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Komeil Soheili

Seoul, South Korea
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About Komeil
Komeil Soheili is an experienced journalist, filmmaker, and author with over two decades of experience in journalism. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's degree in Media Studies, providing him with a strong foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of journalism.

Komeil has contributed to various publications and media outlets throughout his career, covering a diverse range of topics. He has written for Business Insider, Ozy, and other publications, providing valuable insights on social and environmental issues. As a panelist on Korean Arrirang TV, Komeil has also shared his knowledge on the social, economic, and political issues facing West Asia.

Komeil's filmmaking background informs his journalism work, and he has produced documentaries and news reports that have been featured on major media outlets such as BBC and National Geographic. His focus on sustainable industries and lifestyles has also led him to highlight the importance of sustainable practices in various industries, including new technologies and individual efforts.
English Persian (Farsi) Korean
Documentaries Fact Checking
Politics Current Affairs Technology

The DMZ gift shop worker Tourists visiting the border between South Korea and North Korea want souvenirs, and Wanbae Lee supplies them.

Tips and tricks from the husband-and-wife team behind a secluded topiary garden on a small Korean island.

10 Nov 2022  |  nonfungibleplanet.atlasobscura.com
The article features an interview with Ha Sangwoo and Lee Hwahyeong, a husband and wife team who maintain 'Topia Land', a topiary garden on Namhe Island, South Korea. The garden was started by Sangwoo's father as a place for children to enjoy, and the couple has continued the tradition. They discuss the history of the garden, the challenges of topiary gardening, and their favorite features. They also share gardening tips for beginners, such as starting with Japanese holly and simple shapes. The article touches on the couple's division of labor, the demanding nature of their work, and their plans to adapt the garden to the 'garden healings' movement. The couple expresses their hope that their daughter might continue the garden if the business allows for additional help in the future.

How Master Potters Keep A 7000-Year-Old Kimchi Tradition Alive | Still Standing | Business Insider

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The only available English article about a village who still suffers by influences of Iran-Iraq war

South Koreans are boycotting anything Japanese as part of an escalating trade war between the two countries

23 Jul 2020  |  Business Insider
South Korea and Japan are embroiled in a trade war, with both countries removing each other from their preferred trading partner lists. This conflict has historical roots, dating back to Japan's colonization of Korea and the use of forced Korean labor during World War II. In response, South Koreans are boycotting Japanese goods and canceling trips to Japan. A South Korean real-estate employee, Jayeon, and her friends canceled their trip to Japan as a stand against Japan's economic actions and lack of apology for historical issues. The boycott movement is gaining traction, with signs and protests visible throughout South Korea. Sales of Japanese products, such as beer, have dropped significantly, and travel to Japan has decreased. However, not all South Koreans agree with the boycott, with some, like Minkyeong, a high-school art teacher, believing that the boycott could harm South Korea's long-term interests and that cooperation with Japan is essential.

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The dark side of the K-pop industry and its unspoken hardships

01 Dec 2019  |  Business Insider
The article discusses the darker aspects of the K-pop industry, highlighted by the recent death of Goo Hara and the conviction of two K-pop stars for gang rape. It delves into the high beauty standards, strict dieting, grueling gym routines, and the prohibition of dating within the industry. K-pop stars from bands like Great Guys and Crayon Pop shared their experiences, including the intense pressure to maintain an image and the lack of personal freedom. The article also touches on the mental health issues faced by K-pop stars, exemplified by the death of Sulli, a star who faced cyberbullying after deviating from the industry's norms. The piece suggests that K-pop companies should take mental health more seriously and highlights the financial control they have over their stars.

The tiny island that aims to become a carbon-neutral paradise

26 Sep 2019  |  BBC News فارسی
The South Korean island of Gapado is being used as a test case for a larger project aimed at making the entire Jeju province carbon-neutral by 2030. With renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar power, Gapado produces more energy than it consumes. The project is crucial for Jeju, a major tourist destination, to combat the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels. The initiative is part of a global effort to reduce carbon emissions, highlighted by a recent UN report warning of significant sea level rises by 2100.

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