Kouam Joël Honoré

Kouam Joël Honoré

Douala, Cameroon

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Kouam Joël Honoré

Kouam Joël Honoré is a journalist based in Douala, Littoral, Cameroun. I Am 24 years old i was born in Baham in the western part of the country, where most activities are concentrate on agriculture. Passionate by videojournalism and photography i have my own material. I Am available for any request every where in the country. I use to work in freelance but for some time i collaborate if needed with AP, Reuters.  Some of my work have been diffuse on France 24, others on africanews and the others use by Associated press.
I have my HD materials, i shoot and edit also in a record time.


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Cameroon’s coffee festival Cameroonians don’t drink a lot of coffee, according to official statistics but the country does claim to make some of the world’s best grains. To increase consumption and boost sales, coffee growers now want the government to introduce regular coffee hours for civil servants. That’s one of many ideas the industry promoted during this year’s International Festival of Cameroonian Coffee; Jean-David Mihamle and Elvis Boh went in search of a good cup.


At least two people have been reported killed in the Cameroonian city of Bamenda, capital of the North West province, during a confrontation between protesters and security forces on Thursday.


Two dead in clashes in Cameroon's anglophone region [no comment] 08/12 - 11:24 At least two people were killed in clashes between police and protesters from Cameroon’s English-speaking minority in the country’s northwest on Thursday


In this report in a Douala market i set a regard on traditional bags makers


I shooted this in Limbé Cameroon during last qualifying game between Cameroon and South africa


Cameroonian are fearing boko haram bombs attack in capital since start in far north region


To avoid Boko haram spread women in Foumban in western région use to sensitize children and other on the wearing Of hijeab

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