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Krzysztof Zimoch

Krzysztof Zimoch is a journalist, editor and researcher based in Warsaw, Poland.

He has worked as a reporter and news presenter in few radio stations in Poland and polish radio broadcast in Chicago, USA. He specializes in international and polish current affairs, mostly politics, justice, human rights and sports.

Recently he was involved in a transport with humanitarian aid for Ukraine. During that, he was reporting the war situation in Lviev and other places across the eastern border of Poland.

He has experience in reasearch, political analyses, fast-checking, interviews and fixing meetings.

He also works as a voice over actor and podcasts producer.

English Polish
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Working in Chicago, Lake Michigan


The interview with Hugo Kowalewski-Fereira - a grandson of Lt. Col. Jan Kowalewski who broke the codes during Polish-Soviet War in 1920.


This is my voice reel...

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