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Kouam Joël Honoré

Douala, Cameroon
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About Kouam
Kouam Joël Honoré is a journalist based in Douala, Littoral, Cameroun.Since 7 years now i am a young passionate in video journalism ans story telling. Passionate by videojournalism and photography i have my own material. I Am available for any request every where in the country. I use to work in freelance.  I worked this year in collaboration with Associated Press, Africanews/Euronews, Ruptly, Global Africa Press,Juka africa, Aljazeera English Tv and BBC News Africa.  
I do shoot, edit and send all kind of packages including News, features, breaking, documentary, interviews.
I have a Panasonic Full HD HPV 100 a Panasonic AG-Ux 90 4k, a Panasonic Lumix DMC G7 4k and a Panasonic Lumix DMC G85 4k.
English French
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Business Finance Politics

Cameroon geeks

Au Cameroun, certains boulangers font du pain à base de plantains

Africa Locdown Dilema during Covid, i shoot Cameroon part

Cameroon Mass testing during Coronavirus

Cameroon ease restrictions on Covid19

Cameroon: In Kumba, emotion in the aftermath of the assassination of seven schoolchildren

25 Oct 2020  |  fr.africanews.com
A funeral march was held in Kumba, Cameroon, under tight security to honor schoolchildren killed in an attack by unidentified terrorists. The death toll rose from six to seven, causing deep emotion and indignation among the residents. The incident has united the country in grief, with religious dignitaries condemning the violence in the Anglophone region, which has been facing insecurity since 2017.

Franklin Ndifor: Followers attempt to resurrect pastor who died of Covid

17 May 2020  |  www.bbc.com
Pastor Franklin Ndifor, founder of Kingship Ministry in Bonaberi, Douala, died of COVID-19. Following his death, his family and followers attempted to resurrect him through prayers and songs, contesting the medical examiner's verdict. Authorities, after failed negotiations and the family's refusal to release the body, deployed riot police and forcibly entered the home. The body was eventually retrieved using tear gas to disperse the crowd and was buried under high security at the Bonaberi cemetery.

In Cameroon, pineapple producers in distress

29 May 2019  |  fr.africanews.com
Auriol Mbakop, a recognized pineapple producer in Cameroon, is facing unprofitability in his business. Despite his pineapples being sold across the country and abroad from his hundred hectares of rented land in Nkolguen, Awae, he has been dealing with significant debt due to agricultural investment losses in 2016 and 2017. The downturn has also affected transporters, who now make fewer trips to the fields. Local vendors in Awae struggle to access pineapples, but Mbakop remains optimistic about the sector's potential and plans to focus on local processing to revitalize the industry.

Cameroon awaits results

08 Oct 2018  |  www.bbc.com
Cameroon began a potentially two-week wait for presidential election results on Monday, following a vote marked by low turnout and violence in the English-speaking regions.

Après des études en Italie, Bolivie Wakam, jeune ingénieur en énergies renouvelable a lancé un programme de formation en emballage, montage et entretien de plaques solaires destiné aux jeunes à Batoufam à l’Ouest du Cameroun.

Cameroon's first animated movie hits the big screen

01 Dec 2017  |  www.trtworld.com
Cameroon celebrated the premiere of its first animated feature film, 'Minga and the broken spoon,' in Douala. The film, based on a popular children's book by Charles Binam Bikoi and Emmanuel Soundjack, tells the story of an orphan named Minga. The book has been cherished across generations and was part of the school curriculum. The premiere marked a historic moment for the Cameroonian cinema industry.

Two dead in clashes in Cameroon's anglophone region

10 Dec 2016  |  www.africanews.com
Two people were killed in clashes between police and protesters from Cameroon’s English-speaking minority in the northwest region of the country, as reported by state television.

Cameroon: Two reported killed during pro-Anglophone protests

09 Dec 2016  |  www.africanews.com
Two people were killed in Bamenda, Cameroon, during clashes between protesters and security forces. The protests were sparked by the English-speaking community's opposition to perceived Francophone dominance, particularly in the legal and educational systems. Demonstrations have escalated, with calls for federalism and even the secession of the North West and South West provinces. The Social Democratic Front has shown support for the protesters, who are also reacting to historical shifts from a federal to a unitary state system since the country's formation from colonial rule.

Garbage piles up in Douala, Cameroon

13 Sep 2016  |  www.africanews.com
Douala, Cameroon's economic capital, is experiencing a waste management crisis with garbage accumulating in neighborhoods and markets for two months. Waste disposal companies are not collecting trash regularly due to the government's failure to pay bills and poor road conditions. Hysacam, the company responsible for garbage disposal, has reported that 500 tons of garbage remain uncollected daily and has urged the Cameroonian authorities to take action.

Cameroonian are fearing boko haram bombs attack in capital since start in far north region

To avoid Boko haram spread women in Foumban in western région use to sensitize children and other on the wearing Of hijeab

Zimbabwe's new bonds, Vodacom drops M-Pesa and Cameroon celebrates its coffee

19 May 2016  |  www.africanews.com
Zimbabwe introduces new bonds to address its cash crisis, with Central Reserve Bank Governor John Mangudya announcing the printing of a local version of the US dollar. South Africa's Vodacom, a subsidiary of Vodafone, discontinues its M-Pesa service due to regulatory challenges and competition. Cameroon's coffee industry seeks to boost domestic consumption and sales, proposing coffee hours for civil servants during the International Festival of Cameroonian Coffee.

Leatherworking, an increasingly popular profession in Cameroon

28 Mar 2016  |  fr.africanews.com
Leatherworking is a growing profession in the Congo market of Douala, Cameroon, where artisans like Souleymane, with 20 years of experience, create and refurbish handbags using materials such as old bags, plastics, fabrics, and leathers. Despite the lack of market segmentation and challenges such as petty theft and pressures from the city's municipality, this craft generates numerous jobs for the youth and tax revenue for the state. The leatherworkers are seeking government support for the development of their sector.

Cameroon vs South Africa: A draw that pleases the supporters

27 Mar 2016  |  fr.africanews.com
In a surprising match, Cameroon was held to a draw by a transformed South African team in Limbé. The draw felt like a victory for the supporters of the Indomitable Lions. Despite the strong support from Cameroonian fans, the national team could only manage a 2-2 draw against South Africa's Bafana Bafana. Fans were positive about the result, considering the game's dynamics. The match was the national team's first in the English-speaking part of the country and was held at the Limbé Omnisports Stadium, part of new infrastructure built for the 2016 Women's AFCON and the 2019 Men's AFCON. The draw keeps Cameroon at the top of Group M with 7 points.

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