election: 'Donald Trump of Europe' Norbert Hofer favourite to become next president

21 May 2016  |  abc.net.au
Norbert Hofer, the candidate for Austria's far-right Freedom Party (FPO), is the frontrunner in the Austrian presidential elections, drawing comparisons to Donald Trump with his nationalist policies. The FPO has seen its strongest support since 1955, while the centrist parties suffered due to their handling of the refugee crisis. Hofer's opponent, Alexander Van Der Bellen, backed by the Greens, promotes unity and tolerance. Public opinion is swayed by fears surrounding the refugee crisis, with incidents of crime involving refugees fueling the debate. The election outcome could signal a shift towards more autocratic, repressive systems in Austria, similar to Poland or Hungary.

Wars of the past haunt Russia's Syrian intervention

22 Oct 2015  |  abc.net.au
Huseyn Iskhanov, a former Chechen general, warns that Russia's military intervention in Syria could lead to a situation similar to the Chechen wars, with high civilian casualties and little impact on armed fighters. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's visit to Moscow and discussions with President Vladimir Putin raise concerns about the future of Russian support for his regime. Russia's bombing campaign is reportedly targeting rebel groups beyond Islamic State, potentially driving non-jihadists into the arms of extremists. Dr. Thomas Schmidinger suggests that Russia's strategy could turn Syria into another Afghanistan, with no end to the conflict in sight. The involvement of multiple international actors complicates the situation further, with no easy resolution.

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