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Laurențiu Colintineanu

București, Romania
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About Laurențiu
Award winning journalist, producer, media fixer. 

Worked with Associated Press, Al Jazeera English, Euronews, Radio Free Europe, TRT World, Deutsche Welle, Radio France Internationale, VICE, Die Welt, France 24.

Fixed for The Guardian, ProSieben, ABC News, New York Times, France 2, VICE, NOS, Al Jazeera English, ZDF, Die Welt, De Standaard, Estonian Public TV.

Offers: field reporting & research | audio for radio, podcasts and video shoots | video for TV and documentaries | fixer for international media.
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Politics Current Affairs Fact Checking

Like My Own Family: Romanian Man Lends A Helping Hand To Orphans

10 Jan 2020  |  rferl.org
Florin Catanescu, who experienced the harsh conditions of a Romanian orphanage as a child, has established a shelter in Brasov to support young individuals transitioning out of state care. The shelter offers shared accommodation, meals, camaraderie, and guidance from Catanescu, emphasizing the importance of contributing to the community.

Romania’s presidential election eclipsed by political crisis

08 Nov 2019  |  www.seattletimes.com
Romanians are preparing to elect a new president amidst a political crisis, with incumbent President Klaus Iohannis leading the polls. The election follows the recent ousting of Viorica Dancila's government due to corruption scandals. A minority government has been formed by the National Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban. If no candidate secures over 50% in the election, a second round will be held on November 24. Romania faces economic challenges, including a high poverty rate and labor shortages exacerbated by emigration. The election, costing $35 million, is the most expensive in Romanian history.

Romania's presidential election eclipsed by political crisis

08 Nov 2019  |  ABC 36 News
Romanians are set to elect a new president in an election overshadowed by a recent political crisis that led to the installation of a minority government. Incumbent President Klaus Iohannis leads the polls, followed by former Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. The Social Democrat government, led by Dancila, was ousted amid corruption scandals. The new minority government is led by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban of the National Liberal Party. If no candidate wins more than 50%, a second round of voting will occur. Romania faces significant economic challenges, including widespread poverty and a growing budget deficit.

No election fever in Romanian village thriving with EU funds

24 May 2019  |  CityNews Toronto
The Romanian village of Luncavita, previously known for low voter turnout, has significantly benefited from European Union funds, leading to substantial local development projects. Key figures like Marian Ilie have played a crucial role in managing these funds, resulting in improved infrastructure and new business opportunities for residents. Despite past apathy, more villagers are now inclined to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections, recognizing the positive impact of EU support on their community. The article highlights individual success stories and the broader implications for voter engagement and local development.

Demonstrators force Senate committee to change vote on amendment to pardon officials convicted of corruption

05 Aug 2017  |  Al Jazeera
A Romanian Senate committee withdrew a proposed amendment that would have pardoned officials convicted of corruption after public protests. Approximately 2,000 people demonstrated in Bucharest and other cities against the amendment, which was part of a draft bill. The protests followed a larger movement that occurred two months prior when the Social Democratic government attempted to decriminalize some corruption offences through an emergency decree, which was also retracted due to mass demonstrations. Opposition parties and anti-corruption campaigners have criticized the amendment, and both the Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and the President Klaus Iohannis have expressed opposition to it. The leader of the ruling Social Democrats, Liviu Dragnea, who could have benefited from the decree, also opposed the amendment after the protests.

Strikes Against Corruption: What's Actually Happening in Romania?

02 Feb 2017  |  DIE WELT
Romania is experiencing its largest mass protests since the end of the dictatorship, with hundreds of thousands demonstrating against the new social democratic government's attempt to weaken anti-corruption laws. The government's proposed changes would exonerate high-ranking politicians from corruption charges and set a high threshold for prosecuting abuse of office. The protests have had some impact, with Trade Minister Florin Jianu resigning. Despite international and domestic criticism, including from President Klaus Johannis and the Romanian Anti-Corruption Directorate, led by Laura Codruta Kövesi, the government has not indicated any plans to reverse the decree. The situation remains tense, with ongoing protests and potential for further unrest.

Huge protests erupt in Romania because the government wants to pardon corrupt officials

02 Feb 2017  |  www.vice.com
Romania witnessed its largest protests since 1989, with around 250,000 people demonstrating against an emergency government decree that could free officials jailed for corruption. The decree, which decriminalizes certain corruption offenses, has sparked outrage as it could lead to the pardon of many politicians, including the chairman of the ruling Social-Democratic party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, who has been convicted of voter fraud. The PSD passed the decree late at night without public announcement, prompting chants of 'at night like thieves' from protestors. The European Commission and six key partners of Romania, including the U.S. and Germany, have expressed concern that the decree undermines EU and NATO principles. The protests are seen as a defense of the rule of law and a fight for a fair future in Romania.

For over a year, I documented how people are struggling to rebuild their lives after the toxic spill in Hungary.

In a country crippled by war and still depending on Russia for most of its energy, nuclear reactor lifetimes are being extended with no convincing regards for safety. The projects are being funded by the European Union breaking with legislative provisions.

The ceasefire in eastern Ukraine doesn’t look or feel like a ceasefire at all. Despite documents being signed, war rages on in the Donetsk area.


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