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Laudence Simkonda

Laudence Simkonda is a journalist based in Mbeya, Tanzania.
am a hard working person, who is able to meet datelines even under stressful conditions, a person with high level of integrity and a team player. I am also a person who is able and willing to work long hours and also I am capable of prioritizing my objectives to insure high performance. The purposes enunciated will be achieved  through a high consideration of responsibilities and accountability, diligence, discipline, respect, transparency, as well as maintaining flexibility in the implementation of my superior’s instructions, to achieve the targets and goals of the respective working place.



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Irene Sitashoni aliyeshikilia ngua kichwani, mchimbaji mdogo wa madini aina ya dhanabu akiwa na watoto wake wa nne wakisaka madini kama alivyo kutwa na mpigapicha wetu eneo la Ndoloboni Mamlaka ya mji mdogo wa Makongolosi wilaya ya Chunya mkoani Mbeya. (Picha na Laudence Simkonda)

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